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How to create effective meeting minutes

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How to create effective meeting minutes

  1. 1. How to Create Effective Meeting Minutes eHow Contirbutor
  2. 2. • Have you ever been part of a team or committee that held meetings that went nowhere? It can be frustrating to sit through a meeting that rehashes the same old business without moving forward or to have action items assigned that never get completed. When no one in the meeting can remember what was decided in previous meetings, discussions end up going around in circles. This type of meeting is a waste of everyones time. To ensure that meetings are well run and effective, its important to start with a planned agenda and produce effective meeting minutes. This article provides some suggestions on how to take meeting minutes.
  3. 3. • Things You’ll Need• Paper and pen or laptop computer to create meeting minutes• Copy machine or printer to create copies of meeting minutes
  4. 4. INSTRUCTIONS• 1. Meeting minutes originate with notes that are taken by a designated meeting attendee. The notes are formally written up and each meeting attendee receives a copy. These formal minutes are a record of decisions made and action items assigned. Notes for meeting minutes can be taken by hand or typed into a laptop computer. The laptop has definite advantages since the minutes can more easily be created from the notes.
  5. 5. INSTRUCTIONS2. The designated person whocreates the minutes of a meetingshould not be the person who runsthe meeting. In an organization, therole of secretary may be created forthis job. Another alternative in awork situation is to have the minutestaking job rotate between teammembers.
  6. 6. INSTRUCTIONS4. Meeting minutes should include the date,time and location of the meeting. Attendeesshould be listed and absent attendees can benoted. Each major discussion topic should belisted, along with important comments,decisions and action items. The notes dontneed to be a word-for-word description, justan overview of the most important pointsfrom the discussion. For each action item,list whom it was assigned to and when it isexpected to be reported on or completed.
  7. 7. INSTRUCTIONS5. To ensure the accuracy of meetingminutes, its a good idea to completethe formal write up as soon as possibleafter the meeting. The completedminutes can be emailed to attendeesfor corrections, additions andfeedback. Quickly distributing theminutes will remind everyone aboutassigned action items.
  8. 8. INSTRUCTIONS5. Always keep the tone ofmeeting minutesimpartial, respectful andprofessional. Dont leaveroom for misinterpretationby people who werent atthe meeting.
  9. 9. TIPS AND WARNINGS• At the end of the minutes, list the date, time and location of the next meeting. The meeting agenda is a great starting point for the meeting minutes format. For each agenda topic, fill in information about decisions and action items. The meeting minutes can be used as the foundation for the next meetings agenda. In the meeting minutes, use bold face type to highlight important items and bullets to organize discussion items.