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Mark Hillary Campus Party Presentation 2013

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Mark Hillary's presentation at Campus Party São Paulo 2013.
Mark was presenting for the UKBrasil Season. His talk was about how companies can more effectively use social media.
This presentation was delivered by Mark Hillary on Jan 29 2013 in São Paulo, Brasil.

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Mark Hillary Campus Party Presentation 2013

  1. 1. Modern business: Conquistandonovosclientesatravés das mídiassociaisCampus Party, São Paulo 29/01/2013 Mark Hillary (@markhillary)
  2. 2. Quemsoueu? I’m a writer. And I’m British. I’ve written several books about technology. And blogs. For people like the Huffington Post, Reuters, and the London 2012 Olympics. My company in Brazil helps companies to create great social content – CEOs trust us to create their blogs. I don’t pretend to be a “social media guru”, I just work with real companies
  3. 3. Social media is all around • All your customers are touched by social media in some way during their life each day • TV channels, bus companies, the metrô, shops, restaurants, even the police are using it • So it can’t be avoided… BUT there are many companies still struggling to make the most of it
  4. 4. The challenge? It is not social media itself, it’s PEOPLE 1. Social media tools are evolving rapidly 2. Social tools require more than technical skills 3. Many companies are run by people who grew up before the Internet 4. People need guidance, but there are many “gurus” out there
  5. 5. It’s a complex issue • Companies don’t understand it very well • Social media is not social networking •Customers are no longer just consumers •Customer service now has multiple functions
  6. 6. Social media – step by step 1. What kind of company are you? 2. What do you want – or need – to achieve from a social strategy? 3. How are you going to measure success?
  7. 7. [Step 1] Type of company • Are you big / small? • B2B or B2C? [business to business or business to consumer] For today, let’s forget about regulated industries, public sector, charities…
  8. 8. Different companies / needs BIG B2B SMALL/MED B2B BIG B2C SMALL/MED B2C
  9. 9. [Step 2] What do you want? The bottom line is usually more customers and more money, but what do we want to achieve *using* social media? Communications, marketing, sales, hiring, branding, broadcasting information, advertising, engagement, leads? HOW can you use these strategies?
  10. 10. [Step 3] Measuring success How are you going to measure if your social media plans are working? Success looks different depending on your company. Do you want a bigger community of fans? Do you want happier customers? Do you want more loyal customers? Do you want more productive employees?
  11. 11. Big Business to Consumer (B2C) Typical Actions • Big marketing campaigns • Marketing diverted from other channels to social activity Typical Measurement • Ultimately, sales figures of consumer products in markets where social activities are used to promote the brand
  12. 12. Big Business to Consumer (B2C) Typical Failures • Jumping on back of news to sell • Asking people without a deep knowledge of the brand to manage SocMed • Not being around – customers are not 9-5 •Not defending the brand Example: American Apparel, Hurricane Sandy
  13. 13. Big Business to Business (B2B) Typical Actions • Create industry thought leadership • Engage with the influencers in their industry, the people who advise or influence corporate customers Typical Measurement • Mostly engagement - are analysts, journalists, advisors interested?
  14. 14. Big Business to Business (B2B) Typical Failures • Corporate PR overload ‘have a nice day’ photos on Facebook… who cares? • Selling or just broadcasting rather than engaging with key influencers – too much information can be seen as spam Example: fake account @BPGlobalPR had more followers than the real BP channels after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  15. 15. Small/Medium B2B Typical Actions • Create industry thought leadership • Enhance traditional PR and create a deeper relationship with journalists and bloggers • Directly finding potential customers Typical Measurement • Visibility in media as a result of online activity and relationships created
  16. 16. Small/Medium B2B Typical Failures • Just broadcasting information… nobody really cares, it becomes spam • Failing to target the key people - you need to inform people who can reach customers • Relying entirely on SocMed alone Example: trying to ride the news cycle with surveys and useless information, more spam
  17. 17. Small/Medium B2C Typical Actions • Community building, creating fans • Using the community to host events • Timely offers to stimulate sales Typical Measurement • Size and engagement of community – can you create a small amount of income each year from each online ‘fan’
  18. 18. Small/Medium B2C Typical Failures • Irrelevant content • Poorly timed content •Being too corporate Examples: Too many to mention, how many restaurants and bars ask you to ‘check-in’ yet never give you anything. Why bother?
  19. 19. Points to remember 1. You are in business, not social media 2. Don’t measure on social numbers alone… • More followers doesn’t mean you sell more • Think of real social engagement and leads • Think carefully about your online interactions 3. SocMed DOES NOT replace the real world
  20. 20. Most importantly, LISTEN!
  21. 21. Most importantly, LISTEN!
  22. 22. Most importantly, LISTEN! Good or bad, your customers are talking about you right now…
  23. 23. Summary – step by step 1. What kind of company are you? 2. What do you want to achieve from the use of social media? 3. How are you going to measure it? SocMed is now important, but remember the real world still exists!
  24. 24. about.me/markhillarytwitter: @markhillarymail@markhillary.com InglaterraxBrasil - futebole “Beatles Essentials” ao vivo! 06/02 no Queens Head, Pinheiros http://j.mp/FuteboleBeatles
  25. 25. Photo Credits (all cc licensed): Flávio - Mercado Municipal http://www.flickr.com/photos/fstoaldo/7634493554/ Mike Krzeszak - crowd http://www.flickr.com/photos/portland_mike/6140660504/ MailChimp - Thumb http://www.flickr.com/photos/freddievonchimp/4774020533/ Krystal Fleming - Skittles http://www.flickr.com/photos/special/121568/ Benjamin Thompson - money http://www.flickr.com/photos/beija/4780633040/ Les Chatfield - rail track http://www.flickr.com/photos/elsie/10166950/ Mike Rammell - elephant http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikerammell/5878977346/