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The ion “Better” Series_ Creating Better Engagement

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Join us for Part 3, Creating Better Engagement, to learn:
- Exactly what engagement means to us, you, and your audience
- 3 benefits of using interactivity to create engagement
- 3 tips you need to know when using engagement within your content
- And finally, engagement measurement: the who, what, and how

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The ion “Better” Series_ Creating Better Engagement

  1. 1. SubheadCreating Better Engagement Gain audience insights to improve content effectiveness. ion “Better” Series
  2. 2. Presenters Brittany Kerr Customer Success Manager ion interactive Eric Catania Account Executive ion interactive
  3. 3. Tweet Us @ioninteractive #ionbetterengagement
  4. 4. Subhead Kicking It Off Part 3 of the ion “Better” Series
  5. 5. Bring your brand to life with memorable content that cuts through clutter Know the content that resonates with your audience 
 to improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality Gain audience insights to improve content effectiveness Know who you’re talking to and what they need in order to have data-informed conversations Speed up your sales cycle with informed conversations that convert Better content, qualified leads, and higher sales = more revenue awareness
 revenue Interactive Content Funnel ion makes marketers more effective through better…
  6. 6. “To keep it simple, I define content engagement as real people responding in measurable ways to your content. There’s a lot of overlap between social engagement and content engagement, but I’m focusing on the actual interaction with the content itself as opposed to how that content is distributed on the social web.”
 —CrazyEgg founder Neil Patel
  7. 7. How Do You Define Engagement? 1. What audience do I want to reach? 2. How do I want to reach them? 3. What KPIs do we want to use in those channels? 4. By adding engagement, how are we adding value? 5. Do I have the right tools to engage, and to measure that engagement?
  8. 8. Content Marketing Engagement 41% of study participants report their content doesn’t create enough opportunities for interaction and engagement. Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p. 31 “To gain engagement, your content needs to combine empathy, relevance, inspiration, and usefulness.” — Margaret Dawson, VP Portfolio Product Marketing at Red Hat 41%
  9. 9. Time for a Poll!
  10. 10. 66% of participants reported having only basic or no measurements of their content marketing effectiveness Measuring Engagement: Where Do You Stand? 78% noted that engaging the buyer earlier in the journey is important Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p. 20, 36. This lack of measurement signifies a loss of crucial data that can be used to inform and drive your future campaigns. “Without metrics, marketers can’t build case for content marketing which is key to more resources.” —Content Marketing Institute
  11. 11. 3 Benefits of Using Interactive Content to Create Engagement 1. Repurpose Your Static Content 2. One Static Piece Can Multiply 3. Easier Testing & Measurement
  12. 12. Benefit 1: Repurpose Your Static Content Cost savings from having to recreate a content piece from scratch. By transforming into an interactive piece, you’re fostering engagement, which makes your visitors feel involved with your content. And an involved audience is a converting audience. TIP: Sit with your sales team and find out what content pieces they use when talking to customers or prospects. What is it about this piece that is beneficial to their discovery, conversions, and ultimately closing?
  13. 13. http:// anthemgroup.postclickmarketing.co m/infographic/example
  14. 14. Benefit 2: One Static Piece Can Multiply TIP: Consider how you’ll add value to the user’s journey at each stage. Is your campaign targeting top of funnel users? Then we recommend an infographic or quiz which is great at cultivating awareness and engaging the user early on. Quiz questions in an eBook can easily be converted into a longer assessment. This saves you time from creating a piece of content from scratch and allows you to test your campaign effectiveness.
  15. 15. https:// purchasingpower.postclickmarketing. com/autowarranty/example
  16. 16. Benefit 3: Easier Testing and Measurement Interactive content has the built-in capability to test and measure your audience’s engagement. Quiz questions in an eBook are a great example of data-collection points that provide rich, insightful information about the user. TIP: Engagement points are critical for measurement, though drop-off points can be just as illuminating. Pay close attention to where the typical user has dropped off, and use that information to create an A/B test.
  17. 17. Time for a Poll!
  18. 18. Using A/B Testing If you’ve never used an A/B test, think about what you want to learn about your audience. Once you’ve created a goal and altered a second version of the experience to compete, interactive content will take care of the rest.
  19. 19. Control vs. Challenger 1.Engagement Points: What type of feature was most successful?
 2.Drop-Off Points: What type of feature was least successful?
  20. 20. Setting Measurement Goals 1. Form or Content Respondents 2. Lead Conversions 3. Conversion Types (PDF download, form completion, quiz response, button click, etc.) 4. Social Shares 5. Mobile Respondents/ Conversions
  21. 21. Live Chat! Questions? Comments? What are your thoughts? @ioninteractive #ionbettercontent #ionbetterengagement
  22. 22. ion makes you better. better awareness
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