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12 x 3D Tools for Education, Training & Collaboration

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Jane Hart's pick of the 3D tools for creating avatars and 3D worlds and environments

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12 x 3D Tools for Education, Training & Collaboration

  1. 12x 3D Tools for Education, Training  & Collaboration EU 3D: Ctl+Alt+Delete. Online Educa Berlin, 4 December 2009 Jane Hart Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies www.c4lpt.co.uk
  2. Agenda 1. Creating virtual and 3D characters or avatars 1 C i i l d 3D h 2. Creating 3D environments and virtual worlds C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 2
  4. Doppelme: Create a simple avatar www.doppelme.com d l 1 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 4
  5. Voki: Create a speaking avatar Example www.voki.com ki 2 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 5
  6. SitePal: Add a speaking p g avatar to your website SitePal for Educators www.sitepal.com 3 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 6
  7. CodeBaby: Create and integrate 3D characters into courseware www.codebaby.com 4 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 7
  8. Vox Proxy: Add 3D Talking Animated Characters to PowerPoint Demo www.voxproxy.com 5 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 8
  9. Part Two Part Two CREATING 3D ENVIRONMENTS/  VIRTUAL WORLDS C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 9
  10. 3B Rooms: Create your own personalised 3D space C4LPT: rooms.3b.net/c4lpt/q1.bbb www.3b.net 3b t 6 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 10
  11. Second Life: Join the world’s largest 3D community www.secondlife.com dlif Second Lif I Ed S d Life: In Education & E t ti Enterprise i 7 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 11
  12. Open Sim: Create virtual worlds using an open source server platform – compatible with Second Life client www.opensimulator.org Video: Give me a perfect world: Using OpenSim 8 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 12
  13. Forterra OLIVE: Create a private virtual world www.forterrainc.com Video: 3D CPR Training for High School Students 9 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 13
  14. Protosphere: Create a virtual collaboration environment www.protonmedia.com t di Video: Protosphere 10 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 14
  15. Project Wonderland: Open Source toolkit for creating 3D worlds https://lg3d-wonderland.dev.java.net/ Demo 11 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 15
  16. Thinking Worlds: Rapid browser-based virtual worlds authoring tool www.caspianlearning. co.uk www.thinkingworlds. www thinkingworlds com Thinking Worlds: Learning Demos 12 C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 16
  17. Toolwire: Will be offering a 3D development toolkit in 2010 www.toolwire.com One to watch C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 17
  18. For slideset, notes and  links to tools and resources www.C4LPT.co.uk/articles/oeb3d.html Contact Email: jane.hart@c4lpt.co.uk Twitter:  T itt C4LPT.co.uk | Slide 18