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Evaluation ict

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Evaluation ict

  1. 1. Evaluation:This is the list of aims and objectives of the project:Aims: Objectives: To create an eye-catching advertisement video To see what kind of music complements a for the company fashion and beach themed video To use a proper video camera to film clips To edit the video clips on a editing software, such as iMovie Add special effects if neededEvaluation: 
Strengths: In my promotional campaign, I produced a teaser video and a website which our client put on hercompany’s (MerCulture) Facebook page. I think we met this aim well, as our video is quite exciting and we followedall the objectives in making the video. We included interesting effects, good quality film clips and made a storyboard to plan the structure of the teaser video, prior to the filming.Based on our client’s feedback and the comments and likes we got when she put the video up on her Facebookpage, we feel that the video was successful. Natasha (client) was pleased with the music, the quality of the shotsand the way we put our video together.Weaknesses: Even though we met our aims, there were still a few things we could’ve improved on. There is asection in the teaser video where the clip is a bit shaky. We were asked to try and fix this by stabilising the clip usinga function on iMovie, however even after we analysed it for stabilisation there wasn’t much of a difference. Anotherthing I feel would’ve made the video better would have been to film on a bright and sunny day. However, as westarted this project during the winter months, it was difficult to find a day when the weather was exceptionallygood.Actions for the future:I think if I had more time, I’d like to spend it editing the video and learn which differenteffects could complement the film clips even better. To create an engaging website To include text, videos and photographs on our website To use an interesting theme that maybe relates closely to fashion and the ocean To use pastel colours on the blog to create a calm atmosphere To add music to the blog to make it interestingEvaluation: 
Strengths:I produced a website using a social networking website called Tumblr. Judging from the positive feedbackwe got from our client and several others who came across the website, we feel we’ve achieved this aim. I includeda page on the website about the history of the company and a link which viewers can click on to be redirected to theOfficial MerCulture website. Furthermore, on our website, there is also an area where viewers can ask us questions.I posted some photographs we took from the photoshoot and the final teaser video on to our website. We gotseveral ‘likes’ from people that came across our website which we think implies that they like the swimwear. Iincluded appropriate music, and added a turquoise background to our website to set the beach theme of thecompany.Weaknesses:One major problem we were unable to fix was the delay in the uploading of some photographs. Aminor issue we faced was that the “theme” page redirects to another Tumblr template page. We were unable to fixthis at short notice, as we would have had to email the user who made the theme to ask for permission to removeit.Actions for the future:In the future, when making a website, I will ensure that my photos aren’t delayed by using atheme that loads quickly and also email the user who made the theme really early to get rid of the redirected pagebefore the website goes public.
  2. 2. To make sure photos from our photo shoot will To use a high-quality camera be captivating and have high-quality To have a photo shoot by the beach when the weather is good To edit the photos using an editing software such as PhotoshopEvaluation: 
Strengths:I feel as though we only partially achieved this aim. Although our photos from the shoot were high-qualityand captivating, we didn’t manage to follow many of the objectives we set for ourselves. We edited the photosusing iPhoto which gave us the option to change the contrast, exposure and sharpness of the picture. I was also ableto add different effects to the photographs, for example adding a sepia tone and an antique effect.Weaknesses:Although we did use a high-quality camera, and the quality of the photos turned out well, we wereunable to have a photoshoot when the weather was good and we didn’t use Photoshop to edit our photos. Theweather was really gloomy on the day of our shoot, however I was able to brighten our shots to make it look like wetook the photos on a sunny day. Although we wanted to use Photoshop to edit the photos, we were unaware ofhow long it actually took to learn how to use Photoshop and then apply what we’ve learnt to our photos.Actions for the future:I would like to properly learn how to use Photoshop so I can show more technical skills whenediting the photos. To promote the swimwear line To promote it through Facebook by getting different people to ‘like’ the page To post the link to our website on Tumblr, a well known blogging site To make our website interactive by allowing others to comment, ‘like’ and contact the companyEvaluation: 
