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SEO: Same as it Ever Was

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SEO the Same as it Ever Was

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SEO: Same as it Ever Was

  1. 1. SEO: The Same As It Ever Was Michael King (@iPullRank) Founder, iPullRank
  2. 2. DOWNLOAD THIS DECK http://bit.ly/same-old-seo
  3. 3. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK This is My Last Conference Before We Have a Baby  It’s a girl!
  4. 4. Next time you see me, I’m gonna be like…
  5. 5. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  6. 6. I’ve been doing internet marketing consulting for 10 years and a lot of it feels like…
  7. 7. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  8. 8. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  9. 9. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Other Times It Feels Like My Friend Ronnie I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I imagine he feels like a big kid in a candy store with a 20% off sale.
  10. 10. Oh, and they told me that I shouldn’t talk about technical SEO today. I should do a broader topic.
  11. 11. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  12. 12. I think that’s indicative of the larger problem that we have as people trying to do SEO.
  13. 13. What I want to talk to you about today is…
  14. 14. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Progressive Web Apps Google has rolled out Progressive Web Apps which effectively make web apps act more like native apps; building upon the Singe Page App idea popularized with JS frameworks.
  15. 15. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Firebase Google acquired and improved Firebase which has become a suite of applications for making apps far more sophisticated and real-time.
  16. 16. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Accelerated Mobile Pages Google has rolled out Accelerated Mobile Pages to help content load in milliseconds instead of seconds.
  17. 17. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Google’s Push for Machine Learning What does that mean for the world in general, not just SEO?
  18. 18. Because Google is so far beyond brands, marketers and SEO software companies.
  19. 19. As a result, my consultant life is a lot like this…
  21. 21. Despite all the new technologies and cool features that Google gives us, not much about SEO has changed.
  22. 22. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Clients Still Don’t Implement Recommendations
  23. 23. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Clients Still Don’t Understand What it Takes to Do Good White Hat Link Building A brand came to us looking to build links to their product page, so we built a content experience into the product page below the fold. We built it and got link commitments, but they shot it down.
  24. 24. Despite the huge shift to content marketing, clients are still hesitant to take big content swings.
  25. 25. In fact, clients generally won’t make real change until Google puts an algorithmic gun to their head.
  26. 26. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  27. 27. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  28. 28. And they wonder why they still get beat by…
  29. 29. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  30. 30. On the other hand, SEO has to step it up too. As an industry, we spin our wheels and purport a lot of dumb shit.
  31. 31. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK We’re Still Arguing about 301 vs 302 in 2016? Spoiler alert: That’s complete bullshit.
  32. 32. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK SEO Requires Almost No Technical Expertise? Only marketers marketing to marketers about marketing say things like this.
  33. 33. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK SEO is Makeup? Seriously @Clayburn?
  34. 34. To paraphrase @audette, “SEO should be invisible.” It ain’t makeup.
  35. 35. SEO suffers from four core problems.
  36. 36. SEO does not have one source of truth.
  37. 37. SEOs don’t measure the right things.
  38. 38. SEOs don’t develop effective business cases.
  39. 39. SEOs can’t keep up with Google’s technical advancements.
  40. 40. Today we’re going to solve three of them.
  41. 41. Measuring the Right Things
  42. 42. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Most People are Looking at Traffic as a Success Metric!!!!
  43. 43. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Then They Say It’s Hard to Prove ROI!!!!
  44. 44. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  45. 45. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Hey, So I Fixed the Chart
  46. 46. Organic Search is a channel, and just like every other marketing channel it should be measured based on its ability to meet business objectives.
  47. 47. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Setup your KPIs by Need State and Content Type “Multichannel custom publishing.” Tie your content types and KPIs to need states to more effectively measure the impact of Organic Search on the user journey.
  48. 48. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK GA Content Groupings Supports User Journey Measurement Read this: http://ipullrank.com/how-to-measure-the-user-journey-with-content-groupings-wordpress-gtm/
  49. 49. The only thing rankings measure is opportunity; your reporting needs to be about outcomes
  50. 50. So, You’re #1? Cool Story, Bro. Where they at tho?
