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INXPO Social Suite: Social Media, Games and Virtual Converge

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Summary of the InXpo Social Suite, as well as industry research and stats regarding social media, games and virtual events.

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INXPO Social Suite: Social Media, Games and Virtual Converge

  1. 1. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO SOCIAL SUITETM MAKING THE VIRTUAL WORLD MORE SOCIAL Convergence of Social, Games and Virtual Experiences. 1
  2. 2. Virtual Events. Real Results Convergence: Social Media, Games & Virtual Social • Facebook*: 3.5 million events created per month • Facebook Connect*: 60 million monthly links to external pages • Twitter**: 55 million tweets a month • Twitter**: More than 105.7 million members globally • LinkedIn: More than 60m users * Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics ** Benny Evangelista, “Twitter insists it won’t abandon developers,” April 15, 2010
  3. 3. Virtual Events. Real Results Convergence: Social Media, Games & Virtual Social Games
  4. 4. Virtual Events. Real Results Games, Learning and Work • 65% of American households play computer or video games • Average player is 35 and has been playing for 13 years* • 70% of major employers use interactive software and games to train employees** • Over 75% of businesses and non-profits using game-based training plan to expand in 3-5 years** * Electronic Software Association, “2009 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry” ** Electronic Software Association, “Video Games in the Workplace,” page 2.
  5. 5. Virtual Events. Real Results Convergence: Social Media, Games & Virtual Social Games Virtual
  6. 6. Virtual Events. Real Results Social Marketing and Events • Two-thirds of marketers have used social-media sites or tools for marketing purposes* • According to Market Research Media, virtual conferences and tradeshows will be a $18.6 billion industry by 2015 Source: Exhibitor Media Group January 2010 * Travis Stanton, 2010 Social Media in Marketing Survey”, Exhibitor Magazine, April 2010
  7. 7. Virtual Events. Real Results INTRODUCING INXPO SOCIAL SUITETM Social INXPO SOCIAL SUITETM Games Virtual
  8. 8. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO: Making Virtual…Social • Connect, collaborate and learn – all in one environment • Expand touchpoints before, during and after the event • Extend content beyond the “live” event • Increase education and brand awareness • Drive audience acquisition • Promote peer-to-peer collaboration and networking
  9. 9. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO Social Space Wherever You Need It
  10. 10. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO Social Space Wherever You Need It
  11. 11. Virtual Events. Real Results GAMES – THE ULTIMATE SOCIAL COMMUNITY • Engage audiences with interactive features • Reinforce content retention and learning • Stimulate competition • Promote specific game sponsors
  12. 12. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO – Games & Leaderboard
  13. 13. Virtual Events. Real Results CISCO LIVE 2009* - Social Engagement More than 2,500 profile matches run More than 1,400 1:1 chats conducted 2,000 unique visitors to the networking lounge 1,400 participated in live video chats with Cisco experts *Cisco Live & Networkers Virtual , June 2010 will incorporate InXpo Social Suite
  14. 14. Virtual Events. Real Results CISCO GSX – A Game Changer 19,000+ in attendance with one million views 13,000+ active players of “The Threshold” 8,000+ participants in group chat within the Chat Zone 9,500+ playing GSX mini games
  15. 15. Virtual Events. Real Results A More Social Approach to Events Pre-Event Promotion/Marketing Live Event Post-Event Extension Social Video Live Social Video Post Social Outreach Pre-Event Social Outreach Live Social Outreach Post Private Video Stream Live Private Video Stream Post Event (Physical or Virtual) Virtual Games Pre-Event Virtual Games Live Virtual Education Pre-Event Virtual Education Live Virtual Education Post Persistent Communities
  16. 16. Virtual Events. Real Results About INXPO • Leading Provider of Virtual Events & Virtual Business Communities o Full Suite of Solutions on a Single SAAS Platform o Headquartered in Chicago, IL • 6+ Years Virtual Event Experience o Over 1,000 Virtual Experiences Delivered • Award Winning Solution & Services o Technology Innovator & Platform Leadership • Customers Include Leading Global Brands & Organizations o Global Customers Require Global Events & Global Platform o Brand Innovators Include: Cisco, GE, Procter & Gamble, AAA o Media Leaders Include: Forbes, TechTarget, UBM and Ziff Davis
  17. 17. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO – Virtual Events Pioneer… Industry Firsts • April 2009 - Announced an industry-first partner program with numerous event and experiential marketing agencies and leading media companies. • May 2009 – Announced the industry’s first integration with Twitter; • September 2009 –Delivered the industry’s largest and most engaging virtual event with Juxt Interactive, for Cisco (Cisco Global Sales Experience) that included the first alternate reality game within a virtual event; • March 2010 – Announced the return of Comdex as a virtual event on the INXPO Platform with media partner, UBM Studios. • May 2010 – InXpo Social SuiteTM first to integrate social media, gaming and virtual platform.
  18. 18. Virtual Events. Real Results Contact INXPO Interested in learning more about making your virtual events more social? Sales: Marketing: David Kaz Michael Westcott contactsales@inxpo.com PR@inxpo.com (312) 962-3732 (617) 803-9383 More resources available at: http://bit.ly/InXpoSocialSuite