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Relationship 3 Holistic-Balance

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Relationship 3 Holistic-Balance

  1. 1. FOREWORDS<br />(A) Observations on book ‘Relationship-3’ <br />By Shri Vasudeo J. Kale - Retired Chief Engineer (Civil), Mumbai Port Trust.<br />Shri Nagraj Jain, an electrical engineer by profession, has a keen interest in ‘human relations’ and ‘human transactions’. The word ‘relation’ is however not to be taken in the narrow sense of ‘personal relation’ but in the broader sense of ‘human social relation’ entering the field of Sociology. He has already written two books on the subject, ‘Relationship’ and ‘Relationship-2’ and now publishing ‘Relationship-3’, which is a natural continuation of the two earlier titles. First two books deal with the science, art and Philosophy of (Human) existence and the present title ‘Relationship-3’ describes the intricacies of various aspects of human transactions which rightfully cover the sociological aspects of human relations.‘Relationship-3’ is in three parts.<br />Part-1: Social Behavior<br />Part-2: Personality and Career <br />Part-3: Motivation and Leadership<br />Shri Jain however does not look at the subject from the traditional angle as a sociologist but looks at it from common- man’s view point, which is quite interesting. His observations and views are restricted to old, orthodox, traditional Indian family values and religious practices and do not offer views on agnostic, atheists, homosexuals and proponents of equality of genders etc although they form a sizable part of the society. Many of the views on government functioning, cheating, fraud, corruption, counterfeit currency etc. are not necessarily new or original but are grouped together in the form of a book for the benefit of social activists.<br />The author has done a lot of research on the subject and presented his studies, observations and views in a compact book form, as he says ‘Many books in one book’ and a source of reference. I am sure the readers will find it interesting and inspiring. Readers’ response will inspire the author to undertake more “Relationships” ventures in the specific areas of human endeavor like teaching and social work.<br />I wish the author the long and healthy life to enable him to pursue his favorite hobby of writing more books.<br />(B) Acknowledgements<br />All my family members Samar, Karan, Mehul, Amol, Kavita, Pradeep, Saroj, Shailesh, Surrendra, Chetana and Shanta helped me in various ways including analyzing human qualities; during the process of completion of the book.<br />‘Google Search’ helped me a lot in gathering, analyzing and presenting the data. I am obliged to all web sites which proved immensely helpful to me. They made my task easy to complete the book and put it back on the net for readers. I proudly claim my ability to analyze and synthesize a lot of data easily obtained from the net.<br />Without the encouragement and guidance from the following individuals of authority this book would not have been possible.<br />1 Shri B.G.Phadake M.E. (Automobile)<br />2 Shri G.V.Bhave Architect<br />3 Shri G.K.Sashte M.Tech.<br />4 Shri S.K.Joshi AMIETE<br />5 Shri Arun Joshi M.Sc. Ph.D.<br />6 Smt. Varsha Joshi M.Sc. M.S. M.Phil. Ph.D.<br />7 Shri C.V. Kavedia M.Sc.<br />8 L.P.Bal B.E.<br />9 Shri S.S.Kulkarni M.A. D.B.M. B.E. M.E. Ph.D.<br />10 Smt G.R.Taori M.D.<br />11 Shri R.P.TripathiB.Sc. B.E. Dharm-Visharad, B.H.U.<br />12 Shri V.N. DeshmukhB.A.<br />There are many more who have directly or indirectly contributed in presenting the material to the reader but remained to be specifically mentioned. I am thankful to all of them for cooperation.<br />Author<br />©Bio Data of Author<br />Material for the book has been collected, conceived, researched, written and designed by the author.<br />Born on 9th September 1939 in Sadari dist-Pali Rajasthan, author passed his S.S.C.E. in the year 1958 from Private high school Pen dist Raigad (then Kolaba ) Maharashtra. He stood 14th in the merit list and first in the district. He was the student of Fergusson College Pune (then Poona) and Government Engineering College Pune. He passed his B.E. (Electrical Engineering) in 1963.<br />The author joined Maharashtra State Electricity Board as a junior engineer in 1963 and retired as superintending engineer in 1997. During service he obtained post graduate diploma in project management in the year 1983 from the business management school. He contributed many papers for various seminars during service. He is the member of the institute of engineers India. <br />During service he brought out his first book ‘Relationship’ in the year 1992. The book is having forewords by Shri Ajeet Nimbalkar I.A.S. then Chairman of the M.S.E.B. After retirement in the year 2002 he brought his second book ‘Relationship-2’. The book is having forewords by Shri B.N. Mishra I.P.S. then Director General of Police. Now in the year 2010 he has brought his third book ‘Relationship-3’. First two books were printed but third book is E-book on computer. Third book is having observations by Shri Vasudeo Kale, Retired Chief Engineer B.P.T. and past student of private high school Pen. All three books are in series. The first one show our relationship with the universe, second one show our relationship with the society and the third one show our relationship with our self.<br />Writing and reading is the hobby of the author.<br />(D) DAILY PRAYER<br /> 1  <br /> If one prays with a single wish at a time in his mind and works hard towards its achievement then there is all probability of his wish being fulfilled. What you want or wish will happen; rather whatever happens is only because you wish it. This is simply so because one makes or shapes himself and nobody else. At the most what others can do is to influence. One alone is responsible for whatever he does and whatever he is. Therefore never blame others for failure.<br /> 2<br />Mother, father, teacher, elderly, holy men and saints are all good people. My loyalty and faith shall be with them. They are my ideals. I shall conduct my self, keeping them before me as role models.<br />People who are miserable, sinners and cruel pain me. I pity them. I shall guide appropriately the people who have strayed from the right path, even if they may despise and ignore me.<br />I shall always be nice to the people irrespective of what they say about me and how they behave with me. I shall not have any ill feelings towards others. I shall not act with the feeling that I am any different from the others. My behavior will be appropriate and balanced towards all. Please keep me uplifted so that I could encourage others. My journey shall be away from bad and evil but towards good. I shall try to take every one along with me.<br />Oh God, please keep me away from vices and make me righteous. Let me get What ever I need by my wholehearted efforts and by benevolence of those who can grant my needs but not by dishonest means. Please bless me with sweetness in my speech. My honest longing is for the well being of the whole universe and friendship with all. God grant me strength to overcome hatred with love. Let me use my knowledge of love in my conduct. Let my behavior not be extreme in anything.<br /> 3 <br /> I shall ever be determined.<br />I shall never be distractible.<br />I will not be selfish and jealous.<br />I will not make any one feel low or inferior.<br />I will work without any expectation of return, reward or honor.<br />I will not use force for getting things done.<br />I will do nothing with an intention of cheating any one.<br />I will never try to copy others.<br />I will not try to show off.<br />I will be just myself and do what I enjoy doing.<br />I will hold the hands of those above me and climb up and will give the hand to those below me and bring them up. Service and sacrifice shall be my motto. My help to anybody shall be willingly. It will never be with a feeling of bestowing a favor or with disrespect to anyone.<br /> 4               <br />I will never eat unless I am hungry. I will eat only so much as to satisfy my hunger. Eating more than required is sin. I shall sleep for bare minimum and necessary period. For, more sleep can cause negligence, laziness and drowsiness. All things that bring drowsiness must be avoided. I shall not use and keep anything more than I ’really need' for that excess may be useful for others. I shall be economical and simple<br /> 5 <br />May I be fully aware of my strength and weakness? May I have the power of discrimination? May I recognize good from bad?<br />I shall have full control over my senses. Initially this may cause some discomfort but gains are bound to follow. I will be enabled to win over unfavorable situations. My endurance will increase, will power will improve and mental abilities will be strengthened. Physical exercises improve body resilience and strength. Mental and physical strength together will enable me to discharge my duties easily and successfully.<br />My work is my duty. It will be carried out in a prescribed manner and as per rules.<br />It will be carried out sincerely without shirking responsibility, without hypocrisy and pretence.<br />Fruits of labor so reaped, be it joy or sorrow will be accepted as divine blessings. I get caught in the onslaught of joy and sorrow, sins and virtues, good and bad. May I have the strength to bear whatever comes my way? My intellect shall deem pleasure and pain to be of the same importance. My life shall be free from joy and sorrow and ups and downs. Let me not whine and whimper over things beyond my control.<br />The happiest people need not necessarily have the best of all. They simply appreciate what they find on their way.<br /> <br />6<br /> Oh God, let me grow at an appropriate pace. I do not understand how from nothing I came into being. Let me therefore not attempt to comprehend as to how I shall fade back into nothingness. Please make me go as clean as you created me. Days and nights are there, all the seasons are there, births and deaths are there, and living and non-living things are there. Everything in the world is there and exists because of you, oh Lord! I thank you God for enabling me to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of your creation. You are the all knowing one. You are complete. You are without beginning and end. You are infinite and incomprehensible. It is impossible to know you and see you without divine vision. Please grant me such a vision oh Lord.<br />O God, nothing is impossible for you. You conquer enemies. In order to destroy the ones perpetuating evil, you incarnate on earth again and again.<br />God you are merciful, compassionate, kind hearted, and protector.  God you are a friend of miserable and poor, destroyer of pain and sorrow, giver of happiness and joy. Please vanquish my difficulties, sufferings, toil and pain. May I be blessed with joy, happiness and prosperity? Please ensure that good luck comes to me.<br /> 7<br />In this world whatever is complete and perfect is God Himself. Every other thing is only a part of that divine whole. Man himself is a part of God. My life too belongs to Him. I dedicate to Him my life, which already is His. I am here to do His will. O Lord, you are great but I am small. I pray to you, worship you and submit to you. I bow down to you and prostrate before you. Please uplift me. <br />(E) RELATIONSHIPS <br />The World is not monistic. <br />There is no one relationship but many relationships.