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Single Man's Guide to A Successful Valentine's Day

It's Just Lunch surveyed thousands of professional singles to develop this "little black book" to help single men navigate their way to a successful Valentine's Day!

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Single Man's Guide to A Successful Valentine's Day

  1. 1. T he little black book For Men Who Need the Answers to a Successful V alentine’s Day
  2. 2. The little black book Introduction “ Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun and romantic, but it often just ends up being a source of stress for guys. Navigating Valentine’s Day can feel like navigating a minefield. Women seem to have a secret recipe for how they want us to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but they never tell us what that recipe is, and we end up disappointing them. “ Alex Michel, The Bachelor Season #1 B ut it doesn’t have to be this way. Women don’t want Valentine’s Day to strike fear in the hearts of the men in their lives! They just want to know that they are special. Men, here are a few ideas to keep in mind to make sure your Valentine’s Day is successful and stress-free. A re you one of those guys who has a “Dating Season” i.e. you avoid dating from early November thru Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to worry about whether or not there will be family involvement with Thanksgiving, what to do about Christmas, and the expectations of Valentine’s Day? If so, this “black book” is for you. There is no reason to stop dating because of your desire to avoid the stress of the “Big Holiday”. Just The Facts: One of the most loved as well as hated holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day, can be a mixed bag for singles bombarded with media images of love and romance. The pressure of Valentine’s Day can be so great that, just to escape it, more than a third of single men surveyed by It’s Just Lunch avoid being in a relationship between Thanksgiving and February 14. “How Sad”.
  3. 3. One. THE BIG DECISIONS When do I have to make the Valentine’s Day move? When does she expect a gift? Should I ask someone out on a first date on Valentine’s Day? According to a survey of 2,378 singles. Get the answers here. ) • Should you ask someone out on a first date for Valentine’s Day? 41% of men said no way—too corny. Women, on the other hand, seem to have a different opinion. 62% of women said “Sure, why not?” and would accept a first date on Valentine’s Day. So ask that girl out that you met yesterday… on Valentine’s Day. • when should you ask someone out on a Valentine’s Date? A third of women expect a Valentine’s Date after they have been dating one month. But what if you have only been dating two weeks? Only 9% would expect a date. What The Experts SAY How long after you’ve been dating do you expect to have a definite Valentine’s Day date? 17% 21% 17% 9% 6 Months: 17% 9% 6 Months: 17% 3 Months: 21% 21% 29% 29% 3 Months: 21% 2 Months: 24% 2 Months: 24% 1 Month: 29% 24% 24% 1 Month: 29% 2 Weeks: 9% 2 Weeks: 9% “If you are newly dating someone, ignoring the holiday all together won’t work, just don’t go overboard. Instead of worrying about exchanging gifts, plan an activity you can do together and both enjoy. Tickets to a sporting event or concert is perfect... and it’s another guaranteed date night for the both of you!” —Sara Darling, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Cleveland “Yes, women put a lot of emphasis on Valentine’s Day. Some do become upset if they don’t get as big of a bouquet of flowers as their friend. This is just a fact you need to understand and live with. We know you think the holidays are overcommercialized, a profit maker for candy manufacturers and florists, but the day does matter to women.” —Tena Green, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Norfolk TIP: “Plan ahead. Women appreciate knowing that you put some effort into your planning. Show her you care and show her that you were thinking about her in advance of the big day, not just at the last minute on your way home from work.” Alex Michel, The Bachelor Season #1 Propoerty of It’s Just Lunch 2010 Survey Says: (
