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Beyond instructional design: how performance support is revolutionizng e-learning

Webinar presentation on 27 and 28 April. Sponsored by Trivantis

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Beyond instructional design: how performance support is revolutionizng e-learning

  1. Beyond Instructional Design: How Performance Support is Revolutionising e-Learning Jane Hart Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
  2. (c) C4LPT, 2016 2
  3. (c) C4LPT, 2016 @C4LPT www.JaneHart.com www.C4LPT.co.uk www.ModernWorkplaceLearning.com
  4. (c) C4LPT, 2016 AGENDA Changing learning habits What this means for content design Design guidance and insights Examples of performance support resources Performance design process and measuring success 4
  5. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Learning habits are changing 5
  6. (c) C4LPT, 2016 variety of sources: people and content 6
  7. (c) C4LPT, 2016 on demand 7
  8. (c) C4LPT, 2016 in short bursts 8
  9. (c) C4LPT, 2016 on all kinds of devices 9
  10. (c) C4LPT, 2016 in the flow of work 10
  11. (c) C4LPT, 2016 “I don’t need to study a problem - only solve it.” COURSES “I don’t need to take a test to know if I can do a task; I will know if can do it when I complete the task.”
 TESTS “I don’t need to remember stuff - only know where I can find the information again if or 
 when I need it.”
 MEMORISATION focused on performance - getting a job done 11
  12. (c) C4LPT, 2016 where there is choice 12
  13. (c) C4LPT, 2016 producing small, flexible, on demand resources for different users’ devices in useful formats to help get work done courses > resources > performance support What this means 13
  14. • It’s not a learning resource 
 but a performance resource • You can create resources alongside courses • You can create resources instead of courses From instructional design to performance design and information design visual design What this means (c) C4LPT, 2016 14
  15. (c) C4LPT, 2016 micro content bite-sized content nano content How small is small? 1 - THINK SMALL 15
  16. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Source: Nick Shackleton Jones http://www.aconventional.com/2014/12/ what-we-do-in-learning.html Source: Nick Shackleton Jones
 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/content- dumping-how-poison-your-learning-strategy- shackleton-jones From content to context 16
  17. (c) C4LPT, 2016 content personalization not about you personalizing it but making it PERSONALIZABLE
 by the user i.e. to use in whatever way suits 
 the individual concerned 2 - THINK FLEXIBLE 17
  18. (c) C4LPT, 2016 How can it be
 quickly found 
 and easily accessed? 3 - THINK ON DEMAND 18
  19. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Mobile first - BYOD 4 - THINK DEVICES 19
  20. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Responsive design 20
  21. (c) C4LPT, 2016 text images/graphics audio video 5 - THINK MEDIA 21
  22. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Do you need interactivity
 in a performance support tool or job aid? for additional guidance to support personalisation 22
  24. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example: Google Guide http://www.googleguide.com/print/ adv_op_ref.pdf 2 page PDF for printing Text and links to deeper content and examples (for online use) Supporting performance resource alongside tutorial What elements can be extracted to form a good job aid? Example 1: Textual Reference Guide or Cheat Sheet 24
  25. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example: Trade Show Checklist http://checklist.com/trade-show- checklist/ Things to do (non-sequential) Interactivity? Check off items as you do them (print and check/interactive) Example 2: Textual Checklist 25
  26. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example: How to unjam a printer List of sequential steps Interactivity? Only show the steps once they’ve been checked off? Flip open the ADF by grasping the notch1 Firmly grasp the paper and pull it out2 Cl Close the ADF3 Press RESET4 Example 3: Step-by-step list 26
  27. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example: http://www.rff.com/order_processing.htm Visual breakdown of the steps to complete a task Example 4: Flowchart 27
  28. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Start End Receive order Assemble package Require shipping? Enables user: to select items to denote completion and/or to gain more information Example 5: Interactive Flowchart 28
  29. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example: 
 http://ashleychiasson.com/blog/ terminology-tuesday-job-aids/ Everything you need on one page Example 6: Infographic 29
  30. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example 7: Annotated screenshots or images 30 Annotated screenshot of Yammer, 
 page 60, Modern Workplace Learning, 
 http://www.ModernWorkplaceLearning.com Original source: unknown
  31. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Available on web/mobilePDF. Snapguide example: https://snapguide.com/guides/turn- your-smart-phone-into-a-wi-fi- hotspot/ Example 8: Text and Graphics Guides 31 http://www.instructables.com/id/Gif- Tastic/?ALLSTEPS Instructables example: 
 How to make an animated GIF
  32. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example 9: Audio Guides useful if hands-free access required
 talking through a task or activity 32
  33. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example:
 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=qr9rtFG7fKM how to use a website or carry out a software activity Example 10: Screencasts 33
  34. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example:
 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=eLGLtnRopJM Light-hearted animations explaining something - often uses hand-drawn figures or images. Example 11: Animated explainers 34
  35. (c) C4LPT, 2016 Example 12: How-To Videos 35 Example: How to clear a printer jam
 http://www.howcast.com/videos/ 384350-how-to-clear-a-printer-jam/ less than 2 minute videos Example: How to make steak tartare
 https://vine.co/v/bOIqn6rLeID 6 second video
  36. (c) C4LPT, 2016 What is the right resource for a performance problem? 36
  37. 1. Analyse • the performance problem • the type of support that is required • the device (if any) on which it will be used 2. Design the resource in the most appropriate format/media with essentials required 3. Make available for flexible and on demand use Performance Support Design Process (c) C4LPT, 2016 37
  38. (c) C4LPT, 2016 track hits | social ratings | social recommendations performance improvement Measuring success 38
  39. (c) C4LPT, 2016 39(c) C4LPT, 2016