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Enterprise Opportunities with Huawei's Digital SDP, Bill Yu, Huawei

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Enterprise Opportunities with Huawei's Digital SDP
Bill Yu
Digital Services SDP
Marketing Manager
Huawei Technologies

Huawei's Digital SDP allows operators to mine new streams of revenue by enabling openness, flexibility and strong support for enterprise business by helping them offer wholesale capabilities such as messaging, voice, virtual number etc. Enterprises can then improve their business with services such as authentication by SMS or phone; and consolidated IT & CT resources.

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Enterprise Opportunities with Huawei's Digital SDP, Bill Yu, Huawei

  1. 1. --Bill Yu Enterprise Opportunities with Huawei's Digital SDP
  2. 2. Case 1: Carrier’s Digital Transformation via Digital SDP
  3. 3. Current situation: Services are developing rapidly. However, the traditional CT MKT dries up. To ensure the service development, transformation is required urgently. 130% Shanghai user penetration rate 8.4 billion Revenue scale increase by 10% 45% Ratio of group customer service revenue 16% Profit margin Step by step to transformation Revenue increasing, efficiency improvement, and cost reducing Multi-domain digital operation transformation Smart park Group customer service e- commercialization Smart community Big data M2M Online channels ... Shanghai Unicom - Making a Breakthrough More Easily in Enterprise B2B Services
  4. 4. ICT Transformation Solution Architecture of Shanghai Unicom -- From Innovation to Sales Third-party service integration API Integration and Exposure API Access Control Subscription mgmt Order mgmt Customer service Charging Product mgmt Partner mgmt … Product mgmt Resource mgmt Invoice mgmtBill mgmt BSS/ OSS Carrier network system Server template SO engine ... Group customer Internetized portal (government and enterprise customer, AM, CSC, SI, and SA) E-commerce portal Enterprise workbench Channel product exposure Campus base Operation center Maintenance center Synchronize user, product, billing info; anticipate resources. Enable or suspend services. Third-party SaaS application Server StorageBasic carrier resources Application Innovation & Aggregation Digital SDP
  5. 5. Enterprise enter park enjoying turnkey service Registration • Registration • Login info • Account activation Sign Contract • License upload • Online account bind • Online contract One-stop purchase • Access e-commerce portal • Select service & product • Online payment & provisioning auto Convergent ICT service SaaS Store • OA/Mail • ERP/CRM … Service & product package (product/capability/resource…) CT on demand • FBB/MBB • cloud PBX • VPN… IT on demand • Clouded VM/storage • Cloud desktop… Typical Scenario of Digital Enterprise: Smart Industry Park
  6. 6. Case 2: OA Application Supported by Digital SDP
  7. 7. Xunmeng OA : From Innovation to Sales $ SaaS Product+Service $ Xunmeng Huawei Global Telecom Capabilities FrameworkOperation Digital SDP User Mgt. Product Mgt. Order Mgt. Buy Billing Payment Promotion Mgt. Channel Big Data Digital SDP Provide following services: OA Application
  8. 8. Digital SDP
  9. 9. IKEA as a reference/worldwide leader of furniture --Arrange multiple rooms of your house DevOps Center Components Domain specific Business Ops CenterCommon Combined Components DigitalSDP Basic Components Solutions
  10. 10. Multiple Scenarios Supported DevOps Center Common Capabilities/Services Center Telecom Aggregatio n Commerce Delivery Order Shopping cart Digital Content Domain specific Digital Enterprise MBB tariffing Industry Specific General OTT Business Ops Center Marketing & Promotion Tool Kits Partner aggregation Framework Common Combined Services Deployment/ Versioning Unified console Logging/Alarming Service status DigitalSDP Basic Services Utilities Solutions API exposure Digital Enterprise MBB Sponsoring Digital Content Smart Home… Unified console
  11. 11. 12 Domains,100+ Capabilities Capability Center Basic Service Telecom Capabilities Oauth Industry Capabilities Digital Service Enablement Common Capabilities Enableme nt Cloud Production Aggregation Deal Delivery Product Chargin g Recomm end Present Settlem ent Comments Rating Subscripti on Loyalty point Label Previe w DRM Infrastruct ure Basic Order Logisti cs Middleware Contract Signing Registratio n App Deployment App Monitoring Scale Combined Service Combined Order Digital Service Common Combined Capabilities Shopping Cart Combined Campaign Digital Content Domain Combined capabilities Format Conversion Payment Membe rship Big Data Analysis Digital Enterprise Domain Combined capabilities Digital Transaction Domain Combined capabilities Invoice Service Service Fulfillmen t Customer Reviews Enterprise Certification IP Push User Conte nt Favorites Traffic Purchase Traffic Exchang e Traffic distribution Network Consume list Order on- behalf Top up and order Pay by somebody Gift Stream ing Downlo ad Common Capabilities CDN Decoder Encoder Text Conversion O&M OpenIDBillingContext Communi cate Data Location SNS SearchMaps OTT Capabilities … App migration Vouc her AD API openness Develop Studio
  12. 12. Modular Design, can be customized 3 ways by 3rd-parties Messaging Services Framework Basic Plugins Ext Plugins Ext Plugins 3 2 1 1 2 Change the general framework settings Extended by developing new Plugins 3 Extended by deploying new modules Partner can activate or not the message delivery notification for all the channels. Partner can integrate new Corporate IM plug-in to extend the scope of messaging covered by one API. Partner integrates new own modules for data security to build solutions.
  13. 13. Copyright©2015 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The information in this document may contain predictive statements including, without limitation, statements regarding the future financial and operating results, future product portfolio, new technology, etc. There are a number of factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the predictive statements. Therefore, such information is provided for reference purpose only and constitutes neither an offer nor an acceptance. Huawei may change the information at any time without notice. Thank you