  4. 4. GO? STAY? EAT? Two. What do women consider a good Valentine’s date? Where do you take them? Do they want to go out and deal with the crowds or eat in? Survey Says: Don’t wait until the last minute to make restaurant reservations. •What is the perfect Valentine’s Date? Some of the most popular resAlmost 50% would rather go out to eat at taurants start taking reservations a nice restaurant. 364 days in advance. Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of 50% the year for restaurants. So unless 47% Preparing dinner you don’t mind eating at midnight, 40% together at home 40% 40% make restaurant reservations at LEAST two weeks before ValenNot celebrateing at all 3% 30% tine’s Day. So—that means...ask Spending evening with your date out at least two weeks 20% a single friend 4% before. Now if you can’t make this Evening at a trendy bar 5% happen, don’t sweat… just pick a 10% Dinner at a nice restaurant 47% less popular restaurant or become 5% 4% 3% chef for a night. 0 “What do men want to do on Valentine’s Day? Watch basketball or a movie. Have sex. The same thing they always want to do. What do women want to do? Something romantic that lets them (and their friends) know they are loved.” –Tina B. Tessina PhD What The Experts SAY “Cooking dinner (or even brunch!) can be a romantic activity to do together. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy chatting, chopping and dicing from the comfort of your own home. Even though this may be a routine activity, there is no reason it can’t be special. Just put a unique twist (cuisine from a favorite vacation destination, homemade pizzas) on your meal. It’s cheaper (and less crowded) then braving the restaurants on Valentine’s Day and can be a lot more fun!” –Jennifer Foster, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Denver Take it up a notch: “Leave a special note the night before which includes a message that will have her itching to get out of work early and looking forward to spending the evening with you. Put a note on your front door with instructions to enter without ringing (door unlocked). When she arrives at your place that evening, the scavenger hunt begins. Leave a trail of heart-shaped sugar candies (the kind you ate in grade school) with special instructions left at various points throughout your place. Have the last trail lead to you! Order dinner in or prepare it yourself (her favorite foods of course) and the rest of the evening is totally up to you!” –Maria Cephas, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, New York Propoerty of It’s Just Lunch 2010 TIP:
  5. 5. Three. What to Buy What do they want? What kind of gift should I buy? How much should I spend (based on the stage of the relationship)? Gifts: ( OK.. so what do you buy? ) 2 Weeks: 4% 4% 3 Months: 25% 40% of women do not expect a gift until you are in a committed relationship BUT the other 40% DO expect a gift after 3 months. After just two weeks, only 4% expect to receive something. 37% 25% 6 Months: 17% 1 Month: 17% 17% How long after you have been dating do you expect to receive a gift? 17% Only when in a committed relationship: 37% • With that being said women do want flowers. Over a third consider flowers and a card (with a handwritten note... not just your signature) the best Valentine’s Day gift. Another third would love a spa package or a nice piece of jewelry. • So what about LINGERIE? Well let’s just say “stay away from Victoria’s Secret”. Only 8% of the surveyed women consider this a great Valentine’s Day gift (perceived more for you than them)… Women seem to prefer the more romantic rather than the sexual on this special day. SAY “NO” to chocolate. months: Go for casual, but sincere. You’re still getting to know each other. Now is NOT the time to splurge on something grand and expensive. The other person would be in an awkward position if they didn’t get you something similar. You want to come across as thoughtful, not over-compensating. Women don’t want chocolate for a Valentine’s Day gift despite what the media is telling you. Only 4% put a box of chocolate on their Valentine’s Day ideal gift list. WHY? Giving chocolate makes you look like you waited until the last minute to pick up a gift and then picked it up at the local supermarket. No thought. the stage of your relationship should dictate the type of gift. Less than three Survey Says: How much money do you expect to spend on Valentine’s Day? 35% 28% 30% 33% Over $100: 20% 25% $50-$100: 33% 20% $25-$50: 28% 15% 10% 5% 9% 10% 20% Under $25: 10% None: 9% 0 Remember: your gift sends a signal about your investment in the relationship... Women want to feel like you put some thought into the gift selection. Propoerty of It’s Just Lunch 2010 • What is an acceptable amount of money to spend on a Valentine’s Day gift? There are no hard and fast rules. More importantly,
