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ITpreneurs’ DevOps Portfolio- Professionalizing DevOps Skills


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ITpreneurs’ DevOps Portfolio- Professionalizing DevOps Skills

  1. 1. ITpreneurs’ DevOps Portfolio Professionalizing DevOps Skills
  2. 2. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 2 It’s DevOps! It’s DevOps! It’s DevOps! It’s DevOps! “DevOps is development and operations collaboration” “DevOps is using automation” “DevOps is small deployments” “DevOps is treating infrastructure” “DevOps is feature switches” “Kanban for Ops” DevOps is Many Things to Many People...
  3. 3. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 3 DevOps is a CULTURAL and OPERATIONAL model that fosters COLLABORATION to ENABLE high-performance IT to ACHIEVE business goals.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 4 Source: puppet.com / 2016 state of DevOps report 200x More frequent deployments over peers 2,555x Faster lead time over peers 3x Lower failure rate 24x Faster mean time to recover 29% More time spent on new things Organizations are adopting DevOps Because it Delivers Value
  5. 5. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 5 DevOps ITIL And as there is Value, Adoption of DevOps in Organizations is Increasing
  6. 6. The Skills Required for DevOps are Different from the Skills Organizations Possess Today
  7. 7. To succeed in DevOps, organizations require T-shaped professionals Cross functional skills Deep knowledge and understanding of their domain Professionals with a broad set of skills who can take on multiple roles
  8. 8. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 8 Who are excited to work in a cross functional team and take on end-end responsibilities Engineer Tester Sysadmin
  9. 9. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 9 Professionals who are keen to learn fast in a rapidly moving environment Coding, Automation tools, Scripting, Understanding the customer, Scale Collaboration and involvement in all areas from design to operations New releases of tools multiple times a year. Knowledge of the end-end process Behavior Skills Knowledge
  10. 10. “The ITpreneurs DevOps portfolio is designed to support the transformational process individuals, teams, and organizations experience”
  11. 11. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 11 Sees the bigger picture, addresses larger problems that support the organization From Novice to Expert - ITpreneurs offers a broad and growth oriented DevOps portfolio Understanding of principles, terminology and vocabulary Ability to weather DevOps problems and find solutions to these challenges are able to craft their own strategy based on intuition Ability to absorb advice based on context Professional Novice Expert
  12. 12. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 12 A portfolio that also recognizes the linkages between DevOps and other domains Lean and Agile methods are enablers of DevOps and help IT organizations to cut waste, shorten the time to market, and increase value to the business. Agile DevOps Lean ITIL
  13. 13. ITpreneurs DevOps portfolio is built around the following programs At the heart of the ITpreneurs portfolio. DASA builds skills and knowledge relevant for any devops professional, team, and organization As ITIL is core to any operations professional, ITpreneurs supports professionals with this core body of knowledge The DevOps ITSM course provides the bridge between ITSM and DevOps Lean IT provides the capabilities required to continuously improve and reduce waste Cloud is also an enabler of DevOps, and ITpreneurs supports the Cloud Credential Council
  14. 14. Featured product - DASA DevOps Fundamentals classroom DEMO ● DevOps training is the starting point for an organization going on the DevOps journey. Improved workflows and faster deployment starts with a core understanding of DevOps fundamental concepts by anyone involved in an agile and/or DevOps team ● Intense and practical 3 day classroom training program ● ITpreneurs provides printable courseware licenses, ebooks or printed books. ● Instructors benefit from extensive Train the Trainer programs, and comprehensive ‘instructor packages’ with relevant guidance on how to deliver this course.
