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Board report t3 wk5

  1. RHYTHM INTERACTIVE Rhythm interactive was spectacular! We all got to play the beat on the drums while we followed the actions of the guy on stage. Even though he didn’t speak at all the whole show, we all learned to read his signs to play the drums. He told us that ‘actions speak louder than words’.
  2. LIZARD ART During the week that Jacqui was away, Nicola was teaching us and we created a lizard camouflage art. We were learning to mix colours and be creative. We used a lizard template and paint. It only took two days but they look really amazing with the colours and patterns.
  3. CAUTIONARY TALES & With Nicole, we have SOCK PUPPETS cautionary been writing tales. A cautionary tale is a story with a moral message. The purpose is to warn or teach people about bad habits and the consequences of these. We have made sock puppets to go with our cautionary tale. This has been exciting and challenging!
  5. DANCE NZ MADE 30 RSS children took part in the DanceNZmade workshops and dance showcase competition. 15 of these kids were from our class. They moved, grooved and danced their hearts out over 3 weeks leading up to this event. Dean McKerras taught us a dance to a ‘Disco Medley’. Our small group with Jessica, Ella, Hannah & Madeline placed 3rd at the competition.
  6. Our learning focus in maths at the moment is NUMERACY - FRACTIONS fractions. Each group has been learning about fractions, going on fractions websites, creating our own fractions problems, working with equipment, using the iPads to show our understanding of fractions and using our cool new maths text books to support our learning. “I LOVE my new maths book, it is helping my maths so much” Anna “We can do the knowledge pages whenever we like” Oishi “I use it at home quite a lot” Anna
  7. BOOK TRAILERS & We are learning to promote a book through a book ANIMATIONS and trailer. We have looked at lots of examples begun to create our own. This week we started playing with animation techniques, using the iPads. We have discovered that the iPad can be a good tool for animation, but we have to have a storyboard and work cooperatively to make it work. We really want some of our animations to make it into the Digi-Awards...
  8. PRODUCTION *WEARABLE ART* For production this term, we are based in Wellington. We decided to make the theme for our part of the show ‘wearable art’ because it is on in Wellington at the moment, and Wellington is well known for being an arty place! We have begun brainstorming and designing our costumes for one of the categories: - Zealandia (native plants/animals) - Beehive (Bees, politicians etc.) - CakeTin (Sports etc.) - Hats (Wellington theme) - Weta Workshops (Outrageous/Avant Garde section)

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