<br />Relationships determine human behaviors.<br />Here we deal with human social behavior.<br />Behavior may be voluntary, reciprocating, customary or legal.<br />Desired human social behavior is good behavior and is rewarded.<br />Undesired human social behavior is bad behavior and is punished.<br />God represents best behavior. <br />Satan represents worst behavior.<br />Human represents balanced behavior in between two extremes.<br />Essence of existence is relationship.<br />Explore the world through the prism of relationship. <br />Not just the human relationships but also every connection we have with the world around us i.e. our relationship with the environment.<br />Personal Relationships dominate the news stories.<br />Our relationship with ourselves,<br />Our relationship with our loved ones,<br />Our relationships with our allies,<br />Our relationship with our friends and our foes,<br />There is no such thing as ‘thing’ - there is only relationship. <br />Life is confluence of meanings, contexts, stories that stem out of a relationship.<br />Problems in relationships:<br />We are examining the major issues-from personnel to global-of our time in the context of this crisis of perception and reality of relationship.<br />Health problems and stress are ultimately about our relationship with our bodies. Ecological disasters are about our relationships with the environment. <br />The cartoon (Prophet Mohammad) row is about West’s relationship with Islam. <br />We live in a world of broken relationship.<br />Look at any problem anywhere, and you will find that it has its root in a failure in some relationship or the other. <br />The characteristics of particular relationship are to be understood and followed if that relationship is to be successfully maintained. Otherwise that relationship will fail. The proper balance among different relationships is a must. Balance your life and choices.<br /> <br /> CONTENTS<br /> Part 1 – Social behavior17<br />A) Fields of Social Behavior18 <br />1 Rhythm – Broad Chronology 18 <br />2 Religion --Hinduism – Civilizations – Cultures19 <br />3 Soul – Psychology - Memory – Stress – Happiness21<br />4 Money --Equality – Politics25<br />5 Intelligence – Wars -- Conflict Resolutions29 <br />B) Desired Social Behavior31<br />(1) Morality31<br />a) Moral Law31<br />b) Morality Apart God32<br />(2) Code of conduct35<br />a) Ethics35<br />b) Ethical Standards for Communicators – Truth and Taste37<br />c) Professional Ethics41<br />(3) Social Contract43<br />(4) Rules, Law and Constitution45<br />C) Undesired Social Behavior47<br />Satan47<br />Bad Persons48<br />Suspect Police51<br />Not keeping the Promise54<br />Breach of Trust55<br />Fake56<br />Forge58<br />Cheating59<br />Fraud64<br />Double Standards65<br />Corruption66<br />Counterfeit Currency68<br />Unrecognized Education70<br />Wrongs in Medical field71<br />Inequality through budget73<br />Misused Technology76<br />Ills of to-day’s society79<br />D) Reward and Punishment86<br />Part 2 – Personality and Career88<br />1) Alphabetical Personal Qualities-Total89<br />2) Alphabetical Qualities-Good 100<br />3) Alphabetical Qualities-Bad 106<br />4) Manageable number of words of good and bad qualities 111<br />5) Words describing behavior 113<br />6) Words describing emotions 114<br />7) Words Of Feminine To Masculine Quality Description 114<br />8) Female-Male Qualities in the order with neutral in between 116<br />9) Words of different groups of qualities 118<br />10) Important Human Qualities Arranged Hierarchically 120<br />11) Disposition: Nature, Character, Temperament 121<br />12) Allotting qualities to satwic rajas tamas personalities 125<br />13) Qualities-Classification:-Gun-Dosha 126<br />14) General Qualities of owners, entrepreneurs and employers 134<br />15) Main Qualities of Owner, Entrepreneur and employer 135<br />16) Qualities of four different working groups or professions 137<br />17) Evaluation of important guns 139<br />18) Career 141<br />19) Personalities 147 <br />20) Points on which personality is to be analyzed 148<br />21) People are neither good or bad nor intelligent or foolish. <br /> They are somewhere between two extreme and opposite poles. 150<br />22) Five personality bunches of twenty-one personalities 151<br />23) Personality qualities 160<br />24) Personalities 162<br />25) Big five inventory 162<br />26) Thirty five variables of personalities 166<br />27) Model of personality 167<br />28) Identifying personality type 169<br />29) Leadership requirements 176<br />30) Confidential Report 180<br />31) Nagraj’s qualities alphabetical 183<br /> 32) Important and top qualities of Nagraj Jain 185 <br />33) Nagraj’s qualities 192<br />34) Nagraj’s Personality 195<br />Part 3 – Leadership and motivation203<br /> A) Anger204<br />1. Definitions204<br />2 Causes205<br />3 Degree206<br />4 Effects207<br />5 Ways of expression207<br />6 Targets209<br />7 Control210<br />8 Application211<br />B) Conflict212<br />1 Conflict Defined212<br />2 Anger-Anxiety-Conflict213<br />3 Causes of conflicts215<br />4 Conflict management217<br />5 Conflict – Resolution218<br />C) Motivation219<br />1) General219<br />2) Communication221<br />3) Thinking223<br />4) Stress and Relaxation224<br />5) Know the people225<br />6) Time227<br />7) Miscellaneous228<br />D) Leadership232<br />1) General232<br />2) Leader has to play both roles of good cop and bad cop234<br />3) Manager and Boss235<br />4) Change236<br />5) (a) Personality237<br /> (b) Leadership Qualities238<br />6) Miscellaneous239<br /> <br /> E) General245<br /> 1) Wants and needs245<br />2) State purpose and goal of corporation249<br />3) List priorities Of works or functions251<br />4) Organize into departments251<br />5) Improve the working and performance252<br />6) Positive reinforcement towards achieving goal254<br /> 7) Feedbacks256<br />8) Concentrate on difficult tasks257<br /> 9) Built in fun259<br />10) Make habit261<br />11) Promises and agreements-Reward and punishment262<br />12) Score performances264<br />A) Fields of Human Social Behavior <br />1 Rhythm – Broad Chronology <br />Rhythm (cyclic):<br />There is rhythm in nature. <br />Daily Sun rises and sets. <br />Seasons change periodically. <br />Heart beats rhythmatically. <br />Crystals vibrate.<br />When we find rhythms in so many kinds of phenomena we may be dealing with related parts of the whole (Holistic-Approach).<br />Broad chronology (linear):<br />Printing is from say 1880 A.D.<br />Manuscript is from say 1020 A.D.<br />Rama and Ravana fought with bows and arrows. Ayodhya, birth place of Rama, itself is not very old. Not older than 800 B.C.<br />Tools and weapons of iron are found in India in 1200 to 800 B.C.<br />Man acquired knowledge of copper 5000 to 6000 years ago.<br />Man used tools of bones and stones of different kinds 20000 years ago.<br />Man used smaller stone tools but of different kind during middle stone age i.e. 50000 – 30000 years ago.<br />Man used large tools of stone during early Stone Age i.e. at least 200000 years ago.<br />2 Religion-Hinduism –Civilizations - Cultures<br />Religion:<br />Religion is to remove animal passions from human beings.<br />Man after birth belongs to particular religion. <br />After death he is cremated or buried as per tenets of that religion. <br />Every religion has its own ways of ceremonies particularly when marriage takes place. <br />The way of life and culture man belongs is as per his religion. <br />Three major religions of the world are Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. <br />The Christianity is known for its services, Islam for aggression and Buddhism for peace.<br />Hinduism: <br />Its contradictions make it puzzling. <br />One needs images and symbols so long as God is not realized in its true form. Achieving Moksha means merging into oneness of things. <br />It will not be possible to concentrate if one is guilty conscious. <br />To remove guilty consciousness the need for churches, temples, mosques etc is felt even today. <br />The past habits die-hard.<br />Knowledge spreads through trade and pilgrimage. <br />Even simple acts of life contain the mystery of life and have religious significance. Good man does not grieve. Others do not recognize his merits. <br />A gentleman in his dealings with the world has neither enmities nor affections but wherever he sees right he ranges himself besides it. <br />The effects of the sacramental acts follow only from the faith of the believer. <br />The faith enables you to see and to have what you would wish.<br />To pass time it is important to recite the name of the god repeatedly. <br />Usually recitation is with loud voice. Like ‘Ohm’ and ‘Sri Ram’.<br />Loud voice will give exercise to lungs, throat and tongue.<br />Old paintings always show a saint or god with a ‘golden circle’ at the back of his head. <br />This represents the field of influence of the entity.<br />Earth’s aura, like magnetic field, is its field of influence. <br />Beyond that its influence will not work.<br />Civilizations:<br />Indian civilization is different from the western one. <br />People are taught to keep their minds on the things of spirit and on a happy after life. <br />Those are the people who could work hard together to build cathedrals for their God, but it does not occur to them to work together to bring clean water to their towns for the comfort and health of man. <br />Water does not have same meaning for them. <br />Bathing and keeping clean are considered rather wicked luxuries.<br />Culture:<br />To maintain law and order means to maintain the existing social system. <br />Man need not depend on magic to solve his problems. <br />Man need not pray to avoid natural calamities. <br />Blindly man should not struggle to face the nature. <br />Man should confidently go ahead harnessing nature for his own use.<br />Fundamental rights are guaranteed even against the majority to avoid the danger of tyranny of majority. <br />But they are not absolute they are relative and subjected to the public good and the safety of the state.<br />Brilliant uniform and slogans firing the imaginations may build up the group who talks sense.<br />3 Soul – Psychology - Memory – Stress – Happiness - Health<br />Soul:<br />Death is the stoppage of the functioning system.<br />Man is a replaceable part of a system just like a cell in human body. <br />As long as dead contents are being replaced by live ones the system is living.<br />World functioning as process has neither beginning nor end.<br />Soul and body are not two different things. <br />Soul may be the property of the body.<br />Soul and body go together as they have come together. There is no separate soul from body.<br />Psychology:<br />All human relationships are mere thought constructions.<br />Men are disturbed not by the things that happen but by their opinion of things that happen. <br />All ‘impossible’ were opinions and not facts.<br />I will not let my opinion color facts in a pessimistic or negative way.<br />Often times, we color incoming sensory data by our own fears, anxieties or desires. <br />You act and feel not according to what things are really like but according to image your mind holds of what they are like.