  15. 15. Featured product - DASA DevOps Fundamentals eLearning DEMO ● The DevOps Fundamentals eLearning course is a core building block for any organization who wants to adopt DevOps practices and train a large group of people quickly and effectively ● 24 hours of self-paced online learning ● Accessible on mobile, tablet, computer ● Fun and engaging learning, with quizzes, exercises, interactive learning elements ● Audio and narration available depending on your choice of learning ● Created by DevOps experts who also appear on videos throughout this course
  16. 16. Featured product - DASA DevOps Practitioner classroom DEMO ● DevOps Practitioners demonstrate mastery of the skills required to operate successfully in a DevOps team ● A practical 2-day training program that is relevant for anyone who contributes to and takes responsibilities within a DevOps team. ● During the course the core skills necessary for DevOps professionals Courage, Leadership, Teambuilding, Continuous Improvement are discussed in great detail ● The Practitioner course builds on the core terminology and concepts provided in the DevOps Fundamentals program
  17. 17. Featured product - DevOps and ITSM course DEMO ● You know ITSM and are interested in better understanding DevOPs. This 1- day program focuses on sharing the essential knowledge of DevOps and positions it against familiar ITSM concepts. ● Presentations and intense case studies help to better understand the impact of DevOps concepts ● During this course several example journeys are explained helping the audience become more familiar with DevOps transformation initiatives DevOps and ITSM (ITIL®) DevOps Journey Examples DevOps ITSM Contribution of ITIL® and DevOps Introduction to DASA
  18. 18. Introducing the DevOps Agile Skills Association at the heart of the ITpreneurs DevOps portfolio supporting organizations in the ultimate search for flow in the delivery of IT services
  19. 19. About the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) DASA is an independent and open association supporting the development of high-performance IT organizations through agile DevOps initiatives. DASA offers thought leadership as well as practical guidance for competence development for professionals and organizations.
  20. 20. Copyright © 2016 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. Independent and Open, as every forerunner is invited to participate in the development of quality DevOps certification programs 1. Industry experts participated in a working group to design DASA syllabi 2. Creating a certification outline, is a matter of prioritizing and many heart to heart discussions to come to a best in class professional certification 3. The end-result now touches thousands and thousands of people who get certified every year in DASA certifications
  21. 21. DASA is an open and member oriented association that supports DevOps skill development
  22. 22. The following six principles sketch the core ingredients defined by DASA for organizations to operate effectively in a DevOps environment
  23. 23. The DASA competence framework helps individuals, team, and organizations develop relevant skills 1- Novice / 2- Competent / 3- Proficient / 4 - Expert / 5 - Master Knowledge Areas Skill Areas Courage Teambuilding DevOps Leadership Continuous improvement Business Value Optimization Business Analysis Architecture & Design Programming Continuous Delivery Test Specification Infrastructure Engineering Security, Risk & Compliance Knowledge Areas Skills Areas 23
  24. 24. There are 4 DevOps identified skill areas Courage Evangelism, coaching, self-confidence, proactivity, reflection, trust, open discussions, experimentation, fail fast, courage to change Teambuilding Understand the other’s point of view, collaboration, mutual accountability, common purpose, ability to integrally support the service/product DevOps Leadership Facilitating teams to high performance, humility, transparency, Service lifecycle mindset, Stakeholder management Continuous improvement Today we do our work better than yesterday, kaizen mindset, quality at the source, first time right, knowledge-sharing, adaptiveness
  25. 25. And these skills are supported by 8 knowledge areas Business Value Optimization Use of the IT service in real life, including direct feedback loop of user comments to team, service level management, definition of done, business activity/performance monitoring, business case management Business Analysis Functional requirements, non-functional requirements, longer term development of business process (based on translation of market developments), data analysis, refinement Architecture & Design Ensuring fit between developments and current situation, overall service design, patterns & styles Programming Software engineering mastery, everything as code, data management Continuous Delivery Automated testing, deployment and release management, configuration management, version control, cloud, containerization, feature-driven delivery Test Specification Design of test cases, test concepts, Infrastructure Engineering Technical monitoring, performance management (e.g load balancing etc.), capacity and availability management, reliability engineering, cloud, containerization Security, Risk & Compliance Security, service continuity planning
  26. 26. The DASA Qualification program DevOps: Fundamentals DevOps Specialization: Specify and Verify Devops Specialization: Enable and Scale DevOps Specialization: Create and Deliver DevOps: Practitioner Novice Master Competent Proficient Expert 5 Master 2 Competent 3 Proficient 4 Expert 1 Novice 3 days 2 days 2 days 3 days2 days