  51. 51. Building Effective Business Cases
  52. 52. $14,526,451,500
  53. 53. How Much It Would Cost to Buy the Links Pointing to 302s $14,526,451,500
  54. 54. $221,052,152
  55. 55. Missed Ticket Sales from that Lost Organic Search traffic $221,052,152
  56. 56. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK I Made the Case, we Got our 301s, they Got Their Money The project was at an implementation stand still until I put those numbers in front of the client. Shortly thereafter, they made the push for 301s and traffic went up pretty dramatically despite seasonality. August 27th 301 redirects 11,039,188 10,455,517 11,348,902 12,049,481 11,250,148 12,902,847 11,040,192 13,158,296 11,287,790 12,203,998 12,508,164 13,158,296 14,041,313 15,609,390 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 14,000,000 16,000,000 18,000,000 April May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Organic Visits 2014 2015
  57. 57. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Audience Insights Tell A More Compelling Story Mapping keyword data back to the consumer insights
  58. 58. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK BUILD BETTER BUSINESS CASES Your keyword research in context conversion data and search traffic through the lens of a specific persona yields a far better business case than “hey, I have this cool idea”
  59. 59. A better SEO business case means better keyword research
  60. 60. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK • Most keyword research is just a list of keywords and search volumes. That’s not strategic enough for any initiative let alone Organic Search or Content Marketing.
  61. 61. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK • Some keyword research is entirely metric driven, including conversion data and business value. This is better, but still not enough.
  62. 62. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK GOOD KWR ACCOUNTS FOR INTENT • Good keyword research includes some determination of intent. The best you see in the wild is “transactional, informational and navigational” determinations of keywords.
  63. 63. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Great Keyword Research Maps to Need States and Personas • Mapping keywords to the phases of the consumer decision journey provides more granularity to the understanding of what users are actually looking to do with their search. [flowers] [when do roses bloom] [what flowers for a first date] [buying chrysanthemums] [flower a month club]
  64. 64. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK (Not provided)? So what. • Keywords are gone and Google provides more than enough data to determine what types of users are coming to your site. Use that in context of landing pages, internal search and channels
  65. 65. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Build User Journeys to Map Keywords • A well-designed User Journey is more than enough to determine where keywords fall. Determining the thoughts, questions and feelings of your target audience helps you understand where keywords will fall.
  66. 66. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK KEYWORD DATA SHEET • The keyword portfolio includes a number of data points on each keyword that allows it to inform strategic planning, content strategy, content marketing, SEO and Paid Search. This usually includes some combination of Word Count, Avg Monthly Search Volume, Historical Traffic, Share of Voice, Google Ranking, Cost Per Click, Quality Score, Target Persona, Need State, Keyword Segment, Conversions, Landing Page, Target Landing Page, Page Entities, Rank Zone, Ranking Difficulty.
  67. 67. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK CALCULATING WORD COUNT • Calculate the word count of your keywords using this formula. This allow you to quickly filter for head terms, “chunky middle” and long tail keywords. =IF(LEN(TRIM(A1))=0,0,LEN(TR IM(A1))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1," ",""))+1)
  68. 68. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK CALCULATING SHARE OF VOICE • Share of voice is an indication of the amount of traffic a keyword could potentially drive vs. how much is being captured. A Share of Voice of over a 100% means that you’re capturing more traffic than expected. Note: This is far less effective given (not provided), but Share of Voice is still a metric that the C-Suite understands.
  69. 69. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK ProTip: Search Analytics Gives You 5000 Keywords in the API
  70. 70. Persona and Need State classification must be done by hand.
  71. 71. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK VISUALIZE OPPORTUNITIES • We visualize keyword data with regard to search volume, rankings and keyword category or persona and need state to clearly communicate the opportunity.
  72. 72. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Build Your Own CTR Model
  73. 73. Stop just taking screenshots of Google tools and calling them a deliverable.
  74. 74. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK PRIORITIZE RECOMMENDATIONS Give priority scores to your recommendations. People want to know what the impact will be so they can determine what to go after.