<br />Daily practice will bring these mental pictures or memories clearer and clearer. <br />The effect of learning will also be cumulative. <br />Practice will strengthen the tie in between mental images and physical sensation. Practice improves skill and success not because repetition has any value in itself. <br />If it did we will learn our errors instead of our hits. <br />Experimental and clinical psychologists have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that human nervous system can not tell the difference between an actual experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail.<br />But to deal effectively with environment we must be willing to acknowledge the truth about it and to accept the truth good or bad. <br />It does not matter ‘who’ is right but ‘what’ is right.<br />American Indians and the early pioneers had to be alert to the sights and sound and feel in their environment in order to survive.<br />Memory:<br />Most people do not remember names and faces for the simple reason that they do not take the time and energy necessary to concentrate and repeat and fix names and faces indelibly in their minds.<br />Memory depends upon neurons and action depends upon muscles. One should have good memory and strong muscles. There are exercises to improve memory and muscle strength. <br />Stress:<br />Man who was eating raw food has changed and now he cooks the food then eats. Man who was using cold water for bath now uses hot water. <br />Man’s requirement of heat energy has increased. <br />The sources of heat energy i.e. wood, coal, gas and petroleum are fast depleting. <br />The cost per b.t.u. of heat energy is fast rising. <br />The energy use in transportation sector is very steeply rising due to globalization. Man is living more and more dangerously. <br />All safety margins are reducing to zero.<br />Scientists are making all efforts to keep more and more people alive. <br />They are trying to improve the quality of life. As a result disparity among people is increasing. <br />Because of more and more use of natural resources, they are depleting very fast. Life is becoming more and more inter dependent. <br />One has to live with reduced margin and safety. <br />Therefore life is becoming more stressful. <br />For stressful life scientists are being blamed unnecessarily.<br />On the contrary scientists are making all the efforts to support more population in the world<br />Happiness:<br />One should find out what he likes and what he dislikes. <br />He will repeat what he likes and will avoid what he dislikes.<br />The aim of living being should be to live fully and happily. <br />Health is important if one has to live happily. <br />Yoga i.e. physical exercises will keep your body healthy and meditation i.e. mental exercises will keep your mind healthy. <br />One should pass his time nicely<br />One should never go to bed with hate, sorrow, misery and unhappiness.<br />Health:<br />Poison in small quantities is the best medicines and useful medicines in too large doses are poisons.<br />The most rigorous diet calls for five days fast, which ensures that all traces of your previous diet have passed through and out of your system.<br />4 Money - Equality - Politics<br />Money:<br />Paper money has got value because nation’s military strength is behind it. <br />After the world war German currency was not even its paper’ worth. <br />In nation being defeated in war people will pass on notes and will keep the metal.<br /> <br />Inflation is the monster. <br />Always stable prices are desired. <br />The economy can be best managed with stable prices.<br />In future prices will depend upon energy or fuel and not on supply of metal.<br />How about nationalizing all savings?<br />What will be the effect of weekly payments instead of monthly payments?<br />Middle classes do not want to risk anything at all.<br />Any one who has to explain failure has failed. <br />Every remedy is reliably a source of new trouble.<br />Nothing or anyhow not much last forever. <br />But what is well established is likely to last for a longer time.<br />Equality:<br />Primitive man was more equitable in sharing wealth. <br />Even tribal man is more equitable compared to civilized man. <br />In the past needs were few and dependence on others was less compared to modern man. <br />Today there is large disparity in income and much more dependence. <br />If we can keep function stripped of status then there is possibility of bringing about a real feeling of equality.<br />Big brother is watching you. <br />Some are more equal. <br />Orwell is right as the power of the state and organized group has grown enormously and an individual is considerably weakened. <br />There is tremendous rise in collectivism. <br />In the last most loved person was sacrificed in order to save skin.<br />Politics:<br />Technology is changing the life style of the people. <br />National boundaries are collapsing. <br />Life styles are becoming uniform through out the world.<br />Probably all religions of the world will merge.<br />The true religious mind is free of all gurus.<br />Rich people do not like poor to become members of their club.<br />In party politics good people are always hated. <br />There are many enemies for good people. <br />Parrot is caged not crow.<br />But if we are open, sensitive to the ugly as well as to the beautiful then we shall see that they are both full of meaning and this perception gives enrichment to life.<br />It is perverted mind that must either have many houses or no house at all to live in.<br />Freedom is not given. <br />It is won by not passive acceptance of suffering but by a struggle against suffering.<br />We must use every constructive means to amass economic and political power.<br />The gulf between the laws and their enforcement is one of the basic reasons why people advocate express contempt for the legislative process.<br />Power properly understood is ability to achieve purpose. <br />It is strength required to bring about social political or economic change. <br />In this sense power is not only desirable but also necessary in order to implement the demands of love and justice. <br />What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive and that love without power is sentimental and anemic. <br />Freedom is participation in power. <br />There is no salvation through isolation.<br />To determine what is right by gallop poll is wrong. <br />Genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus.<br />When evil men combine good men must unite; when evil men plot good men must plan; when evil men burn and bomb good men must build and bind.<br />The hope of the world is still in dedicated minorities. <br />The trailblazers in human, academic, scientific and religious freedom have always been in the minority.<br />Civilization survives by oppression and hierarchy. <br />Ultimately it ends but after surviving for longer period. <br />The divide and conquer technique has been a potent weapon in the arsenal of oppression.<br />Live an active life in political circles, learning the technique and art of politics.<br />In democracy it is not understood how long term policies are left to short-term politicians.<br />Beaurocrats are also made short term by frequent transfers by politicians. <br />Thus there is no consistency in government decisions.<br />Democracy based on principles of equality may not survive that longer unless leaders of majority understand the value of intelligent and good people to the society.<br />To guard the wealth created, one has to prepare for defense.<br />War and peace both are the results of political power. <br />They are definitely not the results of technological progress. <br />Therefore for wars of the world politicians deserve blame not the scientists.<br />We still have a choice today non-violent co-existence or violent co-annihilation.<br />Together we must learn to live as brothers or together we will be forced to perish as fools.<br />5 Intelligence – Wars - Conflict Resolutions <br />Intelligence:<br />Requirements of person for intelligence activity: -<br />His amazing accurate memory, his capacity to process vast amount of information, his speed reading ability, his attention to details without loosing sight of big picture, his gifts at interrogation, his ability to read non verbal data and his expertise in confronting people as well as problems were central to his way of working.<br />Person who would like to be with people must attend parties and functions.<br />To collect the information, to understand it, to use it and to act on it is very important. <br />Historically charitable and religious institutions were involved in spying activities.<br />If freedom has to be protected then intelligence is the most important activity. <br />By being alert one can be assured of the dangers one may have to face. <br />Based on the gathered intelligence actions are to be taken to safe guard security.<br />War - Conflict Resolution :<br />If conflicts between two nations are not resolved peacefully war will take place. Nobody gains from war. <br />One may gain by threat of war rather than actual war.<br />In war attack and aggression is preferred to defense. To stop the thrust of the enemy and to push it back is very difficult. In such a situation it is wise to attack enemy on its side or from behind so as to slow its forward thrust.<br />Attack is the best form of defense. <br />Offensive action may not be desired, but offensive out-look is a must, otherwise offensive spirit will not be developed. <br />Mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy in every way. <br />When you are ten times in strength with enemy surround the enemy, when five times attack, when ratio is one to two divide the enemy by opening two fronts, when one to one then fight, when enemy is little strong then avoid and when enemy is surpassing you in all respect run away or quit. <br />Temporary set back is not defeat it may be preparation for future or waiting for suitable time.<br />Doing nothing is positively doing something wrong. <br />One should look into the future when there is nothing to do in the present and prepare.<br />Instead of running away it is better to face the situation. <br />If clash is to be avoided then differences should not be shirked but should be frankly settled. <br />Realize how much capital should be made out of divergence of views.<br />All who believe in human self respect will realize what remains to be done and will call upon their governments to take necessary steps. <br />Democratic forces must unite to fight dictator.<br />B) Desired Human Social Behavior<br />(1) Morality:<br />a) Moral Law<br />The types of behavior, classified as “moral law,” accomplish no purpose other than to enhance the survivability of the human race. <br />Stable society is as a result of moral law. <br />Collective human experience has clearly recognized that certain restrictions on social behavior result in a more pleasant society for all; the existence of civil and criminal law reflects this recognition.<br />‘Action and reactions are equal and opposite’ is the basic principle from which even moral law comes into existence. <br />Moral law is also based on “kinship” and “reciprocation.” <br />Reciprocation means exchange. <br />Exchange involves game. <br />The game of determining fair equivalent.<br />Specialization led to division of labor. As a result trade-off and exchange of commodities and services became necessary. How and who determines ‘equivalent’ in exchange is very important. This is the game people play. Unfair distribution of wealth is a result of cheating. <br />Moral law tells you-<br />Not to steal from, double-cross or murder persons who treat you with kindness.