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Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse

  1. 1. Amy Winehouse She sang for everyone just to get away `cause of the drugs Rest in Piece, Amy
  2. 2. The general information about the Star • Name: Amy Winehouse • Date of birth: September 14, 1983, • Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo • Place of birth: Southgate. London • Death date: July 23, 2011 • Activities: English singer
  3. 3. The Childhood of the Star • Amy Winehouse (Amy Jade Winehouse)was born in the fall of 1983, North London, in a Jewish family. Her father, Mitchell Winehouse, worked as a taxi driver, and mother, Janis Seaton, was a pharmacist. Her parents supported her daughter and eldest son Alex love of jazz. The family was so musical that even on the lessons of the girl often forgotten and sang favorite songs than frustrating teachers.
  4. 4. • When Amy was nine years old, her grandmother Cynthia suggested granddaughter to go to drama school Susie Earns haw, so she could seriously engage in dramatic art. A year later Winehouse and her childhood friend Juliette Ashby formed a rap group and called her "Sweet 'n' Sour". Amy studied acting four years, but then the student was expelled due to the fact that it "is not exerted enough effort "and made a pierced nose.
  5. 5. Amy Winehouse`s Creative way . • During the childhood Amy had a favorite toy which is a elder brother`s guitar, and at thirteen parents handed her own to her. • A year later she began to write music. At this time Winehouse worked as a journalist on TV "World Entertainment News Network" and soloed in a local group "Bolsha". • Her boyfriend, soul singer Tyler James, sent a demo tape to one of the recording studios, and soon Amy has signed the contract with company "EMI".
  6. 6. Debut • The First album "Frank" Amy Winehouse was released in the fall of 2003. The producer was made by Salaam Remy. On the disc, only two cover songs, the rest of the songs she wrote herself, or in collaboration.
  7. 7. • Critics met album heat and even compared with Amy Macy gray, Sarai Wars and Billie Holliday. The debut was awarded two Brit nominations and was certified platinum.
  8. 8. • But the artist the result was dissatisfied, saying that "only 80% of the album considers its" and the label had incorporated the song that the artist did not like. In the same year Amy Winehouse took part in the festival Glastonbury.
  9. 9. • The inimitable and shocking Amy Winehouse Inimitable and shocking Amy Winehouse's second album "Back to Black" were jazz motives. Inspired female singer of the pop music group of 50-60-ies. Producers of steel Salaam Remy and mark Ron son.
  10. 10. • The latter, incidentally, helped move the tracks on the radio show East Village Radio. "Back to Black" in great Britain appeared in the autumn of 2006 and finished in seventh place in the Billboard chart. Set a record for a debut album by British singer, but he is beaten two weeks later.
  11. 11. • Almost immediately the album, the album was certified platinum five times and announced record-the best seller of year 2007. The first single from the album Rehab (#7, UK) has Ivory Novella award in the spring of 2007. He was recognized as the best contemporary song. The second single, "You Know I'm No Good" reached 18.
  12. 12. • The album was released a few months earlier. on may 18, 2007, the singer married her long time friend Blake Fielder-sibyl.
  13. 13. America at the Amy Winehouse`s feet • Meanwhile, the popularity of the album Back to Black was gaining momentum. The album brought Amy 6 Grammy. • The singer is nominated as "Best new artist“ and Ronson - as "Producer of the year". At the ceremony Grammy Winehouse won five categories, but on the scene Amy got up, she was denied a visa, so it she said with a screen. Dubai. • Concert Amy Winehouse In April was decided that the singer will record the main musical theme of the film about James bond "quantum of solace".
  14. 14. • But a little later, the producer said that work on the composition terminated because Amy had other plans. June 12, 2008 Amy Winehouse gave the single concert in Russia - she opened the Center of contemporary culture "Garage". And after a while got to hospital with a diagnosis of emphysema. • Artist cancelled European tour in June 2008 after a scandal in Belgrade. Amy took the stage to 20 thousand of spectators stayed there for more than an hour, but did not sing. • The girl greeted the audience spoke with musicians, stumbled, but starting to sing, forgetting the words. • Winehouse went under the whistle of the public.
