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Get Cloud Ready

  1. Aiming for the Cloud? Easier Than You Thought!
  2. What is Get Cloud Ready?  Systematic approach to help individuals and businesses get best results from the Cloud  Ensures people, processes, products and businesses are ready to leverage the benefits of Cloud
  3. Janakiram MSV – Founder  14 years of experience in the IT/ITES industry  Worked for world-class product companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Alcatel-Lucent  One of India's first Microsoft Certified Professional on Windows Azure  First employee for Amazon Web Services in India  Consistently rated as the top speaker at premier technical events  Chief Editor at  Advisor and mentor to Startups
  4. The Get Cloud Ready Framework  Enable architects, developers and IT professionals to design, develop and manage Cloud applications  Ensure that the applications are optimized to gain the performance and cost advantage of Cloud
  5. Get Cloud Ready - Service Offerings Cloud Training Cloud Consulting
  6. Get Cloud Ready for Teams  Architect Training  Design for Failure, Fault Tolerance, Scalability, Security, High Availability, Elasticity and Cost Optimization  Developer Training  Compute, Storage, Queues, NoSQL, Session Management, Caching, Cloud DB, Cloud API and Security  IT Professional Training  DevOps, Compute, Storage, Auto Scale, Backup & Archival, Identity Management, Migration and Hybrid Cloud
  7. Get Cloud Ready for Applications  Designing New Application for Cloud  Identifying the right Cloud platform, Prototyping, Designing and optimizing for the Cloud  Migrating Existing Application to Cloud  Analyzing the existing architecture, PoC, Refactoring and optimizing for the Cloud
  8. Get Cloud Ready – Supported Stacks Microsoft Windows Azure Amazon Web Services
  9. Get Cloud Ready with Microsoft Windows Azure  Compute  Web Role, Worker Role, VM Role  Storage  Blobs, Tables, Queues, CDN  Middleware  Caching, Workflow, Service Bus, ACS  Database  SQL Azure
  10. Get Cloud Ready with Amazon Web Services  Compute  EC2, EIP, ELB, CloudWatch, Auto Scale  Storage  S3, EBS, SimpleDB, SQS, CloudFront  Security  IAM, VPC  Database  RDS, Multi-AZ, Read Replicas
  11. Why Get Cloud Ready?  Structured and comprehensive framework that delivers the right value and impact  Driven to deliver effective Cloud solutions with singular focus on cost optimization  Based on best-fit breed of vendors, process, tools and solutions through vendor neutral and flexible approach  Deep industry and domain experience of the technologists and the specialists
  12. The Cloud Is Ready! A r e Yo u R e a d y Fo r T h e C l o u d ?