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How Blockchain will change E-Commerce & Digital Marketing?

  1. How Blockchain will change E- Commerce & Digital Marketing? Janette Toral
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  4. Vision: E-Commerce as an Economic Growth Contributor & Philippines Competitive Advantage Business Objectives & Success Criteria 100,000 MSMEs do E- Commerce E-Commerce at 25% GDP 30% of Filipinos do E- Commerce Fast & Cost Competitive Internet Access Cybercrime Enforcement & Prosecution Government E-Payment Implementation Effective Merchant & Consumer Protection
  5. E-Commerce Roadmap Deliverables UPSTREAM • Philippine Internet Broadband Masterplan • Customs Modernization Law (Updating of Tariff Regulations) • NewTelco /VAS Players • National Retail Payment System INTERNALVALUE CHAIN • Consumer Protection on E- Commerce • National Single Window • Anti-Cybercrime enforcement • E-Government Payment • Simplified Tax system • National Privacy Commission • E-Notary DOWNSTREAM • Seal ofTrust • PKI / Digital Signature Implementation • Cross-Border E- Commerce Policies • E-Commerce Education • Sector development • Private Sector Leadership
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  7. National Retail Payment System  A shared clearing and settlements system allowing banks to offer digital financial services in an inter-operable way.  Aims to enable efficient, safe, affordable and inclusive retail payment infrastructure that allows digital transfers from any account to any account in any type of institution, through the use of any digital device.  Targets to digitize 20% of retail transactions by 2020. Currently, only 1% of the 2.5 billion payment transactions made in the Philippines is electronic. instapay/
  8. National Retail Payment System  PESO Net ◦ pertained to the replacement of checks. ◦ facilitates fund transfer from one account or payer to one or several accounts and are not time-critical.  Instapay ◦ Immediate availability of funds.A real-time electronic fund transfer system allows payers to direct financial institutions to “irrevocably transfer funds held in his account to the account of a payee, who receives the full value immediately” in a 24/7 service capacity.
  9. Payment Systems Management Body  Organize direct clearing participants into a self-governing body to assist the BSP in overseeing the National Payment System.  UnionBank CEO Justo Ortiz, PayMaya CEO OrlandVea, Malarayat Rural Bank President Antonio Pasia, and Wealthbank President Gregorio Anonas III.
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  21. Moving Forward  Build-up Blockchain utilization and insights in Analytics, Digital Marketing, Advertising, E-Commerce initiatives for transparency, security, traceability.  Invest and/or develop cryptocurrency that has clear usage purpose and growth direction. Don’t hinge on speculation.