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Cloud Technology Ecosystems

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Cloud Technology Ecosystems

  1. 1. Cloud  Technology  Ecosystems   Simplifying  the  understanding  of  core  next-­‐gen  datacenter   building  blocks  /  distributed  systems   Joseph  Jacks  –  April  2014  
  2. 2. What  is  this?   This  is:   •  A  cursory  (read:  not  exhausCve)  logo  repository  of  cloud   vendors  and/or  technologies  that  comprise  core   interrelated  components  with…   •  Accompanied  (loose)  definiCons.     This  is  not:   •  Market/compeCCve  analysis.   •  Complete.  
  3. 3. Cloud  Maturity  Minimizes  UndifferenCated  Heavy-­‐LiSing  
  4. 4. Public  Cloud  Service  Providers   (aka  IaaS)   Infrastructure-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  (IaaS)  is  a  standardized,  highly  automated  offering,  where  compute  resources,   complemented  by  storage  and  networking  capabiliCes  are  owned  and  hosted  by  a  service  provider  and  offered  to   customers  on-­‐demand.  Customers  are  able  to  self-­‐provision  this  infrastructure,  using  a  Web-­‐based  graphical  user   interface  that  serves  as  an  IT  operaCons  management  console  for  the  overall  environment.  API  access  to  the   infrastructure  may  also  be  offered  as  an  opCon.  
  5. 5. Private  Cloud  PlaYorms   (aka  Private  IaaS)   Private  cloud  compuCng  is  a  form  of  cloud  compuCng  that  is  used  by  only  one  organizaCon,  or  that  ensures  that   an  organizaCon  is  completely  isolated  from  others.   {   OpenStack  Ecosystem,  $250MM+   $5B+  rev  =  
  6. 6. x86  Server  VirtualizaCon   (aka  Hypervisor  Technology)   Roughly  two-­‐thirds  of  x86  server  workloads  are  virtualized,  the  market  is  mature  and  compeCCve,  and   enterprises  have  viable  choices.  More  than  ever  before,  enterprises  are  evaluaCng  the  cost-­‐benefits  of   switching  technologies  and  considering  deployment  of  mulCple  virtualizaCon  infrastructures.    
  7. 7. ConfiguraCon  Management   (aka  DeclaraCve  Provisioning  DSLs)   ConfiguraCon  Management  is  a  flexible,  customizable  framework  designed  to  help  system  administrators   automate  the  many  repeCCve  tasks  they  regularly  perform.  As  a  declaraCve,  model-­‐based  approach  to  IT   automaCon,  it  lets  you  define  the  desired  state  -­‐  or  the  “what”  -­‐  of  your  infrastructure  using  a  specific   configuraCon  language.  Once  these  configuraCons  are  deployed,  the  CM  framework  automaCcally  installs  the   necessary  packages  and  starts  the  related  services,  and  then  regularly  enforces  the  desired  state.     (R)?ex  
  8. 8. PaaS  PlaYorms   (aka  ApplicaCon  Development  PlaYorms)   Gartner:  A  plaYorm  as  a  service  (PaaS)  offering,  usually  depicted  in  all-­‐cloud  diagrams  between  the  SaaS   layer  above  it  and  the  IaaS  layer  below,  is  a  broad  collecCon  of  applicaCon  infrastructure  (middleware)   services  (including  applicaCon  plaYorm,  integraCon,  business  process  management  and  database   services).  However,  the  hype  surrounding  the  PaaS  concept  is  focused  mainly  on  applicaCon  PaaS   (aPaaS)  as  the  representaCve  of  the  whole  category.  A  PaaS  can  be  public,  private  or  hybrid.  
  9. 9. Hybrid  Cloud  Management  PlaYorms   (aka  MulC-­‐Cloud  OrchestraCon  Tools)   MulC-­‐Cloud  Management  tools  provide  enterprise  and/or  consumer  capabiliCes  to  manage  the  consumpCon   and  uClizaCon  of  many  IaaS  plaYorms  from  a  single  integrated  management  console.  Many  of  these   technologies  have  been  commercialized  for  specific  user  types  –  developers,  enterprise  IT,  operaCons,   business,  etc.    
  10. 10. Cloud  Service  Brokerage  PlaYorms   (aka  CSP  Enablement  Tools)   Cloud  services  brokerage  (CSB)  is  an  IT  role  and  business  model  in  which  a  company  or  other  enCty  adds  value   to  one  or  more  (public  or  private)  cloud  services  on  behalf  of  one  or  more  consumers  of  that  service  via  three   primary  roles  including  aggregaCon,  integraCon  and  customizaCon  brokerage.  A  CSB  enabler  provides   technology  to  implement  CSB,  and  a  CSB  provider  offers  combined  technology,  people  and  methodologies  to   implement  and  manage  CSB-­‐related  projects.  
  11. 11. Hybrid  Cloud  API  AbstracCons   (aka  ProgrammaCc  MulC-­‐Cloud  SDKs)   Hybrid  Cloud  API  AbstracCons  are  open  source  libraries  that  help  developers  uClizes  their  specific  programming   development  skills  (Java,  Python,  Ruby,  Clojure,  etc)  when  provisioning  and  deploying  applicaCons/workloads  across   mulCple  IaaS  clouds.  SoSware  engineers  use  these  frameworks  as  mechanisms  or  communicaCon  layers  from  which  to   communicate  in  a  common  /  portable  abstracCon  when  controlling  cloud-­‐specific  features  for  their  applicaCons.