<br />Not to abuse children, elderly, sick or disabled.<br />Not to admire selfishness.<br />To love your neighbor as yourself.<br />Consider the following groups of people-<br />Elderly (with no relatives) suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease.<br />Orphan babies with AIDS.<br />Orphan babies with Down’s syndrome.<br />Would you like to have them killed? <br />These people need love and compassion. <br />In these cases we give priority to ‘kindness’ over personal ‘well being’.<br />Mutation, genetic drift, migration and natural selection comprise biological evolution. Love, compassion and sacrifice cannot have biological evolution as its origin.<br />Cultures, which use the ‘good of society’ as a basis for morality, are typically rife with crookedness. <br />In our daily life cheating would often be more pleasurable than truthfulness. <br />On those occasions when you know you won’t be caught, do you really refrain from cheating because you know, in the long run, society will be better place because of your decision? <br />b) Morality Apart God<br />Morality without God is not possible. <br />Theoretically it may look to be possible but practically it is not possible for the masses. The U.S.S.R. tried to build an empire on Godless atheism, and it failed miserably.<br />Behind any change there is force, which causes that change. <br />That force may be called God. <br />God the creator in this sense is clear.<br />Today personal values have replaced values of virtue as the foundation for ethical thought. <br />Basing ethical decisions on personal values is problematic. <br />Problem is of circular reasoning. <br />Is something good because we love it, or do we love it because it is good?<br />When man is allowed to see himself as only an animal, controlled by inborn or acquired instincts, he becomes self-centered and power oriented. <br />Every thing becomes an issue of power to be what he wants to be, and we either seek to create our own reality and purpose in life as the existentialist would do, or we slump into the despair of the post modernist who says nothing makes any difference, and it really does not matter what we do.<br />The Nazi holocaust began with a subtle shift in attitude that judged the value of people based upon their cost / benefit ratio to the state. <br />First, it started with sterilization and euthanasia of people with severe psychiatric illnesses. <br />Soon all those with chronic illness were being exterminated. <br />Before too long, all patients who had been sick for five years or more, or were medically unable to work and unlikely to recover were transported to killing centers; what started as ‘mercy killings’ in rare cases of extreme mental illness soon expanded to mass extermination on an unprecedented scale. <br />Before long all those who could not work and were medically evaluated as incapable of being rehabilitated were killed.<br />Thus corrosion of morals begins in microscopic proportions, but if not checked by a standard beyond ourselves, it will continue until the corrosion wipes away the very foundation of our lives, and we find ourselves sinking in a sea of relativity. <br />Ethics is concern for good behavior and with an obligation to consider not only our personal well-being but also that of others and of human society as a whole. <br />To an alarming extent, America has become complacent, a nation inhabited by people concerned only with their own well-being. <br />Earlier we have seen some unbelievable atrocities that were committed by the German medical profession for the ‘good of society’. <br />“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The truth is –<br />From bondage to spiritual faith. <br />From spiritual faith to great courage.<br />From great courage to liberty.<br />From liberty to abundance.<br />From abundance to selfishness.<br />From selfishness to complacency.<br />From complacency to apathy.<br />From apathy to dependency.<br />From dependency back again into bondage.<br />Thus cycle is completed. Going up to come down and coming up to go down. Going up and coming down are embedded in each other. One starts automatically after the other is completed. This is a sort of circular reasoning.<br />Ethical norms have eroded even with the existence of God. <br />What will happen apart from God?<br /> <br />(2) Code of conduct:<br />a) Ethics<br /> In social contracts code of conduct is very important.<br />Rules of behavior towards fellow human being. <br />Without rules there will be chaos. <br />The fact that some people break the rules is quite clearly and obviously not sufficient to do away with the rules. <br />Observing the rules means being moral. <br />For not observing the rules there will be punishment.<br />As human beings form bigger and bigger groups there will be need for more and more rules of behavior / conduct. <br />Different relationships with fellow human beings will prescribe different codes of conduct. <br />Technological progress has enabled human- beings to form very large social groups. Code of conduct also evolves with evolving technology and the size of the group.<br />Mores and etiquettes may be unwritten rules.<br />Mores – customs and rules of conduct. <br />Violation would bring social censure.<br />Etiquettes – rules concerning dress and table manners and deal with politeness. <br />Violation would bring denunciations for being rude. <br />Ethics morality and law has to do with written things.<br />Ethics – it deals with the basic principles that serve as the basis for moral rules. <br />The principles of good and right behavior.<br />Morality – rules of right conduct concerning matters of greater importance. <br />Violation can bring disturbance to individual conscience and social sanctions.<br />Law – rules, which are enforced by society. <br />Violation may bring a loss of or reduction in freedom and possessions.<br />Examples of rules of behavior:<br />Ten Commandments - <br />“You shall not kill.”<br />“You shall not commit adultery.”<br />“You shall not steal.”<br />“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”<br />“You shall not covet anything that is your neighbor’s”<br />“Seventh day you shall not do any work.” (Weekly off)<br />“You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.” (Drama is not expected)<br />“Honor your father and mother.”<br />“You shall have no other God before me.” (Unity of command)<br />Moral rules –<br />Keep promises.<br />Speak truth.<br />Do not cheat.<br />For Jain additional important rules of behavior are-<br />Ahimsa: non-violence (Do not harm)<br />Aparigrah: non-greediness<br />Morality becomes a law when enough people think that something is immoral they will work to have a law that will forbid it and punish those that do it or that something is moral, they will work to have a law that forbids it and punishes those that do it repealed.<br />Relation of law to morality – just because something is immoral does not make it illegal and just because something is illegal does not make it immoral.<br />‘Cheating on a tax return’ is illegal but not immoral.<br />‘Using abortion as a birth control measure’ is immoral but not illegal.<br />b) Ethical Standards for Communicators – Truth and Taste<br />Communicator is a professional. <br />There may be family, society, science, and corporate communicator. <br />Communicator’s need is to communicate truth. <br />But the way it is communicated is important. <br />It is part of human communication processes. <br />The way it is communicated is decided by the taste of the communicator. <br />The taste has two senses aesthetic and moral. <br />The tastes will be different for different individuals. <br />The taste of masses will be different from the experts. <br />Therefore there is need to have standards of tastes. <br />The highest standards of truth and taste guarantee that the rights of individual liberty, passionately pursued, are balanced against the reasoned responsibility to perform our moral duty.<br />In any profession – and most certainly in communication – the core responsibility for the practitioner is to tell the truth (not to deceive, dissemble, lie, create false impressions, and the like). <br />In being a simple teller of truth, a whistle blower, we can expect to earn the world’s contempt. <br />On the one hand, truth attracts us because it is a sacred gift; on the other hand, truth repels us because its dreadful knowledge is a curse. <br />We live our lives straining between truth’s poles of solace and distress. <br />In our personal lives, we look to philosophy and religion as moral guide; in our professional lives, we look to codes of ethics and professional standards.<br />No form of professional communication shall be prepared or knowingly accepted that is offensive or bad in taste. <br />In branding something as tasteless, we are saying that item, person, event, or circumstance offends our aesthetic sense. <br />One should give credit for ideas and words borrowed from others.<br />Ethical strategies to communicate truth demand at minimum some knowledge of the sender’s and receiver’s values, beliefs, attitudes, and tastes as well as their senses of decorum, tact, diplomacy, and protocol.<br />What is natural may be true but may not be ideal. <br />Many things (elements) are naturally not available in pure forms. <br />Gold has to be refined to make it pure. <br />Even then it is not hundred percent pure.<br />Our perceptions of truth are only as good as our senses, and our senses are extraordinarily fallible. <br />Only “strong sense, united to delicate sentiment, improved by practice, perfected by comparison, and cleared of all prejudice” can result in “the true standard of taste”.<br />The care and consideration we give to other people, may well differ for each because over time our relationship with them has confirmed to both our character (values, needs, and behavior) and their character.<br />One should not forget that over the time language changes, meaning of words changes, morality changes, code of conduct changes. <br />Thus every thing evolves. <br />Truth and taste may also change.<br /> <br />Recent News (January 2006) is thought provoking: <br />Danish cartoons featuring Prophet Mohammed provoke violent protests in Muslim world<br />Generally cartoons on gods, goddesses, prophets etc are tolerated in practically all religions of the world except Islam. <br />Danish value system, which is Judeo-Christian, is different from the Islamic world. <br />Such intolerance can only be dictatorial and undemocratic. <br />In the first place insensitive depiction of Prophet itself is in bad taste. <br />Consequent expression of extent of violence is in worst taste. <br />Everybody should respect the freedom of expression. <br />One may not agree with the depiction but that does not give right to inhibit expression. <br />If you do not agree then you may protest in a democratic way. <br />But dictatorial religions will not understand democratic ways. <br />The Danish cartoons affair is not one of Muslims against the west, but of fundamentalists everywhere against secular democrats. <br />There is need to see that reaction is balanced. <br />It should not be out of proportions. <br />But who is to decide that proportion. <br />Here question involved is not of single individual but of many nations in the world.