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How to boost your blog's Alexa ranking?

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Your blog's Alexa ranking decides the worth of your blog. Find out how you can boost your blog's Alexa rank.

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How to boost your blog's Alexa ranking?

  1. 1. pro blo ggingsucce ss.co m http://www.pro blo ggingsuccess.co m/alexa-rank/Alexa Rank: How To Get Your Blog A Sexy Alexa Rankingby JaneSheebaAlexa rank is one of the golden standards thatdecide a website’s worth in terms of traf f ic.Alexa gives every site a rank and unlike theGoogle pagerank, f or the Alexa rank, the lesserthe better. T he #1 site on Alexa’s list is Google(not surprising, eh?)!Well, if your website has a decent Alexa rankthen it will be well respected on the web.Especially f or advertising prof its, a website’sAlexa ranking is one of the f actors that decidethe price of the ad space at that website.Bef ore we talk about how to boost your alexarank, let’s dig a little deep about what thiswebsite ranking algorithm is all about.So, what is Alexa rank and what does itmean?Basically, alexa rank is an algorithm that grades or ranks websites based on the amount of traf f ic thewebsite gets. In Alexa’s own words, here’s the def inition:T he traf f ic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traf f ic data f rom millions of AlexaToolbar users and data obtained f rom other, diverse traf f ic data sources, and is a combined measure ofpage views and users (reach).T hink you’re cool with Alexa ranking if you get decent website traffic? T hink again.Take a good look at the def inition above and not all of your website traffic is counted in calculatingAlexa rank, but only that portion of the traf f ic that uses the Alexa toolbar.So basically, the Alexa traf f ic rank takes into account the number of people visiting your website that hasthe Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.T hat’s inaccurate, right? Yes it is. But still, just like Google Pagerank, the Alexa traf f ic rank number isnot just seen as a mere number – even if its inaccurate.Many advertising agencies, SEO companies, guest bloggers and bloggers who are on a hunt f or buildinglinks look up the Alexa rank as one of the metrics that represent the standards of a website.So unf ortunately even though you know that Alexa rank is somewhat inaccurate, you have to go f or it I’mnot saying that you should be obsessed by this number. But doing stuf f to make sure that yourblog has a decent (sexy) Alexa rank will surely help.Publish high quality content, consistentlyNow don’t give me that look I know – you turn to any blog seeking advice to improve website traf f ic,or increase page rank, or to become an authority – everybody says the same thing: Publishquality content!
  2. 2. Is that annoying? If you hear everybody saying that, there are two things:1. It is highly crucial.2. It works f or all those who keep saying it.And I put it f irst – even bef ore you think of any “tactic” or a magical shortcut to decrease that Alexa ranknumber publishing high quality content is a robust strategy (not just a tactic).Publishing high quality content in a consistent manner helps improve your Alexa rank with no extraef f ort.Blog commenting improves Alexa rankYes it does and that’s sweet news because we bloggers do comment on related blogs as part ofour blogging routine. We do blog commenting in order to network with other bloggers and theirreaders and also to build backlinks.While doing so, we are also improving our Alexa rank! And that’s good news right?Consistent blog commenting can improve your Alexa rank in a quite consistent manner. I’ve experimentedthis on my blogs at various times.Don’t take my word. Just go experiment yourself . Track the improvement of your Alexa rank as youindulge in a substantial amount of blog commenting say, f or a week and watch the magicAlexa toolbarRemember I told you in the beginning that Alexa uses its own toolbar to track the amount of traf f ic toany site? So why not use your own visits to your site to improve the rank?I know this may sound as if you are manipulating the Alexa toolbar rank – but I won’t say you are.Unless you install the toolbar and go ref resh the page 100 times. Even so, you cannot manipulate theresult this way because, see below in Alexa’s own words: Multiple page views of the same page made by the same user on the same day are counted only once. The page views per user numbers are the average numbers of unique pages viewed per user per day by the visitors to the site.Yes, you can still manipulate your Alexa rank by changing your ip f or dif f erent visits and do all sorts ofnasty stuf f – but you’d better f ocus on creating killer content, promoting it, networking with otherbloggers and indulge yourself in activities that will actually benef it your blogAlexa toolbar is available f or Chrome, Firef ox and Internet Explorer.By installing the Alexa toolbar you can make your own visits count, and you can also “watch” theimprovement of your Alexa rank.Note that improving your Alexa rank by installing the Alexa toolbar is just a tactic – you are just countingyour own traf f ic as traf f ic – which is right in a sense. But at the same time you cannot actually judge thegenuine rank of your site. T hen again, since Alexa is not counting everyone and only counts those thathave the Alexa toolbar, I guess this makes sense.Just keep in mind that this technique simply helps in improving Alexa rank; that is the scope of this postanyway.
  3. 3. Other little things to improve Alexa rank (these might not be your cup of tea)Get reviewed t o improve Alexa rankEven though getting reviewed does not directlyhelp in improving Alexa rank, it will help in somemanner. Get some buddies to review yourwebsite or blog at Alexa and reciprocate byreviewing their sites.If you have a handf ul of decent reviews, that isa good item on your site’s CV.Asian socialsAlexa has lots of f ans in Asia (I don’t know why)and a lot of them use the Alexa toolbar.If you manage to drive those people to get toyour website f rom their browser (with toolbarinstalled) then it will give a boost to your Alexaranking.Make Alexa a cat egoryBlog or write about Alexa. If you have good in depth articles related to Alexa, then use them on your blog.Most importantly, making Alexa as a category will help a lot.Drive webmast ers t o your sit eIf you can blog about stuf f usef ul f or webmasters, great! If not, try to buy advertising in webmaster sitesor f orums so that you target the webmaster population and drive them to your site. Alexa loves this andyour ranking will improve decently.Wat ch your sit e’s speedJust like any other metric, your Alexa rank can also be af f ected if your site loads slow. Just imagine ifpeople have to wait f or minutes bef ore your site gets loaded. T hey simply won’t come back again.Since Alexa rank is traffic based rank, here you have to please people. So all your backlinks won’t helpif people stop visiting your site because of poor loading speed.You can use a content delivery network (CDN) like Cloudf lare.Alexa website ranking: TakeawayI’d like to insist on one thing here – do not get obsessed by the Alexa traffic rank number . YourAlexa rank is not equal to the amount of traf f ic you get on your blog.But working to improve your Alexa website rank has the following benefits: You can earn more on advertising income, since advertisers look f or sites that have a good Alexa rank. You will be perceived as a good quality blog (although I don’t agree with this!). By working to improve your Alexa rank you will also improve some other nice metrics like Google Pagerank, backlinks etc.
  4. 4. Please open up in the comments and let me know if you have any questions about Alexa rank and if youhave any other working tip(s) to help improve alexa ranking!Art icle by JaneSheeba+Jane is the f ounder of Problogging Success. She is an expert blogger, consultant, f reelance writerand blog designer. Dont f orget to get your hands on two FREE Ebooks she of f ers.