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Top ten soft skills required for a business analyst

  1. Top Ten Soft Skills Required For a Business Analyst
  2. “Business Analyst is a profession that primarily is in place for large organizations to help with five things. Based on organization standards, a business analyst might be involved in one , two, three, four or all five things.” • They have to play the role of a negotiator at times when the business people and IT people do not get along well. • There are certain soft skills that each and every business analyst should have with them so as to stay competitive in the industry.
  3.  A business analyst should have the required negotiation abilities when it comes to facilitating difference of opinions between the business users and the IT team.  Differences can occur between the business analyst and the IT team regarding the development resources which also has to be negotiated with. 1. Skills of Negotiating Required Soft Skills for BA
  4.  Collecting the business requirements is among the primary job responsibilities performed by a Business Analyst.  Therefore being an active listener is a necessity in offering quality internal client service. Listening skills are also required whenever the information is gathered for status reports. 2. Business Analyst should be an Active Listener
  5.  It is up to a Business Analyst to ensure the existing gap or difference of opinions between the IT and the users are resolved as early as possible for getting the best results from the project.  They will also have to ensure everything goes right whenever a deadline is missed and whenever the tensions are running high between the company and the client. 3. Dealing with difference of Opinions
  6.  As a professional who represents the IT Company, it is highly desirable for a Business Analyst to offer quality client service for the business users and can reflect substantially on the career advancement and job performance of the Business Analyst. 4. Client Service Techniques of the Highest Quality
  7.  Several formalized decision making methodologies are available such as decision matrix that allows Business Analysts to take appropriate decisions and decisions of highest quality.  This is done as a means to offer the best service for the internal clients and thereby enhance the overall job performance of the business analyst. 5. Decision Making
  8.  Brainstorming and Five Whys are among the most popular problem solving techniques that is applicable for a Business Analyst.  A business analyst should follow these problem solving techniques in identifying the root cause of a problem and thereby define potential solutions too. 6. Problem Solving
  9.  Most of the times, Business Analysts will have to think creatively for finding some very unique business solutions that would help them meet the internal client requirements in an effective way.  Therefore Business Analysts should have a deeper understanding of the strategic thinking techniques which would help facilitate the process in the best possible way. 7. Thinking strategically
  10.  A business analyst should also have deep expertise in technical writing skills as they will have to create business requirements specification as well as other kind of documentations.  For a Business Analyst to succeed professionally, they should have the ability to create documents that are coherent, informative as well as useful. 8. Technical Writing Skills
  11.  Business Analysts should be updated about the latest trends happening across the industry and should be capable enough in handling presentations on some very relevant topics such as application design, project status as well as business requirements.  Business Analysts can have a significant career growth if they are able to convince and impress the senior IT and business management people who are attending the presentations. 9. Delivering Quality Presentations
  12.  As a Business Analyst, they should be capable enough of leading teams as the years of experience grow as a Business Analyst.  For a business analyst to get promoted as a Senior Business Analyst, it is inevitable for them to show their leadership skills and the ability to lead a team through in a structured and coordinated way. 10. Ability to lead Teams
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