<br />Sexual morality is very big in India. <br />A couple kissing on the dance floor led to the police closing down a Chennai hotel. Mumbai’s dance bars were shut down by legislative fiat. <br />Does sexual freedom mean society will break down? <br />There is a far bigger morality that is required to hold society together and that is economic morality. <br />Sexual morality should now be identified with individual freedom. <br />In the area of economic morality, our politico-administrative establishment possesses no ethics whatsoever. <br />You can live by producing, or you can live off plunder and theft, extortion and bribery. <br />It does not require deep investigation to conclude that every ‘political party’ is quasi-criminal gang. <br />It will be better if state pays more attention and directs its meager resources to economic morality rather than sexual morality. <br />Is there anybody to bell the cat?<br />The behavior of fundamentalists is everywhere the same in their own family, in their own society, in their own country or in the world.<br />There is need today to draft the code of conduct for individuals and nations from the global point of view against the existing narrow and local view. <br />This is the proper time for taste to evolve.<br />c) Professional Ethics<br />Code of conduct specifies ‘do’ and ‘do not’<br />Doctors, engineers, lawyers, or accountants are professionals. <br />Differences between ethics of the two professionals are not large. <br />Here we are talking about ethics of professionals and not of professions.<br />In knowing and doing there is a lot of difference. <br />One is theory and the other is practice. <br />For engineers, there is no achievement without use; neither beauty nor knowledge is a normal part of assessing an engineering achievement. <br />Engineers seem to do better in large undertaking.<br />There are different kinds of ethics. <br />Each society or group has its own moral code; indeed even each individual can have his own. <br />All civilizations and religions have their own. <br />Ordinary morality, critical morality, minimum requirements kind of morality, may be followed or voluntary kind of morality, business ethics, thieves’ ethics, Nazi ethics, professional ethics etc.<br />Profession is any occupation whose practitioners enjoy high status, high income, advanced education, important social function, or other features easy for the society to measure. <br />It is a group undertaking. <br />The professional organization must set special standards. <br />The publication of code of ethics is generally the signal that an occupation declared itself as a profession.<br />Promise to do whatever morality or law forbids is void.<br />Associations or societies of professionals frame code of conduct. <br />The code should be applicable to not only members of association or society but to all professionals. <br />The statements in the code –<br />Professionals uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of the profession by<br />Using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare.<br />Being honest and impartial, and serving with fidelity the public, their employers and clients.<br />Shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public in the performance of professional duties.<br />A member shall adhere to truth and accuracy and to generally accepted standards of good taste. <br /> As the technology advances higher standards of technical performance are desired.<br />Standards of morality – one should not try to seem superior for we all draw our line in the sand whichever place is comfortable.<br />You have something which gives you power over others. <br />You become rich by having it. <br />You make all efforts that others will not have it. <br />What kind of morality it is?<br />Nuclear powers in the world are having such kind of morality. <br />America and Briton are the leaders of such countries.<br />Nobel who, having invented dynamite and many ways to use it effectively in weapons, came to regret what he had done, devoting much of the considerable fortune derived from his invention to avoiding their use.<br />Every one believes that at any cost country should be able to defend itself.<br />(3) Social Contract:<br />Do not justify your poverty. <br />Fight to gain equality with the richest person. <br />And help poor to become rich.<br />Rich people need defense to remain rich. <br />People must be able to identify with one another, and at least know who each other are.<br />This is the stringent condition for democracy. <br />And in democracy only we can regain our freedom. <br />We are endowed with freedom and equality by nature.<br />The knowledge makes for and sustains prejudices.<br />Your ignorance will keep you poor.<br />Our understanding of persons and their capacities and limitations in understanding are due to veil of ignorance. <br />In the natural or original position, because of veil of ignorance, one is denied any particular knowledge of one’s circumstances, such as one’s race, particular talents, or disabilities, one’s age, social status, one’s particular conception of good life, or the particular state of society in which one lives. <br />Once the veil of ignorance is lifted, one might find oneself on the losing end. <br />The principle of justice demands to have moral capacity of judging from an impartial standpoint. <br />But self interested rationality endorses the principle that favors one sex over the other.<br />Justice proceeds out of fairness.<br />The principles of justice are more fundamental than the social contract traditionally been conceived. <br />Therefore social contract is constrained by the principles of justice. <br />The constitution is concrete expression of social contract. <br />These principles determine the distribution of both civil liberties and social and economic goods. <br />So only if a rising tide truly does carry all boats upwards, economic inequalities can be allowed for in a just society.<br />Rationality alone convinces persons not only to agree to cooperate, but to stick to their agreements as well.<br />By acting to further the interest of other, one serves one’s own interest.<br />Morality should be founded upon an agreement between exclusively self-interested yet rational persons.<br />The first social contract is marriage. <br />Marriage can be defined as union of man and woman with an agreement that woman will work at home and look after the children, where as man will work outside and earn bread. Thus family is the smallest social unit based on division of labor. <br />Marriage contract / agreement is not limited to sexuality only. <br />This contract is useful in expanding family to society. <br />In the contract of marriage man’s relationship to woman is described as husband and wife.<br />Any organization or unit is formed with the understanding that its members will benefit. Organizations are created by leaders and motivated followers.<br />(4) Rules, Law and Constitution:<br />Constitution allows government to protect the lives and liberties of citizens without violating the rights of some to provide gains to other. It requires that people should be governed by the accepted rules, rather than by the arbitrary decisions of the rulers. These rules should be known and certain, and apply equally to all individuals.<br />Since natural law can be derived from what is inherent in human nature, it would be valid even if god did not exist. There exists a system of moral beliefs accessible to human reason and independent of divine revelation. Man has a particular nature involving specific natural needs and ability to use reason to recognize what is good for man in accordance with those needs. Natural law is basic. All other religious laws are derived from natural laws. To believe in the natural law is to believe that there are moral standards that transcend the customs, practices, and laws of any given community. Natural law theory supports universally shared moral principles and norms that raise man above relativism and subjectivism.<br />In free society each person has a recognized private sphere, a protected private realm which government authority cannot encroach upon. The purpose of law is to preserve freedom and moral agency. Under the rule of law, every one is bound by rules, including the government. Law is the activity of subjecting human behavior to the governance of rules; it is about the discovery of rules of just conduct. The history of common law has been one of attempting to discover general rules that will foster a smooth functioning social order. Where as society is a spontaneous order, the state is a protective agent with the monopoly role of enforcing the rules of the game. Since the monopoly on coercion belongs to the government, it is imperative that this power not be misused. Non-stated customary and privately produced laws continue to exist today. Members of many voluntary associations prefer to operate under rules of their own choice and making rather than relying on those of coercive government.<br />‘If rule or law is beneficial to me then only I will follow otherwise not’ is the argument that cannot be simply accepted.<br />The purpose of law should not be lost sight of and law for the sake of law should not be the practice.<br />The purpose of the judge is to maintain social order. He is only to rule when a dispute is brought to him. Judges should carry out the law-not change the law. Social justice is irreconcilable with the rule of law. But during the last half century, the rule of law has been displaced with what has been termed “social justice”.<br />Power should be divided with laws made by one body and administered by another. Also an independent judiciary is required to make certain that laws are administered fairly. As the distinction between administrative commands and rules of justice became blurred, the restraints on government power have weakened.<br />Authority is necessary to ensure unity of action within an organization. Authority requires power. It is restricted to assigned areas. Power exercised without authority is a threat to freedom. Given the corruptible nature of human beings, there is a tendency for power to overflow its bounds. Wide diffusion of power will protect the individual from the tyranny of the one, the few, or the many.<br />In the history Roman Empire has fallen. In the recent past Communist Empire of Russia has fallen. The days of family rule are over. Democracy represents pluralism. Pluralism, both the cause and effect of freedom, involves multiplicity, diversity, and often times, conflicts. Pluralism requires tolerance, voluntarism, and a combination of individualism and voluntary associationism. Pluralism fostered individual freedom, responsibility, and creativity and encouraged the development and growth of new forms of association to meet human needs.<br />Pluralism is concerned with the distribution of authority and functions among the various sectors of society (e.g. the economic, political, and moral-cultural sectors) and among the various types of groupings within each of these sectors. A free society favors processes and devices that disperse decision making power, thus enhancing the possibility for the use of individual freedom.