  15. 15. Bad habits • In August 2007 all the concerts were cancelled in the U.S. and Britain because of bad health condition. Together with her husband Blake fielder-Sevilla she went to rehab clinic, but after five days came out. Parents Amy was blamed it all on her husband, bum-musician. And his relatives were offered to fans of Amy Winehouse boycotted her work, until the pair gives up all the bad habits". • 50-th award ceremony "Grammy" Amy Winehouse was a winner on five nominations. The singer was denied for getting the visa for going to the USA, and the speech she made was broadcasted over television net. Some time later Amy started a rehabilitation course for Caribbean Villa Canadian singer Bryan Adams. But after some time the singer was hospitalized. She was diagnosed with emphysema of the lungs.
  16. 16. The reason for Amy's Death • The demise of the brightest figures in the Prime years of" always generates interest and spur myth-making. Amy Winehouse, the cause of death which shortly before her 28th birthday was one of the puzzles for the relatives of the singer, her fans and the police always had the ability to intrigue around his figure. • The ubiquitous paparazzi repeatedly recorded by the cameras, the winner of five Grammy“ using hard drugs, and once even a picture of ugly picture fights with participation of Amy and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil (Blake Fielder-Civil) took was taken. • Commentary: When 27-year-old person dies, it is difficult to assume, that the death has natural causes.
  17. 17. • The ubiquitous paparazzi repeatedly recorded by the cameras, the winner of five Grammy“ using hard drugs, and once even a picture of ugly picture fights with participation of Amy and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil (Blake Fielder-Civil) took was taken. • Commentary: When 27-year-old person dies, it is difficult to assume, that the death has natural causes.
  18. 18. • After sneaky Pinker tons London police classified the death of the singer "inexplicable“. Explanation of the Amy Winehouse`s death is killing while grief family mourned their girl, killed nobody know what (or whom?).the cause of death Amy Winehouse also killed the talented singer? • There were even those who managed to find out that the police in the apartment Amy were detected traces of men, whose identity is not established". • However, in addition, that "unidentified person" allegedly mixed the latest hell of a cocktail of alcohol and drugs", nothing was said. The cause of death of Amy Winehouse could be not a cocktail.
  19. 19. • The doctors who conducted the autopsy and Toxicological analysis, in confusion spread his hands and shrugged her shoulders. Amy Winehouse: a natural death? • When 27-year-old person dies, it is difficult to assume, that the death has natural causes. • However, three years before his death, the singer Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse) was in the hospital. And not in another clinic, as many might think, and in a hospital where she was diagnosed with a serious disease emphysema. • On July 23, 2011, tired and haggard, she told his aides that "feels bad", and in a few hours the guard could not Wake up. She "fell asleep". Forever.
  20. 20. • After a couple of months, in September of the same year, the singer's father expressed the assumption that the cause of death of his daughter became a heart attack is the result of alcohol detoxification. • Given the fact that the honorable Mitchell Winehouse (Mitchell Winehouse - husband pharmacist and the taxi driver, the version about why he died Amy Winehouse, should be viewed with caution.“ • There is no sense to speak anything but the truth", - thought Amy. It seems that the cremation of the body of the singer in the crematoria Golders green safely hid the truth about the true cause of death of Amy Winehouse from greedy to the scandals of the public, leaving intact only her immortal creative heritage.
  21. 21. Thank you Amy so much for your songs.. !!
  22. 22. Conclusion with achievements • Amy jade Winehouse is an English singer and songwriter, known for her powerful contralto vocals and eccentric performance mixture of musical genres including R&B, soul and jazz recognized by critics as one of the UK's leading performers of the 2000-ies.
  23. 23. • Pictures Amy Winehouse has twice won the Ivor Novello award, her first album, Frank (2003) was nominated for the Mercury Prize. 14 February 2007, the singer received a Brit Award as "the Best British singer" ("Best British Female Artist"). • The second album Back to Black has brought her 6 Grammy nominations and winnerings in 5 of them (including Record of the Year), after that she was entered in the Guinness Book of records as the first and only British singer, who has won five awards prize.
  24. 24. • In August 2011 album "Back to Black" was recognized as the most successful album of the 21st century in the UK. Winehouse has made a significant contribution to the promotion of soul music, and British music. Her memorable style in clothes made her a Muse for fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld.
  25. 25. Thank you for remembering of Amy Winehouse.