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Go-jek's Go-Food Chatbot

  1. Go-jek's Go-Food Bot Let's order Go-Food by chat by Irwansyah, Stormbringer Team, Go-Hackathon 2017
  2. Why a Chatbot? 21 bot experts make their predictions for 2017 “In 2017 brands will realize that conversational marketing is a better way to learn about and build relationships with their customer than today’s digital marketing, which monitors their customers with cookies, pixels, search and social data. We’ll also see powerful case study data showing that opt-in and conversion rates and the quality of profile information that can be obtained conversationally far outweighs the benefits of email marketing, marketing automation and apps.”
  3. Problem Definition * How to create very simple user interface anyone can understand? * How to enable the user to search food by name and price? * How to create the apps for multiple platforms at once?
  4. Halo Irwan kamu mau lansung pesan atau liat menu dulu? Liat menu deh
  5. Halo Irwan kamu mau lansung pesan atau liat menu dulu? martabak di atas 20000
  6. Halo Irwan kamu mau lansung pesan atau liat menu dulu? bakso di bawah 20000
  7. Technology - Angular 2, TypeScript, RxJS with SOLID Principles, single codebase multiple platforms - RiveScript NLP - Fuzzy search
  8. Demo Please visit!
  9. Lessons Learned - Use the most appropriate View-Controller framework for each platforms (web and desktop) and reuse the application level codes by conforming to SOLID principles e.g. using NativeScript and Bootstrap/JQuery plugins - Get rapid feedback from the end-users by watching how they interacting with the chatbot - NLP must be combined with parsers and full text search to be effective - Provide the end-users with autocomplete