Strengths:I think we achieved this aim although we didn’t follow the objectives we set out for ourselves. This isbecause we made changes during the process of our promotional campaign, which restricted us to only some of theobjectives. We definitely met our objective of making the website interactive. People are able to “like”, “reblog” andcomment on our photos, videos and text posts on our website. We were also able to promote the swimwear linethrough Facebook as we got our client to post our teaser video and pictures on her company’s Facebook page.Weaknesses:One objective we did not meet was posting the link to our website on Tumblr. This was because weended up creating the website on Tumblr, which we didn’t expect to do at the start of the project. We experimentedwith website generators such as 4ormat and webs.com, however they both didn’t have the function to beinteractive. So if we had used 4ormat or webs.com people wouldn’t be able to comment or ‘like’, they’d only beable to view the photos, videos and text posts.Actions for the future:I should have tried to finish my video and website faster so I would have more time topromote the swimwear line. I should have also tried to encourage more people to “share” our teaser video onFacebook so the company gets more recognised and better known. To get to know the person behind the To interview our client & designer, Natasha swimwear line JhunjhnuwalaEvaluation: 
Strengths:Personally, I feel that I got to know more about the company and its aims as well as the person behindMerCulture. After interviewing our client, I got to know a lot more about her thoughts on the company and whatencouraged her to start her fashion business. She also talked about what she hopes to achieve through herswimwear line and in my opinion, I thought it was really inspirational. Because I had to communicate with herthroughout the process of our promotional campaign, I got to know her even better.Weaknesses:I only met her in real life a few times as it was difficult to arrange proper meetings with her. I ended upmostly communicating with her through emails.Actions for the future:I would’ve tried to get our client more involved in what we were doing. For example, wecould’ve gotten her to be involved when we were filming the clips for the teaser so she could direct us on what shethought worked well and what she thought needed improvement.
  3. 3. Evaluating the process:Research and Planning: Reflecting back, I think I did quite a lot on research and planning. For me, themost useful parts of research and planning was looking at why promoting a company was importantand talking to the client to find out what she wanted us to help with. I think my strategies of researchand planning contributed a lot to the final outcome of the video and website. Researching about thequalities that make a website and video standout were also very useful. However as we ended upmodifying both the video and the website a little bit, some parts of our research process didn’t helpas much.For example, we created a storyboard outlining all the steps we would take to put togetherthe teaser video but during the process of editing, we felt that certain effects worked better with thefilm clips than the effects we set out to use.Technical Skills:During this project, I definitely learnt a lot of new skills. Some skills were simplylearning how to embed Powerpoints and videos onto my Wordpressblog, whereas the more majorskills were learning how to use different functions on iMovie and iPhoto and learning how to make awebsite. In my opinion, the website was the most difficult process as I had to learn how to add links,pages, navigation bars and an interesting theme. Although I had used both iMovie and iPhoto before,I still learnt a lot more about these software throughout the process of our promotional campaign.Firstly, I learnt how to change the speed of the clip and to add transition shots after the clip to makethe video flow better. I also learnt which effects suited our clips better and which would help brightenthe shot. In future, I hope to learn how to use a morecomplex photo editing software such as iPhoto.The two softwares I enjoyed using most during this process was the social networking site, Tumblrand iMovie. I feel they are both very sophisticated softwares and have a wide range of technicalfunctions for their users.Communication:I certainly communicated effectively with my client and group. I mostlycommunicated with our client through Facebook inbox, as it is a social networking site we both checkvery often. I also spoke with our client in real life several times to discuss our progress throughout theproject. I communicated with my group mostly through a GoogleDoc we created. This is because itwas easy for us to make changes to our work on our GoogleDoc and share our thoughts with eachother. We were also able to chat with each other through GoogleDoc if we were all on it at the sametime. I communicated with my audience only through the website I created. They were able to sendme questions through our website about the company and I could answer them privately. This was avery useful tool as without it, I would’ve found it very difficult to communicate with our audiences.Testing:We gathered quite a lot of useful information about our products through testing, however ifwe had had more time it would have been better to test our products for a longer period. The bestfeedback I got was from my client and my audiences. Our client commented on areas she thoughtwere good and eye-catching and also areas which the thought needed improvement. We also testedour product by looking at the number of like and comments we got on our photos and videos on thewebsite. Overall, we got positive feedback, however I would’ve liked to survey a larger audience tofind out more about what others thought about our products.Originality and Creativity:I mainly developed my creativity through editing the video, photographingthe models, editing the website and editing the photos. During this process, I had to make manycreative decisions in order to make our products look as eye-catching as possible. I had to make adecision on what colours complemented the beach theme of MerCulture, what music suited thewebsite, what video and photo effects would enhance the shot and which website theme lookedmost attention-grabbing. We made an effort to make our creative decisions as a group so we coulddiscuss with each other whether the choices we were making were the most appropriate.