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10 ways to increase your magazine sales

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By watching hundreds of magazines launches in recent months we learned a couple of useful tips and tricks on increasing magazine sales. They’re all possible with your Issue Stand subscription so you can start selling more tomorrow!

10 ways to increase your magazine sales

  1. 1. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. 10 ways to increase your magazine sales
  2. 2. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #1 Sell subscriptions Basing on our experiences, subscriptions can be a big part of revenue stream. They’re also auto- renewable — it means that your readers stay with you for a longer period of time because it’s easy and fast. They don’t have to order a new issue every month and confirm in-app purchases. New issue simply appears on their iPad with no additional actions required.  We dug into statistics of one of our clients and as you can see on the chart above, more than 40% of this magazine revenue comes from subscriptions: Read full article
  3. 3. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #2 Give your readers a free subscription trial Each of 6 months and annual subscriptions has an option to give your reader a free subscription trial. You can offer a trial for one, two or three months. After the trial expires and your reader doesn’t cancel subscription during free trial, the subscription will be renewed for a full price. It’s a great way to give your readers a look on your content so they can see if they are really interested in and want to stay with you in a long term.  Read full article
  4. 4. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #3 Give your readers free samples This point works really well for small magazine brands. If someone who didn’t previously read your content and just found your magazine in the App Store comes to your app, he would love to see what is it about. Free samples of first 10-15 pages are a great way to show readers what you offer and if you engage reader with the first page of great interview or awesome article, he would be more tempted to buy full issue. You can always add free sample with Issue Stand. Just cut your magazine pages to desired size, upload to Issue Stand and set the price to “Free”. It’s that simple. Read full article
  5. 5. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #4 Sell your archives for a lower price The great thing about digital distribution is the fact that it doesn’t cost you anything to “print” your magazine. You can sell archives issues with no additional costs and I’m sure that fans of your magazine would be more than happy to catch up on older content. Lowering the prices of archival issues is a great way to encourage your readers to take a look on them. Once they read latest issue and need more, giving them discount on older issues helps you keep your readers engaged for longer and at the same time increase your revenue. Read full article
  6. 6. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #5 Improve your App Store discoverability There is one more advantage of digital publishing: your magazine is now available worldwide, in every small city and for everyone. That gives you an excellent opportunity to get discovered by new readers. App Store and Newsstand are awesome, but is there a way to be higher in Top Charts or Search? We know there is. Checkout our latest blog post about promoting your application to increase your sales in no time. Read full article
  7. 7. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #6 Remind your readers about issue with Push You probably know this pattern very well: you download an app, hide it on the 5th page of your Home Screen on the iPad and forget about it. That’s when Push Notifications come handy. Whenever you publish a new issue or free sample, let your readers know by sending them notification. Read full article It’s really easy and free with Issue Stand. Learn how to send Push Notification in our Support Center.
  8. 8. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #7 Work on your cover Many people will decide to buy a magazine an impulse buy after seeing the cover, since it gives them a glimpse of the contents. Your cover should be physically suitable for display, prominently showing your logo and tagline and offering a sneak peek of the contents with eye- catching copy. Don’t be afraid to test different elements of your cover and identify the combination that works best with your readers. You can also change your cover multiple times during one month to see which one converts on higher sales. Read full article
  9. 9. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #8 Make use of additional, interactive content A couple of weeks before I wrote about Interactivity in your magazine application and why it’s important. Giving a free sample and enhancing it with additional interactive content like videos or photo galleries can be a great incentive for your readers to buy a full issue. Make sure to try it next time! Read full article
  10. 10. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #9 Be where your readers are iPad is important but not everyone has Apple products. You have to be right where your readers are so make sure to cover every Android tablet and Desktop computers with enrolling on different platforms. We know it’s important, that’s why Issue Stand offers you three different platforms at once. Upload your content and we will make it available on iPads, Android tablets and Desktop computers. (Psssttt…it’s also cheaper to publish on 3 platforms at once: take a look at our pricing) Read full article
  11. 11. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. #10 Advertise in your print edition! If you already publish your magazine in print, make sure to convert your current readers to digital. Yes, at the same time it will decrease your print sales but hey, with Issue Stand, costs of digital publishing are way smaller than print publishing, so that’s a clear win, right?:) Read full article
  12. 12. Your mobile magazine. It's never been that easy. Try us, 100% free. Issue Stand won’t charge you anything until your app is ready to sale in the App Store or Google Play. Give it a spin and try us for free: