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Optoma ML750 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector Review

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Optoma ML750 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector
Optoma ML750 WXGA 700 Lumen 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port
"The Optoma ML750 provides a compact design and vivid LED performance. Designed by the leader in LED-based projection, the ML750 sets a new standard for brightness at 700 ANSI Lumens. LED brightness cannot be easily compared to lamp-based brightness. LED brightness lets users create larger images in rooms with more light while still allowing for easy viewing. With a wider color gamut than standard lamp projectors, the ML750 delivers more vivid colors. Delivering Native WXGA resolution, this projector creates crisp, clear widescreen images of up to 100 inches on most surfaces. This DLP Pico projector allows users to share detailed presentations (with 10,000:1 contrast ratio) without being hooked up to a computer."
"State-of-the-Art DLP Technology

Projectors with Texas Instrument's DLP with BrilliantColor technology feature multi-color processing to produce accurate and vibrant colors on the screen. The Optoma ML750 multi-color processing system features an RGB LED light engine with a wide color gamut to achieve superb color saturation and accuracy for extraordinary image quality. In addition, incredibly high native contrast ratios ensure clean and crisp black and white to ensure that text and charts are easy to read."
The Optoma ML750, WXGA, 700 LED Lumens, 3D-Ready Mobile Projector comes with AC Power Adaptor, AC Power Cord, Universal-to-VGA Cable, Carrying Case, Remote Control, Battery for Remote and Quick Start Card.

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Optoma ML750 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector Review

  1. 1. .
  2. 2. / I Optoma ML756 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector Review Bv Olivia , /
  3. 3. / First, this t/ hing is REALLY SMALL. The pictures , ‘ really show alli how sm ‘ti . cause the F] overall pr ions pretty mu 3 match tho larger ' ' ‘ ultraportables. ,, /
  4. 4. W i --«/ "" ,1: Tr’ ” The cab_Te§, éd powefilock are basically bigger mam-ier than th unit itself. ‘ ’ I ’fis2""'. , _ Witli"a re-paeki gggtyou can this into ajeg is all packa¢gdg_. '9'‘ ; _¢_
  5. 5. / I tested with/ HDMI and some pretty hi-det digital input. Normally, l’ve been ignoring / pico and LED projectors, as / they project tiny, dim images only a couple dozen inches across. ,/
  6. 6. ,. .n 1:‘ . 3 ’- q, _ /9 a‘ _ - 9 at. 1- 2 ,4 ' n 1 ,5’ u 4 -at . 3.9 art‘ 1 e - - a. wow‘ us? an» It will project a iulI- / size image, just like my 330, and almos as bright. /
  7. 7. lt’s visible ii{a lit room, even an . image that covers an entire 72" X 48" whiteboard. The EX330 is a bit brighter in a in room, but not that much brighter, and the EX330 is rated at over — 2000 lumens LED lumens are , basically brighter than / incandescent ones. / I “
  8. 8. ,/ The ML1000 is/ brighter, but it is also physically larger, and I need this to be very small. I can use'my EX330/ for bigger stuff. ' , /
  9. 9. Once focused, it tends to keepiits focus, even when moved around. IuIie: i var: : *- l. :;§”l'; §S, :13 i: n., .:: =3 ’s dv ‘J ‘I7 ‘l3I3'(-831230, 21: 1332i ii. .5: sail; /
  10. 10. miiegi your clizri l gins, 13 megs s lE'C'(-Sl1?V'3, 21: 1i. Ie2i. I;lii-I‘y sen, el. e::1 lt’s not as nice as a laser projector, which / basically never needs focusing’, but it is / better than an incandescent one, which/ can be finicky. ,/
  11. 11. / There is a locus knob. but no way to adjust the zoom. except by physically moving the unit, which isn’t that big a deal, as the unit is fairly short-throw. You should keep this in mind when setting up. /
  12. 12. / , 7/ There is a focus knob, but no way to adjust the zoom. except by physically moving the unit, which isn’t that big a deal, as the unit is fairly short-throw. Plan to have a long wire to your computer’, as you may need to set the unit up on a table , or a tripod . ’/
  13. 13. 0ne ot my biggest trustrations is getting a / tabte set up tor a projectgoyr.
  14. 14. "*1. . ~/2’ "7 The tri. o§thi. n:gris nic%. . Since this thing is sm: _ , you can mount it ofiven a very small or cheap trip:
  15. 15. It has 3 fans, but. «éiesn’t get more than a bit warm . The fans do contribute a bit of noise, but nothing like the incandescent unit. I don’t particularly care about watching TV on these things. . , ,/
  16. 16. / It has 3 fans, but oesn’t get more than a bit warm . The fans do contribute a bit of noise, but nothing like the incandescent unit. I use them for presentations, and l, l'Iav-e yet to / encounter a projector, from any manufacturer, that won’t handle basic presentations. '/
  17. 17. / *4 If you are gonrla shell out $550 bucks on a little thing like this, then you should feel its worth it. I feel it was money well-spent. , /
  18. 18. Easily tits in a standard, briet " ease or a carry-on. lE. xt”ren‘iely bright. /, ‘
  19. 19. I ‘pnos7l’iItsoi. uj"_t‘I“y uny, .:s Astonishingly so. Cagabe I’; mounted on a tripodgotybfi‘ have more options to setting i up. Surprisingly "shoqrtt ‘ I
  20. 20. "V" 7 . a3.‘? '{-. --«/ ' " -if . , , R _ . , . PR0S: .~AbsolIujtely MW , *5 - This means tliahmtk can place it faizrfingyar the screen, j"2€. I,II. .—+-I
  21. 21. No zoom. You have to, % / move the unit. Surprisingly , / "short throw. " /
  22. 22. CONS: Has 3 tans, Wwhich can be a bit "whiny. " This means that you have, to' place it fairly near the screen, ‘ which is not always desirable. _/
  23. 23. Exiernai power hrieii; T / This is always a pet / peeve oi mine. ,/
  24. 24. *Tiny, Iiteralifnma true micro proje
  25. 25. .
  26. 26. Very bright, wielesereen T display, even at 4m in a / light room. Ix
  27. 27. size of projecrs, ,
  28. 28. Easy setup and remote for keystone etc. High quality / color and great constrast ratio
  29. 29. It has a couple of small tans which create a sound all the time, to varying levels . During quieter / parts in movies it’s noticeable’.
  30. 30. / "” Overall, this projector creates an incredible display irom a. tiny i packageiand I’d highly recommend” it to anyone. ’/ '
  31. 31. / "” For more information: digitalprojectoriniormation. hlogspot. com / / /
  32. 32. . -1