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Action time NSGF United Kingdom

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Action time NSGF United Kingdom

  1. 1. National Scout and Guide Fellowship UK (NSGF UK)
  2. 2. Two organisations form the NSGF UK Scout and Guide Fellowship Baden Powell Guild of Great Britain (SAGF)
  3. 3. Both organisations work together and individually on community projects, abroad and in the UK. Also to support Guiding and Scouting at every possible opportunity!
  4. 4. Toys for Smiles NSGF UK collected toys from all over the UK to be distributed by UNHCR to refugee children in the Za’atari Camp in Jordan.
  5. 5. Solar Torches In partnership with the Nepal Education Support Trust (NEST), money was raised to provide solar torches and basic educational supplies for children who had lost everything in the Nepalese earthquake.
  6. 6. Ghanaian Children’s Trust (GCT) NSGF is helping to raise money and collect goods for the GCT which is a charity started by a Newcastle Trefoil Guild member.
  7. 7. This enables local older Guides and Rangers to visit the area on a regular basis for previously identified projects, such as decorating, building, teaching English and basic first aid.
  8. 8. This partnership is developing life long friendships and opportunities for cultural exchange.
  9. 9. Action in the UK Baden Powell Guild Members and Scouts provide Sunday afternoon tea for their local Senior Citizens.
  10. 10. Members of Henfield Baden Powell Guild spend Christmas morning delivering presents to children in the Village.
  11. 11. SAGF members pass on skills to young members.
  12. 12. Help is always welcome in unit meetings.
  13. 13. Fun for all.
  14. 14. Keeping the Spirit alive! This stone marks the spot of the first Scout camp in Northumberland