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IWMW and the birth of a Content Strategist

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IWMW and the birth of a Content Strategist

  1. 1. Goodmorning!
  2. 2. IWMW and the birth of a Content Strategist IWMW2013 @richprowse RichardProwse#iwmw13 #p11
  3. 3. Universities
  4. 4. Home of world leading research
  5. 5. First years rites of passage
  6. 6. But, websites feel like ‘brochureware’
  7. 7. Frustrating isn’t it?
  8. 8. Advocate for content
  9. 9. Against evil developers
  10. 10. Only kidding!
  11. 11. Solving the mystery of content
  12. 12. Engage audiences in a meaningful way
  13. 13. So we can Create Once Publish Everywhere
  14. 14. Fixing content is HARD
  15. 15. .. however, If we all work together
  16. 16. ...we can create something amazing
  17. 17. We are all rockstars
  18. 18. Thank you
  19. 19. Suggested reading
  20. 20. @richprowse
  21. 21. Richard Prowse Richard is a Content Strategist and Co-Founder of Bath's first content strategy meetup - Passionate about brand, content, information architecture and user experience. A graduate of the University of Leicester, in 2011 he joined the University of Bath as Web Content Manager, responsible for bath.ac.uk and is currently Acting Head of Digital. With a proven track record in project management, Richard believes in inspiring individuals to achieve their potential by creating a positive working environment. Richard also regularly speaks at Higher Education conferences. Twitter http://www.twitter.com/richprowse LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/richprowse BathCSMeetup on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BathCSMeetup Google+ http://goo.gl/kXcgU Email r.w.prowse@bath.ac.uk