  75. 75. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK GIVE CONTEXT Your recommendations will go across many people’s desk before it potentially gets implemented. Be sure to give business and technical context.
  76. 76. We’ve also got to improve our pitches. It’s one of the most important parts of our jobs.
  77. 77. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK FAIL #1: WEAK PRESENTATION A marketer presents the creation of infographics via email and phone, but doesn’t succeed and ultimately the client sees them as “complicated” or “expensive” measures.
  78. 78. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK RESOLUTION #1: PRESENT A DECK IN- PERSON Your presentation should not be an email or a phone call, it should be an in-person presentation with all the stakeholders.
  79. 79. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK FAIL #2: LEAVING OUT KEY STAKEHOLDERS A marketer sells in an idea neglecting to invite key stakeholders only to have that content strategy fall apart once the miss stakeholders review it.
  80. 80. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK RESOLUTION #2: INVITE THEM ALL Get all of the key stakeholders on board so you don’t have to repeat steps or risk the engagement falling apart after you believe you’re good to go.
  81. 81. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK FAIL #3: NOT SHOWING THE VALUE A marketer explains the content strategy using the wrong KPIs and the stakeholders respond that content is “nice to have” not as beneficial as “bombarding people with 100k email communications.”
  82. 82. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK RESOLUTION #3: BETTER MEASUREMENT PLANNING Build your measurement around the business objectives and things that actually show the positive affects of revenue.
  83. 83. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK FAIL #4: RELYING ON TOO MUCH DATA A marketer relies heavily on data to make her case and lambasts the regarded accomplishments of the key stakeholders.
  84. 84. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK RESOLUTION #4: LET THE STORY DO THE WORK Don’t use numbers as a weapon to insult your stakeholders, tell a compelling story using the data as an aside that drive the points of ineffectiveness.
  85. 85. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  86. 86. Keeping Up with Technical Advancements I’ve got to give the people what they came for!
  87. 87. Google moved from “strings to things” like four years ago. Do you have an entity strategy?
  88. 88. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK …because Google has an Entity Strategy Entity discovery is the first part of matching content to a query.
  89. 89. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK ALCHEMY API Using AlchemyAPI you can extract entities from pages and improve keyword research. http://www.alchemyapi.com
  90. 90. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Get AlchemyAPI Data in a Spreadsheet Run your landing pages through AlchemyAPI to extract their entities via a Google Doc or Excel sheet and better align them with your target keywords
  91. 91. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK How About TF*IDF? Run your landing pages through AlchemyAPI to extract their entities via a Google Doc or Excel sheet and better align them with your target keywords
  92. 92. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Moz’s New Tool Will Help Moz has made the related keywords concept more accessible by adding it to Moz Pro. Searchmetrics also has a similar solution.
  93. 93. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Onpage.Org’s TF-IDF Tool is Also Great http://onpage.org also has a solution that that shows the weight of terms that should be featured on the page
  94. 94. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Get AlchemyAPI Data in a Spreadsheet Run your landing pages through AlchemyAPI to extract their entities and better align them with your target keywords
  95. 95. We need to stop saying ‘just do 301 redirects.’
  96. 96. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Instead Do Optimal 301 Redirects Pattern matching on the .htaccess level is always faster than a list of redirects and always better than doing it on the code/page level. Developers will respect that you understand what you’re talking about. ReWriteRule url_pattern file_reference [R=301, L] redirect 301 /relative/path/to/file.php http://www.yoursite.com/path/to/new/file.php redirect 301 /relative/path/to/file.php http://www.yoursite.com/path/to/new/file.php redirect 301 /relative/path/to/file.php http://www.yoursite.com/path/to/new/file.php >
  97. 97. Google is becoming the presentation layer of the web. Help them do it.
  98. 98. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Schema.org / JSON-LD Schema.org is a lot more reasonable to implement now that they are allowing JSON-LD. Being in knowledge boxes and such yields a lot more traffic than it takes away.
  99. 99. A common thread across many of Google’s innovations is that they are all going to require more speed.
