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Using social networks in reputation management A study on the governmental organizations in United Arab Emirates - Dr. Ahmed Farouk RADWAN

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Using social networks in reputation management A study on the governmental organizations in United Arab Emirates - Dr. Ahmed Farouk RADWAN

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Using social networks in reputation management A study on the governmental organizations in United Arab Emirates - Dr. Ahmed Farouk RADWAN

  1. 1. Using social networks in reputation management Dr. Ahmed Farouk RADWAN
  2. 2. Using social networks in reputation management A study on the governmental organizations in United Arab Emirates Dr. Ahmed Farouk Radwan Assistant Professor, college of communication Sharjah University , UAE
  3. 3. •This study aims at exploring how governmental organizations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) use their facebook accounts as a social network to communicate with the audience, as well as identifying the strategies used on Facebook to build good reputation for these organizations. • UAE is one of the pioneering countries in the middle east in e-government applications and services. It also has an initiative to transform its services to smart government to achieve a virtual government through the provision of high-quality customer focused eServices for individuals, businesses and government departments. •It has made a remarkable worldwide achievement in the field of e- government according to the UN e-government Survey 2012, which focuses on the role of e-government in sustainable development.
  4. 4. •The United Arab Emirates has developed a federal e- government strategic framework for 2012-2014 that charts out the initiatives and courses of action the government intends to take over a period of three years. UAE Vision 2021: which drives the UAE to be one of the best countries in the world. http://www.vision2021.ae UAE Government Strategy 2011-2013: that aims at putting citizens first and developing an accountable and innovative government. (UAE government strategy 2012-2014). http://www.moca.gov.ae
  5. 5. The UAE is ranked first among Arab countries with 45% of its population owning Facebook accounts, in addition to being among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of Facebook penetration. http://www.uaeinteract.com UAE governmental organizations develop their social networking participation by guiding the "Guidelines for Social Media Usage" which provides the government entities with policy guidelines on how to use social media tools in responsible, safe and effective manners to communicate with their clients and public and engage them in designing/delivering government programs and services. http://www.fahr.gov.ae/Portal/Userfiles/Assets/Documents/884dd373.pdf
  6. 6. •The problem of the study: The problem of the study is how governmental organizations in UAE use facebook accounts to interact with the audience and what strategies are used to build relationships with them. •The study Objectives: Exploring how governmental organizations in the UAE use their accounts on facebook to communicate and to interact with citizens. Analyzing the content and exploring the medium used to communicate with the users. Identifying the role of social media in building government reputation.
  7. 7. •The study sample: The sample was selected from the list of the UAE government website ( http://www.government.ae ), which includes links to Facebook accounts and other sites of many UAE governmental organizations. The researcher has chosen 40 organizations of the following four categories: •Ministries. •Federal authorities, •Councils. •Public services authorities. •Municipalities.
  8. 8. •Methodology : The study uses qualitative approach in monitoring and analyzing content of the Fcebook accounts. The researcher has analyzed the following categories: oCommunication strategies. oThe goals of the messages. oTypes of interactions. oTypes of images and videos
  9. 9. Results
  10. 10. Information strategy Dialogue strategy Persuasion strategy Integration strategy Communication strategies
  11. 11. Communication strategies the following strategies can be identified: •Information strategy : This strategy aims at providing information about the organization and disseminates news about its events and activities. •Dialogue strategy: The purpose of this strategy is to interact with the users in order to identify their opinions and attitudes , and provide an opportunity for them to comment on the news and information that is posted on the page.
  12. 12. •Awareness and persuasion strategy: This strategy aims to support awareness campaigns carried out by organizations and government bodies, and convince them to adopt certain behaviors or ideas in the fields of health, environment, security and others. •Integration strategy: •This strategy aims to integrate with the organization's other media through: oPosting links for the organization's official website and other accounts on social networking sites. oPosting links for news websites that had published reports about the organization.
  13. 13. Building good image and reputation for the organization Presenting the organization and its services and activities. Presenting the organization top management Engaging the users in an interactive dialogue with the organization Message
  14. 14. Message The message objectives: Building good image and reputation for the organization. Presenting the organization and its services and activities. Presenting the organization top management. Engaging the users in an interactive dialogue with the organization.
  15. 15. Message tools: Texts: Texts include: oNews about the organization. oGuidelines or instructions . oSocial activities. oGreetings to the public on religious and national occasions. oCustomer serves phone numbers and emails. oAgenda of activities and events. News Customer Services Instructions
  16. 16. •Photos: •Photos of top management leaders. •Photos of special events such as exhibitions opening or social activities or seminars. •Pictures of organization slogans or communication campaigns. •Greeting Cards of special religious or national occasions. • Pictures of organization's logo.
  17. 17. •Videos: •Documentaries about the organization. •Meetings, conferences and lectures. •Television interviews with organization officials. •Television advertisements.
  18. 18. Interaction •There are many forms of interactions which classified as follows: •Writing comments supporting what is published on the account. •Writing suggestions about different governmental services provided by the organization. •Asking questions and inquiries about the provided services. •Sharing moments of national and religious occasions or greeting the organization on its special occasions. •Writing comment on posts and issues raised by the organization on its web page about matters particularly related to its services.
  19. 19. 12.9 26.5 11.1 3.5 15 13.7 2.2 4.6 7.4 6.5 top management news instructions congratulations photos links polls discussions vedio advertisments Types of contents
  20. 20. news persons cards logos 60% 17% 23% EVENTS STATMENTS CAMPAIGNS Types of photos Types of videos
  21. 21. 42% 32% 26% links to website tinks to news links to youtube Types of links
  22. 22. Conclusion: •Through qualitative analysis, the study found explicit interest of the governmental organizations in UAE to use their Facebook accounts to interact with the public and provide information about services ,activities and initiatives. •The study found that governmental organizations in the UAE use social accounts as an integrated media for their campaigns and activities that they carry out. •The study discovered that UAE governmental organizations use their Facebook accounts to build good reputation by building relationships, updating news feed ,responding to comments , posting positive information , social engagement ,uploading recent photos and videos for their projects.
  23. 23. A Model For Smart Public Relations A model for smart public relations could be presented depending on the type of media used by the organization to communicate with the audience. public relations could be described for three types:
  24. 24. •Traditional Public Relations: Relies on traditional tools of communication in Public Relations, using print media like magazines, newsletters, reports and brochures, as well as direct contacts with individuals or groups. When using traditional means, it is non-interactive one way communication. •Electronic Public Relations: Relies on the use of the website of the organization in dissemination of news and information through texts, hyperlinks and multimedia such as video and graphics. When using electronic tools, it is interactive tow ways of communication. •Smart Public Relations: Relies on web 2 applications, such as tools of social media sites. Also depends on applications compatible with tablet computers and smart phones. The audience can interact with Public Relations as well as with other users and form a virtual community of the organization. this applies the concept of dialogue in public relations.
  25. 25. THANK YOU Ahmed Farouk Radwan aradwan@sharjah.ac.ae @gmail.com1 ahmedfr Ahmedfr.blpgspot.com Twitter #ahmedfradwan Instagram ahmedfradwan 00971558101350 00201001419313