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Compressor/Generator (Filter Changing)         o     Tools Required    Oil filter removing tool (1)                  Oil F...
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Changing filters

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Changing filters

  1. 1. Compressor/Generator (Filter Changing) o Tools Required Oil filter removing tool (1) Oil Filters (1) Funnel (1) Air Filters (2) New (1) Old Fuel Filters (1 or 2) 2 Gallon oil Compressor Oil pan (1) 1 quart Lucas o Change Filter Intervals: New Compressor – 500 hours Old Compressor – 250 hours Instructions Start engine and run for 5 min, then shut off. While engine is running, gather replacement filters and tools from locker. Compressor: Find rubber hose between trailer and compressor, pull it down. Generator:Find rubber hose on the side of the generator, pull it down. Remove bolt/cap from hose end. Open ball valve on rubber hose. Drain oil into oil pan, until it stops. Close ball valve on rubber hose. Screw bolt/cap back onto hose end. Secure hose back between trailer and compressor. Open compressor door, look for air filter by itself; fuel filters next to each other, and oil filter. (SEE PICS) Fig 1. AIR FILTER Fig 2. FUEL FILTERS Fig 3. OIL FILTER Clean and/or replace air filters Remove and drain old filters into the oil pan. Fill the new fuel filters with new diesel fuel; Fill the new oil filter with new oil; Re-install the oil and fuel filters. Add 1quart Lucas oil  turn on run for 3 min Shut off Check oil dipstick and clean it  fill with oil; reinsert and check fluid level; Add oil as needed and recheck oil dipstick to verify full. Once all complete, LABEL all (3) filters with the next scheduled filter change. Example(Hours on machine = 443 + 500 = 943 hours will be written on filters) Oil disposed into oil drums and all trash into dumpster.