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Wholesale Batch 9 - Class 7.pptx

  2. Scanning Sheets in Scan-Unlimited • After you get approvals from Brands/ Distributors, the first step is to ask product catalogue in form of excel sheets from them so you can scan those in Scan Unlimited and find winning products.
  3. Template for asking product catalogue in excel form Dear Sir/Madam, Hope you’re doing well. Can you please send us an updated stock list with up to date details of the products available in stock on an excel sheet? Can I also ask you to kindly include EAN/UPC along with SKU and volume/case price on it. Thanks in advance. Warm Regards,
  4. Some Screenshots of Scan-Unlimited for better understanding 1) 3) 2) 4)
  5. Before using Scan unlimited, Keep in mind your sheet should include - Product ID (UPC/EAN) – Scan Unlimited will extract data from Amazon through this - Seller SKU - Cost (Supplier’s price) - Seller SKU
  6. Applying Filters to Scanned Excel Sheets • It is very Important to apply filters into excel sheet according to Enablers Criteria to shortlist winning products quickly. You don’t have to go through 1000s of products one by one. (DEMO)
  7. What is Prep Centre? A prep center is a service that will receive your inventory, inspect your inventory, prepare your inventory for Amazon, and then ship your inventory to Amazon.
  8. What is Included in Prep Services? • Labeling • Repackaging • Inspection of Inventory • Fragile Item Preparation • Quality Control • Bundling
  9. Where to get Prep Services? • For prep services you can head over to: • You can also search according to your supplier’s state to get lowest shipping quotes, look for authentic prep services at minimum prices
  10. How to Create a Child Account? • What is Child Account? • How to Create it? • Can we access child account from Pakistan? • What are the requirements for child account?
  11. Importance of Feedbacks? • How to get FEEDBACKS. Get the help of Listing Promotors • Need to Buy some feedbacks to get Buy Box. • Optimize price to not to compete with anyone. Especially when an Established seller having high number of feedbacks is present there.
  12. How to hunt generic/others product using keepa? • Data > Product Finder > Do insert all the criteria in KEEPA filters, then in “Title, Brand and more!” Section • Text fields > is one of (brand) => write other/generic Enter all the remaining criteria in KEEPA filters or click on find products Example:
  13. Questions and Answers Company Registration? Account Opening? Taxation? Product Hunting? Contacting? Sourcing?
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