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What’S Your Story

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A new story for the changing times.

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What’S Your Story

  1. 1. Creative Secrets: What’s Your Story?
  2. 2. If we look back at our lives. We will find stories !
  3. 3. Our memory is arranged by a series of stories about our past!
  4. 4. Our mindset and the future is created by those stories playing in us. It’s a very subtle process.
  5. 5. Do you remember the story of the Hare and the Tortoise ? I am sure you remember.
  6. 6. The story reminds us: Slow and steady wins the race! Do you believe this story!
  7. 7. Times have changed! There are no tortoise in the race. The race is only between the hares now.
  8. 8. So one has to be fast and steady to win the race! In fact running alone won’t help. One has to learn how to leap forward continuously!
  9. 9. Creative geniuses change the stories. That’s what makes them different . That’s what keeps them ahead of the race
  10. 10. A presentation by: Creacos: The Creative Commandoes For many more such resources and training visit: www.creacos.com or contact: [email_address] 09820003092