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LGST101 2012 2013 Term 2 Jan

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LGST101 2012 2013 Term 2 Jan

  1. 1. Accessing Reliable Legal Resources for LGST101 Business LawYuyun WirawatiResearch Librarian, Business & LawJan 2013
  2. 2. You will learn how to locate... Case Law (Singapore & UK) using LawNet Singapore Legislation using Singapore Statutes Online
  3. 3. Case Law
  4. 4. Introduction to Case Law What is Case Law? Written record of the courts‟ decisions
  5. 5. Case NameConsists of the names of the parties involved Civil Case Chwee Kin Keong v Digilandmall.com Pte Ltd. Criminal Case Public Prosecutor v PDM International Pte Ltd The case name alone is often not enough. There is no indication of the date, where it was reported, or which case in particular is being referred to (there may be more than one case)
  6. 6. Understanding Reported Case Citations [2004] 2 SLR (R) 594 Year Volume Reporter PgThe citation tells us that the case may befound in vol 2 of the Singapore Law Reports(Reissue) for 2004, starting on page 594.
  7. 7. AccessingLawNet through PYXIS+
  8. 8. Locating LawNet
  9. 9. LawNet
  10. 10. LawNet
  11. 11. LawNet Homepage
  12. 12. Finding a case by citationChwee Kin Keong and others v Digilandmall.com Pte Ltd [2004] 2 SLR (R) 594
  13. 13. Citation Search[2004] 2 SLR (R) 594 Select “Singapore Law Reports (Reissue)” Enter the Year, the Vol. and the Page no.
  14. 14. Search Citation Results
  15. 15. View Case as it Appears in the Published Reporter Retrieve the PDF
  16. 16. Anatomy of a Reported Case: Case Headings Reporter Information Case Name Court Name Neutral CitationJudge(s) or Suit or Application No. of CaseJudicial Hearing Date(s)Commissioner(s)
  17. 17. Anatomy of a Reported Case: Editorial Content Catchwords Summary of Facts of the Case Summary of Holdings
  18. 18. Anatomy of a Reported Case:Editorial Content & Judgment Cases referred to Legislation referred to Judgment
  19. 19. Understanding Neutral Citations [2005] SGCA 2 Singapore Neutral Citations: SGCA – Court of appeal Year of decision Court Sequential Number SGDC – District Court SGFC – Family Court SGHC – High CourtThe citation above tells us that this was the2nd case in 2005 in the Singapore Court of Appeal. SGJC – Juvenile Court SGMC – Magistrates Court SGSC – Supreme Court SGSCT – Small ClaimsThis is a system of citation where each written Tribunaljudgment from a particular level of court is assigneda sequential number, starting from 1 at the beginningof each calendar year.
  20. 20. Finding a case by neutral citationGay Choon Ing v Loh Sze Ti Terence Peter [2009] SGCA 3
  21. 21. Search by Neutral Citation [2009] SGCA 3 Select “Neutral Citation” Enter the Year, the Court. and the Case no.
  22. 22. Search Citation Results
  23. 23. View Case Retrieve the PDF
  24. 24. Finding English Cases on LawNet Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company [1893] 1 QB 256
  25. 25. The Law Reports List of Titles in the SeriesThe Law Reports are published by The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England & Wales
  26. 26. Searching the Law Reports [1893] 1 QB 256 Select “The Law Reports” Enter the Year, the Volume number, the specific Title abbreviation from the Law Reports series and the Page number.
  27. 27. Results List
  28. 28. View Case Retrieve the PDF
  29. 29. Legislation
  30. 30. Singapore Laws Statutes /Acts  Over 500 statutes/acts listed under “current acts” in LawNet  Each Act is given it‟s own chapter number. („cap‟ for short)  E.g. Companies Act, Cap 50 Subsidiary Legislation  While Acts deal with broad legal principles, Subsidiary Legislation deals with details such as procedures, admin matters, technical standards, etc.  E.g. Companies (Application of Bankruptcy Act Provisions) Regulations, Cap 50, Section 411
  31. 31. Finding Legislation
  32. 32. Singapore Legislation Available through LawNet Available on Statutes Online through Attorney-General‟s Chambers website (http://statutes.agc.gov.sg)
  33. 33. Legislation Access using LawNet
  34. 34. Singapore Statutes Online (statutes.agc.gov.sg)
  35. 35. Searching by Chapter Number of Act Companies Act (Cap 50) Select Current Acts Enter the Chapter No
  36. 36. Viewing the ActViewing sections: Tick thesection and click GetProvisions Click Whole Document to view entire Act
  37. 37. Viewing a Section
  38. 38. Browsing by Act Title Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Browse Select All ActsClick the letter C “By Title”to browse all Acts startingwith C
  39. 39. List of Acts starting with ‘C’
  40. 40. Viewing the Act
  41. 41. Other Acts You Will Likely Discuss  Computer Misuse Act (Cap. 50A)  Minors‟ Contracts Act (Cap. 389)  Misrepresentation Act (Cap. 390)  Sale of Goods Act (Cap. 393)  Trade Marks Act (Cap. 332)  Unfair Contract Terms Act (Cap. 396)
  42. 42. Finding Subsidiary Legislation
  43. 43. Finding Subsidiary LegislationSale of Food (Food Establishments)Regulations Cap 283, Regulation 5 Select Current Subsidiary Legislation Select S from the alphabetical list
  44. 44. List of Subsidiary Legislation starting with ‘S’
  45. 45. View Subsidiary Legislation
  46. 46. Preventing Technical Issues with LawNet Always click on LOGOUT before closing browser or problems WILL occur Check Library FAQ (libfaq.smu.edu.sg) if you need further info
  47. 47. Business Law (LGST101) Research Guidehttp://researchguides.smu.edu.sg/business_law
  48. 48. Exam Paperslibrary.smu.edu.sg > Collections > e-Examination Papers
  49. 49. Contact Librarylibrary@smu.edu.sgPhone: 6828 0355Yuyun‟s email:ywirawatii@smu.edu.sg