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Building your brand as a writer

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A presentation made by Janette Toral (http://digitalfilipino.com) at 1st Act 2013 in General Santos City last January 19, 2013.

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Building your brand as a writer

  1. 1. Building  Your  Brand   as  a  Writer   Jane2e  Toral   h2p://digitalfilipino.com  
  2. 2. Wri<ng  since  1995:  • PC  World  Philippines  • The  Web  • Link  • Philippine  Daily  Inquirer  • Manila  Bulle<n  • Philippine  Star  • Philippine  IT  Update  • World  Execu<ve  Digest  • E-­‐Business  Asia  • Internet.com  • Manila  Times  • Sunstar  Cebu  • Interaksyon   My  first  ar<cle  –  September  1995  
  3. 3. Published  4  (PRINTED  Edi<on)  books:  • DigitalFilipino:  An  E-­‐Commerce  Guide  for  the  eFilipino  (2000)  • DigitalFilipino  E-­‐Commerce  Workshop  E-­‐Book  (2004)  • Philippine  Internet  Review:  10  years  of  Internet  History  (2004)  • Blogging  from  Home  (2008)   (To  be  released  -­‐  2013):   • 2  to  4  books  
  4. 4. People  fall  in  love  with  the   story.  
  5. 5. Honest  conversa<on  creates   advocates.   Advocates  are  be2er  marketers.  "Dont  focus  on  trying  to  fix  your  flaws.  Embrace  your  flaws.  Understand  them.  Respect  their  liabili@es,  yet  realize  that  theyre  entwined  with  your  most  vivid  quali@es.  Your  flaws  make  your  most  fascina@ng  strengths  possible."  -­‐  Sally  Hogshead  
  6. 6. Well-­‐thought  of  topics  /   conversa<ons  rank  in   search  engine  results.  
  7. 7. It  can  help  generate   more  clients.  
  8. 8. Be  a  trusted  solu,on.  Build  a  community.  Get  “100”  fans.  
  9. 9. Make  advocates  feel   like  rockstars.   (even  if  you  are  the   rockstar.)  SPOTLIGHT!  
  10. 10. Transform  yourself  to  become  a   digital  influencer.  
  11. 11. Your  network  is  your  net  worth.   From  social  media  to   social  business  -­‐   educate.  Embraced  E-­‐Learning  as  a  Marke,ng  tool  since  2003.  
  12. 12. Focus  on  the  people  who  believe  what  you  believe.  Be  outrageous!   You  can’t  buy  “true”  brand   advocacy.  
  13. 13. The  best  way  to  predict  the  future  is  to  invent  it.   -­‐  Abraham  Lincoln   (New  inspira<on  found  last   August  to  September  2011.)  
  14. 14. Result  of  IVLP  trip.  Keep  innova,ng.  
  15. 15. Join:  E-­‐Commerce  Boot  Camp  h2p://digitalfilipino.com/ ecom/  
  16. 16. Join:   Digital  Influencer  Boot  Camp  h2p://influencerbootcamp.digitalfilipino.com  
  17. 17. h2p://slideshare.net/jane2etoral   Let’s  chat  at  h2p://twi2er.com/digitalfilipino