<br />Since men are not angels, and since men are to govern other men, controls on the government are necessary. The government had only those powers that the people have given it by way of constitution. A constitution is a set of fixed written rules that limit the exercise of political power. The American constitutional political system is based on a territorial distribution of power, the distribution of power among agencies with functionally differentiated realms of authorities, a chronological distribution of power through periodic and frequent elections, and a written constitution enforceable by courts. In addition, the party system, the free press, and voluntary associations aid in holding government officials accountable. Politicians are kept responsible through constant publicity of their actions and discussions. The vigilance of the people is an important check on the power of the government. <br />C) Undesired Human Social Behavior<br />1) Satan<br />Think about following-<br /><ul><li>Drugs 2 Alcohol 3 Cigarettes 4 Gutaka </li></ul>5 Pornography 6 Prostitution <br />7 Lottery 8 Race (horse) 9 Betting (satta) 10 Casinos<br />11 Paintings (auction) 12 Archives <br />13 Beauty Queen (contests) <br />14 Seminars 15 Trusts 16 Prices 17 Advertising <br />18 Monopoly 19 Cults<br />All of above can be used to deceive or cheat others. <br />Parents, you are responsible for what you allow into your home to influence your children up to the time they reach the age of reason or the age of accountability. That age may be sixteen or eighteen.<br />“But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when the lust has conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”<br />Satanists are generally a secretive bunch. They are cultist. They have “The Satanic Bible” like “The Satanic Verses.” The Bible has much to say about devil. There is demon also. We are sternly warned to guard against his lies. There are a number of ways in which Satan can deceive people. <br />The question is how much a man should be open and how much secretive. <br />It is human tendency to call, somebody who is not with you or is against you, as Satan. There are different groups in the society, while criticizing; each group calls other group as Satan. In fact oppressive group or evil organization should be called Satan.<br />From groups sub-groups are formed on the feeling that they are being exploited or neglected. Sub-groups, which are small, may be criticized as demons. These are the ways of majority. Majority has broken because it was unjust to others particularly to its members. If there were no concepts of ‘insider’ or ‘outsider’ and feeling of insecurity, things would have been different.<br /> <br />The deceiver claims that he has some device called “inside knowledge” which he only knows and sells it in the market using the label of religion. <br />This also helps to sell religion.<br />Common people see an expert in one aspect as expert in all aspects, which usually is not true. This usually leads to their deception. <br />Bad Persons<br />a) Copycat Cousins: <br />Bollywood stories ‘inspire’ TV serials<br />How long one can bring new stories? <br />Ultimately stories are to be repeated in a new way if possible.<br />That is how history repeats. <br />There are several ways of telling a story, especially one that has already been told. <br />If an idea is interesting and successful it is bound to be copied. <br />In America however trend has reversed with film studios turning old classic series into feature films. <br />b) Tax Dodgers: <br />They should be punished, not pampered.<br />The government wants to mop up untaxed income by issuing zero-coupon bonds. <br />The government can mop up a lot of money at no cost to itself-scheme launched in 1997 netted Rs 7600 crores a nearly ten fold increase over the previous amnesty in 1985.<br />So far government has declared five amnesty schemes: in 1951, 1965, 1976, 1985 and 1997. <br />Why should anyone pay tax if an amnesty scheme is always round the corner?<br />Amnesty schemes discriminate against honest taxpayer and reward tax dodgers.<br />c) The cult of the middleman:<br />We see them as legitimate intermediaries else where they are called pimps. <br />Middleman makes huge profits compared to producers and consumers pay heavy prices. This is where corruption creeps in, hoarding and blackmail. <br />We all know this but accept it as normal. <br />Middleman is a fixer. We cannot avoid them. <br />Corruption is too well entrenched and without them we would have to dirty our hands. Once money changes hands middleman disappears, creating a convenient disconnect. They all vanish quicker than they came. <br />One of the most annoying things about us is our undying faith in middleman.<br />d) Mafia: <br />An oil adulteration mafia was evading sales tax worth several hundred crores through import of naphtha. <br />BJP leader Mr.Gadakari to get ‘reward’ of Rs 17 crores for exposing sales tax evasion. <br />e) Dillika Thug: <br />The thug is everywhere and has his hands in every pie. <br />In modern times the way to success is through cheating. <br />Here is cheat list-<br />On the weights of commodities<br />On the running of the electricity meters<br />Selling or mortgaging other’s property for loan<br />Dr Evil has commission from pathological laboratories, kickbacks from nursing homes and hospitals, and gifts from pharmaceutical companies.<br />The list is unending. <br />f) Imposters: <br />He was held while extorting money:<br />The anti-extortion cell arrested one for posing as an ACP.<br />The anti-terrorist squad arrested one who traveled in vehicle with a beacon and pretended to be a judge.<br />Three peoples faking to be CBI officers threatened to book in a rape case and demanded money from the victim. <br />The victim then approached the police and imposters were arrested.<br />It seems to be the time of imposters.<br />g) Oh God:<br />Ex commissioner for seamen’s provident fund cheated 25000 seamen. <br />He used to distribute Bhagavad-Gita by dozens. <br />He had a photograph of Lord Krishna in his office. <br />He meditated and prayed every single day.<br />Income-tax officer’s hideouts continue to yield a never-ending stream of slush money. Ground floor of one of his houses had huge statues of Ganapati and other Hindu gods. Religious outpourings in his diary- If Lord Balaji allowed him Rs 10 crores in bribes every year, he would offer a part of it to him in thanks giving. <br />Suspect Police<br />Lakadawala targets boollywood. <br />Bollywood receive threatening calls from Don. <br />To avoid media attention nobody is complaining to police. <br />Travel agents, traders and businessmen are also targeted. <br />Small gangs are regrouping to work under one command. <br />‘Autonomy is a myth’ says CBI director. <br />Admits political pulls hamper work.<br />Prior sanction is required to investigate senior officers. <br />Sanction will either be delayed very much or denied by government. <br />To investigate the officers of the organization from where one draws his salaries is a tough job. <br />The laws and the code guiding functioning of chief vigilance commissioner act are constantly pulling them back. <br />Maintaining secrecy is a hurdle in government functioning. <br />Another problem is of inadequacy of power.<br />Preettii Jain case:<br />Can sexual intercourse, which is consented to on a promise of marriage be classified as ‘rape’? <br />Such cases at best may attract an offence of cheating. <br />If, at the time of giving such a promise, one did not intend keeping it, then it would certainly amount to cheating. <br />If for some reason later one decides not to keep it, then it is not cheating. <br />If this was accepted as cheating, all broken engagements would land up in court.<br />There can be breach of even an oral promise and contracts can be oral too. <br />In above case another possible legal recourse could only be civil damages under the law of torts for breach of promise.<br />In P.Jain’s case if the rape allegation is untrue, then she could be guilty of attempted extortion.<br />All moral wrongs are not illegal. Submitting to sexual intercourse with an aim to benefiting from it has implications of moral turpitude.<br />We cannot let the law and police come into personal relationships. In such cases it is one person’s word against another and cheating is almost impossible to prove.<br />One of the funniest and stupidest comments is ‘India needs veer-balas, not bar-balas’ <br />It is alleged that public morality has been compromised because of these girls (bar-balas). <br />Cops book them for soliciting. <br />Where many lakhs people are unemployed barbalas dare to do the available job courageously. <br />They need protection rather than harassment. <br />The remedy of the moral police seems to be worse than the disease.<br />Some of art forms are becoming commercialized, so is cricket. <br />Mass culture makes its own choices. <br />Even democracy is commercialized. <br />Education is commercialized.<br />Several law enforcers became lawbreakers in recent months. <br />The image of the city police has already taken beating due to the arrest of several policemen.<br />Cops are no longer afraid of superior officers. <br />These days they openly flaunt political contacts. <br />Even if a cop is booked, he knows conviction rate is poor and getting an acquittal is easy. In many cases witnesses are threatened and they fail to appear in the court during trial. Now a day’s even policeman started advising people how to protect themselves as if it is not their duty. <br />Usually they tell people to be alert and take all necessary precautions. <br />Is it not a wonderful advice from the police whose duty is to maintain law and order? <br />4) Not keeping the Promise<br />The woods are lovely, dark and deep<br />But I have promises to keep <br />The miles to go before I sleep<br />It is better to keep the promises made than to make new promises.<br />The mother promised her son a computer if he scored more than 94% for his schoolwork, not expecting him to succeed. <br />She welched on the deal when he chalked up an average of 97%, telling him she could not afford to buy the computer. <br />The boy went to court asking a judge to make his mother honor the verbal agreement. <br /> <br />Normally promises are for the action in future. <br />It is therefore very easy to forget the promises made and subsequently deny having made such promises. <br />This happens with our near and dear ones, which ultimately results in broken relationships. <br />Please therefore avoid making the promises.<br /> <br />5) Breach of Trust<br />‘To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved’<br />Trust should be the basis of all relations.<br /> <br />Policies of nationalization and privatization should be balanced.<br />Private enterprise must show better efficiency than government. <br />Returns from private business should be more than interest rate.<br /> <br />Government may function with no profit-no loss basis. <br />The field of subsidies must be government’s business.<br />The rule making and the rule breaking eventually lead to the erosion of the institutions, and competitiveness, and contempt for ethics. <br />If some rules are too obstructive or unfair, business should legitimately lobby government to change them. Worldwide, lobbyists are legitimate. The lobbying industry pays taxes.<br />Preferential allotment of privileges and licenses to favored companies must stop. <br />The suffering of the consumer should stop.<br />It is government’s job to balance the interests of consumer and business. <br />You put your money into the banks. <br />How trusts worthy the banks are?<br />There are public sector banks, private sector banks and cooperative banks.<br />With higher returns the risk involved will always be more.