  27. 27. DevOps Fundamentals Builds the Essential Knowledge Required to start a DevOps Journey DASA DevOps Fundamentals provides an extensive introduction to the core agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by DASA. The ITpreneurs DevOps Fundamentals course is a practical and hands-on 3-day training program that builds an understanding of all 12 areas of the DASA competence model. Programming Business value Optimization Business Analysis Test Specification Continuous Delivery Security, Risk, Compliance Infrastructure Engineering Architecture and Design Courage Teambuilding Continuous Improvement DevOps Leadership
  28. 28. Entry Points into DevOps Fundamentals DASA DevOps Fundamentals Starting point for everyone in a DevOps Journey ● Provides core DevOPs vocabulary ● Understand DevOps Principles ITIL Foundation Experience in IT Service Management ● Service management professionals ITSM DevOps Course Understanding key aspects of a cloud enabled environment ● Starting point in a digital transformation initiative Optional route Lean IT Foundation Cloud Technology Associate Building the bridge between DevOps and ITSM Entering DevOps from a process optimization and improvement aspect ● Lean principles help to create optimal value streams Agile/Scrum Experience in Software Development ● Coders / engineers / testers
  29. 29. The DevOps Practitioner Qualification Demonstrates Mastery of the Skills Necessary to Operate Successfully in any DevOps Team Practitioner builds on the Fundamentals certification which provides the core vocabulary and understanding of DevOps principles. With this core set of knowledge in hand, the DevOps Practitioner certification allows professionals to demonstrate their leadership skills, the ability to act with courage, improve themselves every day, and work in concert with their peers. DevOps Practitioner is for those craftsmen who want to demonstrate mastery of their art. Programming Business value Optimization Business Analysis Test Specification Continuous Delivery Security, Risk, Compliance Infrastructure Engineering Architectu re and Design Courage Teambuilding Continuous Improvement DevOps Leadership
  30. 30. Copyright © 2016 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. DevOps Practitioner - the Next Step After Fundamentals DASA DevOps Fundamentals DASA DevOps Practitioner Starting point for everyone in a DevOps Journey ● Provides core DevOPs vocabulary ● Understand DevOps Principles Demonstrate mastery of the skills required to operate successfully in a team ● Act with courage ● Operate as a team ● Improve every day ● Demonstrate leadership DASA DevOps Create and Deliver DASA DevOps Enable and Scale DASA DevOps Specify and Verify Mastery of development and deployment Mastery of scaling teams and organizations Mastery of architecting and designing DevOps solutions
  31. 31. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 31 Coming Later this Year DASA DevOps:Specify and Verify Focus on creating user stories, backlog, requirements for developments, test planning DASA DevOps:Enable and Scale Focus on scaling DevOps initiatives. Designed for coaches and leaders who need to mature and scale organizations DASA DevOps:Create and Deliver Focus on automation, automation, automation
  32. 32. “The Cloud Credential Council, and Lean IT Association provide relevant complementary training programs to DASA ”
  33. 33. Copyright © 2015 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. The Lean IT Association Lean IT Association (LITA) is a non-profit organization founded by three Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) - ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant, Quint Wellington Redwood and three Examination Institutes (EIs) - APMG, EXIN, PEOPLECERT International Ltd. To realize its broader purpose LITA aims to provide: An industry-standard set of Lean IT reference materials and other resources for practitioner organizations to use; A certification scheme aimed at practitioner organizations looking to adopt Lean IT principles in the IT Service development and operations department as well as professionals that want to be certified in Lean IT on various levels.
  34. 34. Copyright © 2015 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. Know Know and Apply Implement and strategize FoundationPractitionerAdvanced Lean IT Foundation ● IT consultant ● Process manager ● (devops) engineer ● operations manager ● system administrator ● network administrator ● project manager ● business manager ● program manager ● database administrator ● change manager ● Continuous improvement ITpreneurs Lean IT Portfolio ● release manager ● technical support staff ● configuration manager ● availability manager ● business continuity manager ● service owner ● service level manager ● service manager ● IT manager ● IT quality manager Lean IT Coach Lean IT KaizenLean IT Leadership ● IT consultants ● Value stream owner ● Process owner ● Enterprise architect ● Program managers ● Service owners ● Mid-level manager ● team members tasked with Lean IT activities ● Practice leads ● Advocate of lean principles
  35. 35. Copyright © 2014 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. CCC - Cloud Credential Council The CCC is independent and vendor neutral, with membership that includes user organizations, vendors, professional associations and international certification bodies. The CCC has developed a professional certification program for cloud and Big Data. The Gold Standard for Cloud Practitioners. Practice led teaching in Cloud Computing. Internationally recognized course syllabi developed in consultation with leading technology vendors. Courses authored and maintained by experienced, practice led, experts.
  36. 36. Copyright © 2014 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. The CCC Qualification portfolio
  37. 37. Copyright © 2017 ITpreneurs. All rights reserved. l 37