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Coderfaire Data Networking for Developers

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Coderfaire Data Networking for Developers

  1. D*ata Networking f*or D*evelopers
  2. About m*eIT Infrastructure ArchitectCCSWorld’s Oldest InternFoxycartjason@jasonamyers.comwww.binarydelusions.com
  3. O*verview• Why this is so important to you?• Networking Overview• Firewalls• Load Balancers• Caching• Data Flow Mapping• Application Performance Management• Sniffing for Troubleshooting
  4. Why is this So Important?• n-Tier Architectures• RESTful APIs• Service Oriented Architectures• HATEOAS
  5. Frame Dest SourceData Link Ethernet SOF Len Preamble Data FCS MAC MAC Packet Source Dest IP HCSNetwork Opt Pad Misc Data IP IP Segment Source DestTransport TCP Opt Pad Misc Data CS Port Port An Ethernet Frame
  6. Firewalls• Packet Filtering • Closed from outside • Allow return traffic to a request from an inside source
  7. Firewalls: Allowing Traffic f*rom O*utside• “Poking Holes”• Access Control List Entries (Network)• Network Address Translation (NAT) (Transport)• Source, Destination, Protocol, Port
  8. ACL NAT Firewall WebServiceDatabase Load Balancer Firewall P*ositioning
  9. Firewalls: Deeper• Stateful Inspection• Intrusion Prevention• Application• Next Generation
  10. The D*ecesion P*oint
  11. L*oad Balancers• Local/Global• VIPs• Server Farms• Real Servers• SSL Offloading• Stickiness
  12. Server Farm Firewall WebService VIPDatabase Load Balancer Firewall P*ositioning
  13. L*oad Balancers: Types• Response Time• Bandwidth• Hashes (address, content, cookie, head, url)• Connection Count• Least Loaded (health)• Round Robin
  14. Caching• Reducing Expensive Calls• Results vary by architecture... Greatly• Changing rapidly
  15. Caching: Where• Content Delivery Networks• Hosts (FusionIO)• Content Network Devices (Switches, Load Balancers)• SANs (FastCache)
  16. Firewall WebServiceDatabase Load Balancer D*ata Flow
  17. D*ata Flow: Sniffed
  18. Sniffing D*emo
  19. Application P*erformance Monitoring
  20. New Relic
  21. Transaction Tracing
  22. App Server Stats
  23. D*ashboarding
  24. Who is Responsible?
  25. Make i*t Simple
  26. QuestionsRate me: https://joind.in/6722 Follow me: @jasonamyers