<br />Never put all your eggs in one basket.<br />You can invest money where you are going to maximize your returns keeping risks involved in mind. <br />The rate of interest should at least neutralize the rate of inflation. <br />Other alternatives of investments such as buying gold, shares, properties etc. may also be kept in mind. <br />Liquidity of cash invested is an important factor to be considered.<br />Fake<br /> <br />The art pieces cost a lot. <br />Faking the art has become a business. <br />What are the effects of faking art on the artist, the buyer and the government? <br />Faking business in art is to whose advantage? <br />Study is necessary to find out the facts. <br />Insider’s faking cannot be ruled out. <br />In cases like Munnabhai ‘MBBS’ is it real life plagiarized reel life or it is otherwise?<br />In today’s world real life may be more surprising than fiction.<br />Chivalry helped lady teacher, get selected, remain in the job quite long, that too without complaints from colleague teachers, students, staff, faculty in spite of her very low qualification. <br />Her good rapport and relations with every body helped her to remain in service with fake degree. <br />Misplaced co-operation helped her to cheat.<br />There are many reports of printing fake currency notes. <br />News make the head lines in the papers of the local area. <br />But what happens to those cases subsequently will be a good guess. <br />Probably enforcing the law is very less rewarding than not enforcing. <br />We know that bad currency drives out good currency. <br />Like wise every thing bad drives out every thing good. <br />For enforcing the law state pays miserly to its employees where as for not enforcing the laws criminals pay many times. <br />That is how law does not prevail. <br />Long live democracies.<br />With automatic and mass scale production techniques adopted there is huge unemployment even for the graduates. <br />Taking advantage of this situation certificate or diploma courses are offered for immediate employment. <br />The ads employ such ingenuity and language manipulation technique that it is impossible to understand what their courses are really worth. <br />The students are duped by misleading ads by following methods.<br />First advertisement will be placed informing the publics that there are lot many vacancies for particular type of work. <br />Remuneration offered is also very attractive. <br />But for the kind of work students will have to obtain particular type of training offered by another institution. <br />Heavy fees are charged for such training. <br />But after training students will not be employed. <br />They will come to know, very late that they are deceived. <br />Even such bogus institutions may be registered but courses offered may not be recognized.<br />All India council for technical education announced the cut in 38000 seats in various colleges for inadequate faculty. <br />Whole affair speaks of the quality of the governing body rather than the quality of the governed.<br />US clamps down on diploma mills. <br />The mills offer bogus college, graduate for cash, enabling unscrupulous people to get jobs for which they lack proper qualifications or to qualify improperly for higher pay. Diploma mills pose danger to consumers and employers. <br />They are destructive and unethical. <br />Diploma mills are often fly-by-night on-line entities, which change names and locations frequently. <br />When such is the situation in USA how India can be much different?<br />Murder of a person in fake ticket case not ruled out. <br />About 10000 fake tickets were sold of one-day cricket match. <br />Tickets were costing maximum of Rs 5000. <br />This resulted in over crowding and genuine ticket holders were left out. <br />Fake tickets were sold by insiders i.e. contractor appointed to issue tickets. <br />It is interesting to see that usually insiders indulge in such activities. <br />The motive is money. <br />This type of modus operandi is seen in practically all suppose to be honest establishments.<br />7) Forge<br />A personal account in the fashion of MTNL was opened. <br />The cheques received in the name of MTNL were deposited in the account and cash was withdrawn. <br />Extra money received was kept by the employee and exact cash as per original bill was paid to MTNL. <br />The forged bills sent to company for sanction was for extra amount. <br />Eventually before resigning from the service he duplicated bill for whole year amounting to about Rs 2.5 lakhs. <br />His fraud was discovered after MTNL issued the real bill for that year. <br />Since the person was accountant nobody suspected him. <br />He was working in the company for about five years and amount swindle was to the tune of Rs 40 lakhs. <br />Industrialist forges the signatures of chartered accountants on balance sheet to obtain loan from bank.<br />8) Cheating<br />Is cheating an immoral act?<br />Is cheating like lying is a sub class of deception?<br />Is cheating a special case of breaking one’s promise?<br />Game is a voluntary activity. <br />Voluntary means it is possible to quit. <br />Cheating takes place in games by breaking the rules of the games. <br />The rules may simply grow out of custom, as in generally agreed upon practices in buying and selling. <br />Cheating involves the intentional violation of the rules in order to achieve built-in goal. In the voluntary activity there is no explicit penalty for violation of rules, except perhaps expulsion from the activity. <br />The person who cheats generally will try to conceal his or her cheating from others. <br />This explains why cheating almost always involves deception. <br />People who know that a person has cheated are generally not going to allow him or her to benefit by doing so.<br />Cheating, deceiving and breaking a promise all three of them may be grouped under violation of trust or faith.<br />Allowing some one to win under threat in playing the game of cards is an example of justified cheating. <br />Any game will be more advantageous to some one than the other that does not mean the game is unfair. <br />Basketball gives an advantage to those who are taller. <br />If rules are fair or not is another question. <br />Fair means ‘morally acceptable’<br />Society is viewed as voluntary association. <br />The rules of association are governed by social contract theory.<br />Although fairness is now often taken as impartiality or equality. <br />Cheating generally results only in less significant harms than morality prohibits causing. Cheating provides the model of immoral action for social contract theorists. <br />Adultery is breaking the rules of marriage. <br />Therefore it is regarded as cheating on the spouse.<br />‘Catch me if you can.’<br />Numbers of cheating cases have shot up in last ten years. <br />There is no fear of getting caught because there is a lot of secrecy that is possible now with cell phone, e-mail, or meeting points.<br />Former US president Bill Clinton recently said he cheated on Hillary simply because he could. <br />Those cheating tend to justify their action.<br />It is opportunities that determine cheating. <br />Men cheat to fight boredom. <br />Women cheat out of frustration.<br />People most likely to cheat-<br />Good looking<br />Rich<br />Powerful<br />Emotionally vulnerable<br />Those with opportunity<br />The 100% absolutely predictable things men do when they cheat-<br />They buy an expensive gift for you for no reason at all. <br />Cheating husband’s behavior pattern is also due to guilt. <br />When a man is being unfaithful he has to shift the blame so it is your fault and not his. This way he can absolve himself of his guilt. <br />There are some men who simply are incapable of being faithful.<br />Presidents, princes, lawyers, actors or the humble salesman, they all behave the same way when they are being unfaithful. <br />It is suggested they learn this behavior by exchanging notes adultery and infidelity or aping high profile cheaters like Bill Clinton and the Prince of Wales. <br />Some of the signs are-<br />Bickering over trivial matters and suggesting therapeutic help<br />Beginning to criticize spouse’s looks, job and the way the household is run<br />Bouts of secretiveness, particularly about the cell<br />Economic offenses wing of city police arrested Mr. Gala owner of famous Asiatic, Status and Samrat in connection with about Rs 3 crore-cheating case. <br />He had promised 25% return on investment and doubling money in 3 years. <br />He failed to return money back to the investors. <br />Investors lodged FIR.<br />Trader held for duping investors of crores<br />High interest rate of 24% lured many to invest including the vice-chancellor of the university. <br />Trader found out the people with huge money and lured them to invest in his company at very high interest rates. <br />Amounts to the extent of Rs 30 lakhs from single individual were accepted. <br />For first few months interests were paid then interest payment was stopped telling that company was in a financial crisis and incurring a loss. <br />The accused was arrested for cheating. <br />Trader has flats and land against which he obtained loan from bank. <br />While a private financier repaid trader’s bank loan, the investors were still chasing him. <br />Four officials booked for lottery scandal: <br />These officials used to leak out lottery tickets with winning numbers and ask their friends to claim prizes from the department. <br />They have been charged with cheating and conspiracy. <br />Before taking draw record of unsold lottery tickets had to be passed on to the lottery office at Mantralaya. <br />This was not done. <br />And after the draw was held, the winning tickets were taken out of the godown and shown to have been sold. <br />In two such cases amount involved was Rs 19 lakhs. <br />The police have handed over the case to EOW.<br />When the judge read seven charges and asked his name, Saddam Hussein replied, ‘I am the president of Iraq’ <br />‘This is all a theatre, the real criminal is Bush’<br />Performance 0f government is determined by statistical figures. <br />With those figures it is possible to compare the performances pertaining to different periods. <br />The credibility of India’s data reporting system has been built-up pains takingly, often at the cost of major embarrassment to the political system. <br />To present better performance if statistical data is manipulated creditability is lost. <br />Miss-information will also result in loss of creditability.<br />In reporting Muslim population and wholesale price index NDA has done a lot to dent that trust. <br />This is the example of government cheating on people.<br />Land telephone lines have addresses. <br />Cell phones being mobile do not have such addresses. <br />Cell phones can be stolen and used by anybody. <br />While conducting business on cell phones extra-care should be taken. <br />The possibility of cheating on cell phone is very high.<br />9) Fraud<br />It is virtually unquestioned in America today that insider trading in the securities markets is a dastardly act. <br />We must make a distinction here trading by insider and trading by insider on the basis of nonpublic information. <br />What could be more immoral than some one’s selling or buying stocks on the basis of information he knows the other party lacks? <br />This is cashing on some one’s ignorance. <br />If benefiting by creating shortages is allowed by law? <br />If law prohibits people from exploiting knowledge advantage, they have less incentive to ferret out valuable knowledge and bring it to market.