  6. 6. What to Buy cont’d Three. What do they want? What kind of gift should I buy? How much should I spend (based on the stage of the relationship)? What the experts Say: “And...despite trendy grumbling from the ‘roses are cheesy’ crowd, remember that no woman is ever, ever upset at receiving a bouquet! As for a love letter, forget the Hallmark cards and don’t even THINK about sending an email. Instead, find something really beautiful and unique, then actually write on it. You know, with a pen.” –Jacquie Brownridge, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Vancouver “With email, texting, facebook, tweeting, g-chat, etc. communication with your significant other can often be impersonal. Write an old-fashioned love letter this Valentine’s Day (not typed but in your own handwriting) on how happy you are to have her in your life and why you enjoy being together. It’s a simple gesture that she’ll really appreciate.” –Brenna Rick, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Minneapolis Survey Says: What is the best Valentine’s Day present 35% 30% 32% 29% 25% 27% Spa package 29% 20% Sexy Lingerie 8% 15% Box of chocolates 4% 10% 5% Piece of jewelry 27% 8% 4% 0 Flowers and a card 32% TIP: Be thoughtful. Make your Valentine’s Day celebration as specific and personal as possible. Show her that you understand and value the things that make her unique. Do something that shows you’ve been listening carefully -she’ll often give you clues! Alex Michel, The Bachelor Season #1 Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, the cheesiest holiday of the year. It is based around love, hearts, sappy poems, flowers, and all that other delightfully gushy stuff. Quit running from this fact and just embrace it. Take any idea and mock it, make it ridiculous. Are you thinking of making dessert? Bake heart-shaped cookies. Want to give her flowers? Leave a trail of petals throughout the house. This is the time of year when silly really works in your favor. –Andrew Wang, blogger From the ladies… What’s the best gift you have ever received? “Cool champagne bucket with a bottle of chilled champagne”, “Travel bag (for our future trips together)”, “A poem”, “All-day spa treatment”, “A hand-drawn Valentine’s Day card with a frame to put it in”, “A custom glass heart from www.collecthearts.com”, “Donation to my favorite charity in my name”. Propoerty of It’s Just Lunch 2010 • Take it Over The Top...
  7. 7. FLYING SOLO Four. What should you do if you aren’t dating someone? Should I stay in or should I go out? Just the Facts: Over 40% of the adult population is single. Get out there. Have fun. There IS someone out there for you. You can’t meet anyone sitting at home in front of a computer. Head to your local health club. No better place to meet a women who takes care of herself and is confident in herself to be out on Valentine’s Day without a date. The Experts SAY “This Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a significant other, there are plenty of other people in your life who might appreciate being remembered on Valentine’s Day. Your best friend, your sister, your grandmother.” –Jacquie Brownridge, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Vancouver TIP: “Don’t sit at home! 50% of the people out that night are single. Go have fun! The more fun you have, the more attractive you are!” –Pamela Lanier, It’s Just Lunch dating specialist, Columbus BYOB {booze or bachelorette} Whoever says that Valentine’s Day is only reserved for couples who are madly in love? If you’re single and do not have a date, don’t fret. Take this day to focus on yourself. Do something that makes you feel good; after all you’ve worked hard and you deserve to take care of you. Salons for men these days can do the full works for you… a haircut, a facial massage, a good shave and a mani/ pedi that will leave you begging for more. If this is not “man” enough, ok I get it. Why don’t you then head to the nearest showroom and test drive that Audi R8 that you’ve been eyeing ever since that Iron Man movie? Anisa Hassan, It’s Just Lunch Dating Specialist, Asia • What do you recommend singles do if they don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? Dr. Jaymie Matthews—Mission Scientist—Canadian Space Agency, Astrophysics professor (Rocket Scientist) at University of British Columbia says “Phone It’s Just Lunch and start planning for the next one. There is a location near you and so is that special someone.” Propoerty of It’s Just Lunch 2010 Host a party and ask each unattached guest to bring along someone of the opposite sex as well as something to drink and a favorite food. Just because your friend might not have found a love connection with this person, doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t be right for you or another party guest.

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It's Just Lunch surveyed thousands of professional singles to develop this "little black book" to help single men navigate their way to a successful Valentine's Day!


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