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NYU Talk

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Talk about product / content given at NYU. Check more out at https://jacegrebs.com

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NYU Talk

  1. 1. Content + product today.
  2. 2. Jacek Grebski partner, SWARM Who am I?
  3. 3. a digital product studio
  4. 4. product
  5. 5. Product Process
  6. 6. Process: Discovery Discovery is about understanding what we’re building, why we’re building it and who we’re building it for. This is undeniably the most important part of the entire product creation process, because when we finish discovery, we will have a feature and conceptually complete software application.
  7. 7. • Descriptive text • Email • password (one time only) • TOS link System Selected (based on the system in the selected chat) • Gamer tag input • Alternative systems input Submit Cancel Return to previous screen, logged-in Return to previous screen REGISTER Process: Information Architecture (IA) Information Architecture (IA) defines the software’s hierarchy and establishes in a clear document all the app’s moving parts. We like to think of it as the product blueprint, and just like a you wouldn’t build a high-rise without one, an app shouldn’t be built without it either. Sample IA Element
  8. 8. Low Fidelity Wireframe Next, we create wireframes from the information architecture and create a skeletal framework of the application. It covers the general layout of the app, and defines any human / device interactions that will need to be incorporated into the application. Wireframes help us run through the IA, and make any adjustments to the product before we go into the design and engineering. All wireframes are shared through InVision, a remotely accessible prototype tool. Process: User Experience Design
  9. 9. Visual Design Mockup Process: User Interaction Design We work closely with you and your design team to ensure that the User Interface / Visual Design embodies your brand and defines interaction and feedback mechanisms that support the application’s use. All UI designs are shared through InVision. On completion we export all designs using Zeplin.io, creating production ready assets letting our developers understand how to interpret and integrate the files.
  10. 10. Engineering is planned around two-week sprints, beginning with a plan that identifies the tasks targeted for execution during the sprint. This helps prevent bottlenecks, ensures that deliverables are well managed, and allows us to make any needed adjustments to the product as it comes together. We also often work alongside in-house development teams. Process: Engineering Su M T W T F Sa
  11. 11. why product?
  12. 12. More Value, Choice, Engagement, Data
  13. 13. why data?
  14. 14. how do we use data?
  15. 15. Tools: NLTK - natural language tool kits Relationship Mapping Predictive Analysis Ad servers
  16. 16. Tools: NLTK - natural language tool kits Relationship Mapping Predictive Analysis Ad servers
  17. 17. Data is amazing. Joe AmyTim Football Healthy Living Nachos Kale
  18. 18. Tools: NLTK - natural language tool kits Relationship Mapping Predictive Analysis Ad servers
  19. 19. Tools: NLTK - natural language tool kits Relationship Mapping Predictive Analysis Ad servers
  20. 20. More Marketing w/ data
  21. 21. More Marketing w/ data
  22. 22. More Marketing: Retargeting
  23. 23. tv / video
  24. 24. Interactive Advertising Bureau: founded in 1996 creates standards for ads VAST (Video Ad Serving Templates) VMAP (Video Multiple Ad Playlist)
  25. 25. changing
  26. 26. unbundling of set top boxes digital content delivery targeted video ads tangible metrics and clear ROIs second screen engagement.
  27. 27. User Product Data Campaign Goal
  28. 28. questions? http://swarmnyc.com @swarmnyc / @jgrebski Jacek Grebski