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Defining relative clauses presentation

Presentation to introduce the defining relative clauses. Some activities have been added.

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Defining relative clauses presentation

  1. 1. Defining relative clauses
  2. 2. Warm up activity Talk about … 1. The first friend you made at school. 2. The first car your father/mother had. 3. The first place where you and your parents went on holidays.
  3. 3. Defining relative clauses define or identify which person, thing or place you are talking about : The woman who came in late is the boss. I don’t like the jeans which he is wearing. person thing The school where we study is in Madrid. place
  4. 4. Relative pronouns : Who or that Talking about people : He is a man who is kind. That is the actor that I met yesterday.
  5. 5. Relative pronouns : Talking about things : He was talking about the match which took place the day before. This is the exam that I passed with flying colours. Which or that
  6. 6. Relative pronouns Watch out!! We can omit who / which / that… She is the girl who / that I met yesterday. She is the girl I met yesterday. I’ve finished the book which / that you lent me. I’ve finished the book you lent me. I sit at the desk which / that is next to the window. The long-haired woman who / that is looking at you is a bit nosy. …but NOT when the relative pronoun is the subject of the relative clause.
  7. 7. Relative adverb : Talking about places : We are going to go on a trip to the town where Shakespeare was born. Where Let’s meet at the cinema where we are going to see the film.
  8. 8. We never use paper which isn’t recycled. Complete the sentences with who, which or where. Relative clauses - Activity where where who who which 1 I go to a supermarket ___________ all the vegetables are organic. 2 Malala Youfsafzal is a person ___________ I admire. 3 People ___________ drive everywhere should think more about the environment. 4 Plastic is a material ___________ causes a lot of pollution. 5 Helen works in a factory ___________ workers put fruit into boxes. 6 I passed the exam ___________ was a piece of cake. 7 Peter is a boy ___________ is kind and friendly. which who
  9. 9. 1. Pass me the dictionary. It is on the shelf. Join the sentences to make defining relative clauses with who/that, which/that (put them between brackets whenever you can omit them) or where. Make the necessary changes. Pass me the dictionary which/that is on the shelf. 2. Will you help me do the exercises? I don’t understand the exercises. Will you help me do the exercises (which/that) I don’t understand? 3. They sent me a postcard of the hotel. They stayed there on holiday. They sent me a postcard of the hotel where they stayed on holiday. 4. Is this the man? This man accused you of stealing his wallet. Is this the man who/that accused you of stealing his wallet? 5. That’s the girl. I saw her at the cinema last week. That’s the girl (who/that) I saw at the cinema last week. Relative clauses – Activity 2