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Third-Party Publishing Tools Have no Effect on Reach - Social Media Minute

The rumors are wrong: your Facebook reach is not affected by third-party apps, for both paid and organic brand posts.

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab and this is Social Media Minute.Social publishing tools is something that many brands are still very afraid of using,because it would've affect their reach on their Facebook pages.Now, we've ran the data across hundreds of thousands of postsand actually have proven that using a publishing tool,using a third-party tool to publish your contentactually doesn't decrease your reach at all.And when we look at the curve of reach of one using a publishing tooland one not using a publishing toolit shows clearly that there is absolutely no difference in using them.So, don't be afraid to use publishing tools.Try and find the right tool for you, for your team and for your workflow.And again, listen to the data. This is data on hundreds of thousands of posts.So, don't be afraid to use them. They don't effect reach.It's a myth. Thank you very much.

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