  100. 100. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Progressive Web Apps Progressive Web apps are about more than speed, but they do leverage Service Worker so that apps appear to work instantly.
  101. 101. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Firebase Firebase is more about building more robust apps and leveraging Google’s infrastructure to add more features to them. It has its own analytics and supports app indexing.
  102. 102. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Google Expects Ludicrously Speedy Google has an expectation that the above the fold content on the page will load within 1 second. You basically get 400 ms to make that happen.
  103. 103. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK The Critical Rendering Path
  104. 104. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK AMP is a Spec to Enforce the Critical Rendering Path Sound familiar?
  105. 105. In other words, AMP exists because Google thinks people can’t code.
  106. 106. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Responsive Sites are SLOOOOOOOW One of the key things you can do, aside from optimizing for the critical rendering path, is conditional loading.
  107. 107. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK PreBrowsing Directives • Browsers have preloading directives which allow the page to download elements in the background for later viewing or within the same session.
  108. 108. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Rel-Preconnect • Rel-preconnect will resolve the DNS, start the TCP handshake and negotiate the TLS tunnel beforehand, effectively shaving hundreds of milliseconds to several seconds in page load.
  109. 109. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK When to Use Rel-Preconnect • When you see a long time for connections to happen or a lot of idle time, it’s a good idea to use rel-preconnect.
  110. 110. <link rel=“preconnect” href=“domain name”>
  111. 111. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK How Rel-Prerender Works • It loads the page in an invisible tab to make the page appear instantly.
  112. 112. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Not to Be Confused with Prerender.io
  113. 113. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Google Uses It in the SERPs This could potentially be a way to definitively identify navigational queries. h/t @yoast
  114. 114. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK As a Test I Sent Thousands of Headless Visits
  115. 115. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Rel-Prerender’d Pages Generally Perform Better
  116. 116. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Use it With the GA API Get the pageviews of the ga:pagePath based on the ga:previousPagePath set to the current page that you’re on. You’ll get a list of the pages your users are most likely to visit next. Set one of these as the rel-prerender.
  117. 117. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Code. Inject rel-prerender into the page programmatically. You could also session the URLs the user is going to to ensure you are always prerendering a new page.
  118. 118. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK It Improved Our Site Speed 68.35% • One line of code did this magic.
  119. 119. Don’t use it on mobile. Analytics packages aside from Google Analytics may show fake sessions.
  120. 120. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Defer JS Load with Page Visibility API …
  121. 121. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Rel-Preload for Same Page Preloading I haven’t played with it yet, but Ian says they’re using it on the Portent site. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/02/preload-what-is-it-good-for/
  122. 122. How We Can All Improve
  123. 123. SEO needs to step up its technical understanding in order to be more effective.
  124. 124. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Understand the Document Object Model https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Document_Object_Model/Introduction
  125. 125. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Critical Rendering Path https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/critical-rendering-path/analyzing-crp?hl=en
  126. 126. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Page Speed https://www.portent.com/blog/design-dev/ultimate-site-speed-guide-what-impacts-site-speed.htm
  127. 127. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Log File Analysis https://builtvisible.com/log-file-analysis/
  128. 128. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Understand SEO for JavaScript Frameworks https://builtvisible.com/javascript-framework-seo/
  129. 129. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Learn DevTools http://ipullrank.com/6-things-you-should-know-about-in-chrome-devtools/
  130. 130. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Accelerated Mobile & Instant Pages Even if you’re not a publisher, I encourage you to watch these projects as I expect that Google and Facebook will grow the specs dramatically once they’re adopted.
  131. 131. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Read Up On HTTP/2 https://moz.com/blog/http2-a-fast-secure-bedrock-for-the-future-of-seo
  132. 132. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Get Back to Testing All The Things
  133. 133. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  134. 134. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK If You Need Some Help, You Know Who to Call
  135. 135. Dan and I used to rap together. Then we got tired of being broke so he went to law school and I became a marketing guy.
  136. 136. THAT’S ALL I’VE GOT
  137. 137. THANK YOU MICHAEL KING FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR IPULLRANK mike@ipullrank.com http://Ipullrank.com