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Inovação FIERGS Porto Alegre - Mark Hillary

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31 October 2012. Mark Hillary talking at FIERGS in Porto Alegre, Brazil, about the use of social media during the London Olympic games in 2012.

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Inovação FIERGS Porto Alegre - Mark Hillary

  1. 1. FIERGS: IndústriaCreativa Mark Hillary Cobertura dos JogosOlímpicosPelas MidiasSociais Porto Alegre: 31/10/2012
  2. 2. Mark Hillary… writer? •9 books on technology &globalisation •London Olympic blogger •Blog for Reuters, Huffington Post •Teach MBA at LSBU •Shortlisted UK blogger of the year 2009/2011 •Advisor on content, social media, publishing… itdecs.com
  3. 3. London 2012 ? What was the impact of social media on the Olympic games and what can we learn from it?
  4. 4. Beijing 2008?•iPhone still only months old• 3G enabled phones fairly rare•Facebook hit 100m users in Aug 2008• 200,000 active Twitter users, 3m tweets / day• Chinese govt controls on social media• No photo-sharing tools like Instagram• Olympic experience mainly ‘broadcast’
  5. 5. London 2012 : What was different?• Infrastructure• Social media• No government controls• IOC Athlete’s hubLet’s look at each of these…
  6. 6. Infrastructure• 27m iPhones sold in last 3months!• 500m Android smart devicessold since 2008 with 1.3m newdevices coming online DAILY• Public are carrying smartphones, computers with greatcameras… 8 megapixels iscommon now on a phone• And London was ready…communications companiesexpected enormous traffic!
  7. 7. Social Media•Facebook now has over 1bn active users• Over half of Facebook users mostly use it froma mobile device• 500m active Twitter users generating over340m Tweets every day•Instagram now has over 100m users, over 1bnphotos uploaded… now about 58 new photosper second
  8. 8. Twitter use during London 2012Note: indicative based on selected key words – not absolute figuresSource: BBC
  9. 9. Government Controls• Effectively none… no central governmentcontrol of social media use – within all normallaws (threat, abuse, libel etc)• Some local controls were created during theOlympic games for security – such as Athlete X isnow at venue Y and travelling to location Z, butin reality even security was very light touch
  10. 10. IOC Athlete’s Hubhub.olympic.orgEvery athleteEvery teamEvery sportEvery disciplineOpen, free, available to all…
  11. 11. IOC Athlete’s Hub462 Team GB athletes!
  12. 12. IOC Athlete’s Hub162 Team Brazil athletes!
  13. 13. Lessons learned• Content is being consumed differently – peoplewant two-way communication, feedback• Broadcast is no longer enough… check theonline backchannel during live TV for proof• Consumers are also creators – CREATIVES!• Citizen journalists are often the first at anevent – witness #sandy this week
  14. 14. Thoughts for Brazil• Terra was the only digitalbroadcaster at London 2012• Terra pumped their OBS feedstraight online allowing fansaccess to any sport live at anytime – fans filtered on their phone• This approach combined withtools like the BBC Olympic Appwill define how Rio 2016 isexperienced
  15. 15. Next 4 years?• More smart phones – doublingyear on year in Brazil atpresent… smart phone will nolonger be a luxury• 4G… much faster Internetfrom phones• Focus on phone forentertainment, TV, contacts, music, information, advertising• Greater desire for filtering ofinformation
  16. 16. Observations The way people get information has changed The way people find work and work is changing People curate and filter – they are editors Phone is becoming a central point of information, access, payment, The public is creative… how does that change the creative industries?
  17. 17. Muito obrigado!www.markhillary.commail@markhillary.com @markhillary