<br />She prepared power of attorney and forged uncle’s signature on it. <br />She sold the shares and bonds to the bank for Rs one crore and escaped to Germany. <br />It was only a red corner notice issued through Interpol by economic offences wing that got scamster arrested.<br />Three former employees of the Pune based BPO; siphoned off Rs 1.5 crores from four US based Citibank customers. BPOs in US have ethics officers to check on the fraud and identity theft within organization.<br />Bank of Maharashtra fraud linked to National Saving Certificate scam<br />Wagonload of NSC’s had gone missing while on way from Nasik security press to Patna. <br />A financial fraud of Rs 11 crores involving fake NSC’s from above lot was committed.<br />Following are the strategies adopted by deceiver in goods and services –<br />Pose that you are the expert in the goods and the services. <br />Your organization exists for many years.<br />There is approval by customers.<br />Your product or service is certified or approved by government / authority.<br />Your product /service are in demand in foreign countries. It is exported primarily.<br />You are frequently visiting USA –UK and many other countries for catering to expanding business.<br />10) Double Standards<br />All EU nations had already abolished capital punishment. <br />This is in view of humanitarian approach to crime and punishment. <br />Days after Britain successfully lobbied for a stay of an ordinary Indian convict’s death penalty; the country shed its human rights concerns and indicated that it would not oppose capital punishment for a deposed Iraqi president.<br />India has criticized American double standards on nuclear proliferation and terrorism.<br />It is through representative institutions rather than exclusive club of privileged countries that the proliferation threats could be met. <br />International networks of terror appear to cooperate more effectively among themselves than the democratic nations they target. <br />We speak about cooperation, but seem hesitant to commit our selves to pooling of resources, exchange of information, sharing of intelligence and the unambiguous unity of purpose required.<br />UNO still works on the basis of military power as the nations were working in the past.<br />There is urgent need to democratize working of UNO. <br />One nation one vote should be the principle. <br />Power of veto should be done away with.<br />11) Corruption<br /> Occasions for heavy expenditure during the life are-<br />Educational expenses<br />Marriage expenses <br />Expenses for buying a house<br />Medical expenses during old age and emergencies.<br />Laws governing construction projects are, in many cases, laws as understood and applied by some unscrupulous builders, corrupt politicians and municipal officers. <br />Serious floor space index violations usually take place. <br />Public and judicial view leans against supervisor and builder. <br />The question here arises about the flat purchasers who are not party to any fraud. <br />It is possible to lay down a law for summery proceedings against builders and supervisors and direct them to pay money to the flat purchaser.<br />Ambiguity in the law is maliciously incorporated to benefit out of it.<br />The maxim that is often heard during the hearings by the supreme court-‘Be you ever so high, the law is above you’- seems to have little relevance now.<br />There can not be two criteria for ‘criminals’-one for government public servants and another for elected public servants. <br />An IPS or IAS officer or even a subordinate judicial officer is put under suspension immediately when a charge sheet is filed against him in a criminal case. <br />It is strange that lawmakers have coined a different definition for political ‘criminals’-unless proved guilty by the court they can rule the country or the state. <br />It is not understood how criminals are allowed to rule either in a state or the center; it is allowing lawbreakers to adorn law-making chambers.<br />Shibu Soren has given new dimension to corruption. <br />He saved the Narasimha Rao government by accepting a hefty bribe to vote against a no-confidence motion and he successfully claimed immunity from any legal action for his deeds in the House.<br />How ‘we the people’ can solve this problem?<br />Dabhol and Enron represent public money waylaid by the project promoters. <br />The same is the case with National Highway Authority that represents corruption in the officialdom. <br />Other projects may also not be different. <br />Contractors everywhere offer commissions so as to ensure smooth sailing of the project. If there is no commission then the contractors are likely to face hurdles in the path. <br />The provision for commission is made while submitting the tender.<br />If somebody will not accept the commission then it will go to the other person because there is always a provision. <br />In the case of Bofors all the details are known. <br />Commission may be in the form of Indian agent’s commission. <br />Because of chain in the government offices nobody even get caught. <br />Corruption has been made a group activity.<br /> Some innocent gentleman who is not in the group may be made scapegoat. <br />At present there is no way to remove corruption as it has been converted into habit.<br />Want a job? <br />Pay for it.<br />A company offered membership for Rs 400 to be eligible for immediate repairs to house hold appliances. <br />For marketing membership company recruited employees. <br />A salary of Rs3500 was offered to a person who deposited Rs20000 with the company. The company could not pay salary as promised due to insufficient business. <br />Many employees were cheated in this way. <br />Un-employed youth is an easy target by such companies.<br />12) Counterfeit Currency<br />Notes in circulation:<br />xValueValueVolumeVolumeDenominationRs Cr% in totalCr pieces% in totalRs 1000 274738.6 27.58.7Rs 50012293838.4 245.96.4Rs 10012144238.01214.431.7Rs 50 3302710.3 660.517.2<br />Note- Rest is in denomination of Rs 20 and below and coins.<br />Total amount of counterfeit currency is to the tune of Rs3 crore <br />This figure is questionable.<br />Proposal to replace the currency will be Rs 4000 cr.<br />Rs 319761 cr. Is the value of currency with public.<br />38336 million notes of various denominations are in circulation<br />86013 million coins of various denominations are in circulation.<br />Bearer bond scheme and replacement of Rs 1000 notes in the past were successful only to the limited extent.<br />Proposals to curb black money by finance ministry<br />Generation of black money should be curbed<br />Circulation of black money should be curbed<br />Black money should be voluntarily disclosed<br />Black money can be in the form of currency, real estate, gold, jewelry, shares, financial instruments, business ventures and many other forms. <br />Even black money can be in the form of counterfeit currency.<br />Here rather than law ethics will play major and important role.<br />In the past paper and printing was government’s monopoly. <br />But now because of improvised technology any body can print any thing that too of very good quality.<br />It is very difficult to find out fake from real.<br />b) Plastic Money:<br /> Most banks have hired direct selling agents (DSA) to sell their credit cards.<br />The interest rate is 1.4% per month.<br />In case of delays interest rate will be 2.5% per month.<br />4.33 cr credit cards issued in 16 years. <br />Amount involved is Rs 44737 crores.<br />Frauds rampant; musclemen collect dues and interest rate charged is increased telling customer that their cheques are credited late or customer receive their bills late.<br />When one makes payment by cheque there is small delay between buying goods and making payment. <br />But when buying goods by credit card one can delay payments by paying interest. <br />An electronic payment has got inherent risk of payment to wrong person, over payment and unauthorized withdrawals. <br />Frauds are frequent. Spending has zoomed because of credit cards.<br />Unrecognized Education<br />If competent peoples are branded by government as incompetent and are not allowed to function by making laws to that effect; then what competent people should do? <br />Probably that is how all religions of the world came into existence. <br />Every religion is born out of rebellion against existing system of working or governance. And therefore establisher of new religion has to face all the hurdles and some times even death.<br />Above is also applicable to ‘naxlites’ movement of to day.<br />In case of Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth same situation is there but organizers being wise legally challenging government to take action against them. <br />It is fake but very much in demand, cheap and useful are the courses offered. <br />No body including state has taken any legal action against vidyapeeth. <br />It is registered as a trust but not as an educational institute. <br />Its unrecognized course is taken by 5000 students each year and the institution is working for last 25 years. <br />The director of education of state simply said that students should not go to such institution. <br />Is he not supposed to take legal action? <br />A university offering a diploma and degree course in engineering and is a class apart.<br />University is 25 years on and has 33 franchisees across Maharashtra and Karnataka.<br />Former Maharashtra chief minister and lok sabha speaker Manohar Joshi is a trusty and its chancellor and former Mumbai university vice chancellor Snehalata Deshmukh is member of its governing council.<br />This university has no recognition either from state or central government.<br />Also absent is the mandatory approval of all India council for technical education.<br />Thus university is fake and illegal and is committing a fraud. <br />Every one associated with this university can be booked under section 420 for cheating. It is really a self-proclaimed ‘open for all’ university and a ‘mill’ grinding diploma and degree.<br />Police received complaint about running illegal dental college from Maharastra dental council. <br />The college was not registered with any of the specified authorities. <br />The college was running for last four years. <br />About 60 students suffered. <br />Amount involved was to the tune of Rs 30 lakhs. <br />Only two people managed the college. <br />Both of them were arrested.<br />Wrongs in Medical field<br />Fallibility of medicine and its practitioners<br />Medical system being eroded of ethics and human touch<br />Medicine has been reduced to a bania’s business<br />Unnecessary operations and tests are commonplace<br />Food and drug Administration cracks whip on firms marketing miracle medicine<br />‘Nutraceuticals’-nutrition based therapeutic products-cover a gamut of food products and dietary supplements. <br />Certain nutraceutical firms have been making a variety of claims for their products; including the ability to boost memory power, strengthen the immune system and improve energy levels. <br />Some products are presented as nutritional enhancers and even stress relievers. <br />It is important for the companies to comply with the claims they make.<br />Doctors use ill health to make wealth.<br />Ethics and morality control our life bu