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Soccer passing drills receiving

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soccer passing drills takes a mental picture and identifies the position of the third member of the group, then moves body

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Soccer passing drills receiving

  1. 1. Read Full Article at : www.footballshowtime.com
  2. 2. In arranging practices that focus on receiving the ball, coaches should generally divide the first part of the session into two parts: The first will focus on soccer passing drills: Receiving balls on the ground; the second will concentrate on receiving balls in the air. http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/The-Technique/soccer-passing-drills-receiving-the-first-touch-is-the-most-important.html
  3. 3. The coaching points covered in each of the sessions will build on each other but the major emphasis will be on “preparing the ball” so that it is as close as necessary depending on the situation (degree of pressure the receivers find themselves under).soccer passing drills u10 Another definition might indicate that the technical receptions of the ball need to be as efficient and quick as possible in order that continued possession can be tactically maintained by one’s team. In discussing the reception of balls from the air, particular emphasis should be placed on players’ choices in terms of which body surface is used to receive the ball. http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/The-Technique/soccer-passing-drills-receiving-the-first-touch-is-the-most-important.html
  4. 4. The progression of this technical session will proceed from a fundamental to a match-related to match-condition phases. In the case of the fundamental exercises, they have been labeled B for beginning level players, I for intermediate players and A for advanced players. In some cases they are applicable to more than one group of players. Obviously,soccer partner passing drills by using restrictions, coaches can gear exercises to reach any level of players (i.e., more space for an exercise allows more time for players to react to a situation). http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/The-Technique/soccer-passing-drills-receiving-the-first-touch-is-the-most-important.html
  5. 5. Receive ball across body with farthest foot (right foot in case of the first phase of this exercise) • Look at the next target before the ball gets to you so that you already know how to position body or where you are going to pass the ball –soccer drills possession passing take a mental picture of the situation • Receive the ball with the toe pointed upward and the ankle locked to increase the surface area hitting ball • Do not stop the ball, keep it within close range to draw the defender, then move it away from them toward the next target • Under pressure, look to play the ball away from the pressure with a long first touch; use feints or false cues as appropriate in this situation http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/The-Technique/soccer-passing-drills-receiving-the-first-touch-is-the-most-important.html