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Make It Better - A Global Warming Campaign

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My entry for the final project of Proposal Writing and Presentation Class. Gratefully, it's picked as the best one in my class because it's low budget and applicable to the real problem.

James Hezekiah

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Make It Better - A Global Warming Campaign

  1. 1. “Make It Better” A Global Warming Campaign James Hezekiah
  2. 2. “Make it a habit to make it better!”
  3. 3. Problem. Climate change and its impact are happening right now. The projection shows that it will be getting worse in the future. It's not only real, but also dangerous. The worst part, there's a finding that states even if we end carbon dioxide emissions today, the effects still can happen for thousand years from now. Do people still have a chance to make it better? Climate change doesn't happen on its own. Climate scientist are 95% confident that humans are responsible for this issue (source: cnn.com). It's a huge problem, but to most people it's invisible. How come? People just don't care about it because they think it doesn't affect them directly. “Once they got a great knowledge, they keep procrastinating.”
  4. 4. Target Audience. Human Truth.Geographic: Jakarta. Demographic: SES A-B. Male & Female. 18-25 years old. Well-educated. Behavioral: Intensely access internet anytime and anywhere to obtain information directly to work or indirectly to self- enjoyment. Why young people? Theyʼre the future of our society. 1. Something feel so much precious, when it is gone. 2. Young people are concerned with fashion, gossip, and anything prestigious. Oh, they also worry about money, a lot. 3. Young people love something challenging, something crazy, and something to have fun with their friends.
  5. 5. Communication Objectives 1. Increase people awareness about climate change as a ʻrealʼ issue, not an endless, yet boring one. 2. Encourage people to have a concern with climate change. 3. Encourage people to take real actions to reduce the effect of climate change. Key Message “Nice environment is not a fantasy. We can make it better.”
  6. 6. Strategies The strategy is all about making protecting planet as a sustainable lifestyle. To implement the strategy, We choose three main media: 1. Billboard 2. Instagram 3. Website, Twitter, and Facebook. 1. Create a curiosity gap. “Make it a habit to make it better!” First, weʼd like to make people curious and increase awareness about the real campaign. How? Using billboard ad at main streets in Jakarta (Sudirman, Thamrin, Gatot Subroto, etc.)
  7. 7. “I love Jakartaʼs weather today. Donʼt you?” If you donʼt feel what I feel, letʼs make it better! @MakeItBetterID “Can you feel that today is f****** wonderful?” If you canʼt feel it, letʼs make it better! @MakeItBetterID The message is created not to directly show that itʼs a climate change campaign because people are fed up with this kind of issue. Instead, we compose a simple and contradicting message. Then, we direct them to our instagram for the real action.
  8. 8. 2. Instavideo Challenge. Scientist proves that if we wanna start a habit, don't tell ourself to do it for a life, but try it for 21 days. To make protecting planet as a habit, we choose instagram as the main media. Why? It's simply where they are.  Weʼll publish 21 crazy protecting- planet activities. Young people are challenged to do all of them 21 days in a row. They can bring goodness to the environment and feel the excitement. 1. Turn off the air conditioner and sleep naked. Ah, Don't forget to turn off the light! 2. Take busway instead of taxi. Ask a stranger to take a video of you. 3. Brush your teeth, turn off the water, and sing Nicki Minaj's song. 4. Buy condoms in the nearest supermarket, bring it home with a giant canvas bag. 5. Go to college or office by riding a bike. Ask the security to take a video of how wet your back is. 6. Don't take a bath for a day. Ask one of your friends to smell your armpit. 7. Do morning walk around your home and make a parody of senam 'yaiyalah'. 8. Bring your own bottle to your office or college. Ask your boss to sing a happy birthday song using your bottle as a mic. 9. Eat everything veggies in a day. 10. Do a candle light dinner with your friends. 11. Go to college or office by public transport you've never used before. 12. Turn off all your electronic device. Yes, no instavideo for today. 13. Plant a tree at your home and do goyang cesar next to it. 14. Get that yummy  ketoprak by bringing your own plate.  15. Find used papers at your home as many as you can. Make it a bundle and let it be your daily notes. 16. Go to office or college with your together with your friends. 17. Put 10 little trash on the street to the bin. 18. Take a bath with the light off and sing Dewa 19's song. 19. Create something artsy from your old newspaper. 20. Don't buy anything in a day. Take a video of how you enjoy it. 21. Tell your friends that we can make the world better with these crazy little things.
  9. 9. To trigger people to join, we choose 5 instagram influencer They are @eddybrokoli @fitritropica @aulion @radita_dika @shitlicious. People can join us by using hashtag #IMakeItBetter1 - #IMakeItBetter21 and mention @MakeItBetterID Weʼll also share good visual content about protecting planet and crazy stuff thatʼs relevant to the audience. This challenge will be held together from 1 April - 22 April 2014 (Earthʼs Day). On that day, weʼll publish a congratulation post for those who passed the challenge. “Congrats, youʼve made it better. You proof that action is better than words.” The world needs more people like you, so letʼs spread these stuffs. The campaign doesnʼt stop here, there will be another exciting challenge.
  10. 10. 2. Website. This idea box is the main feature of our website. People can submit their crazy idea to protect the planet here. Their idea will be selected and compiled to be the next challenge. Got a crazier idea? Besides the idea box, the website will be filled with these contents: 1. Fact about climate change and its effect. 2. Simple steps to reduce the effect. 3. Article about event that support fighting the climate change. 4. Testimonials from people whoʼve done the challenge before.
  11. 11. ʻWho says we canʼt make it better?”