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The last mile of digital transformation AI大眾化:數位轉型的最後一哩

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The last mile of digital transformation AI大眾化:數位轉型的最後一哩

  1. 1. 華碩雲端/華碩健康 總經理 吳漢章 (Peter Wu) Democratizing AI: The Last Mile of Digital Transformation AI 大眾化:數位轉型的最後一哩
  2. 2. 2 AI夢幻國家隊誕生 華碩、廣達與台灣大哥大協助科技部打造AI 雲端平台
  3. 3. Cloud Native 是一種革命 • For Today: Design for Operation, Internet-scale applications • For Tomorrow: Design for Cooperation, AI applications
  4. 4. ASUS WebStorage為個人雲端儲存服務,提供跨裝置同步、備分、手機照片隨拍即傳、 分享、群組協作與全文檢索等功能,並可同時管理多個雲端空間檔案,讓使用者享受最 完整、彈性的儲存體驗。 ◼ 提供註冊用戶免費5GB、ASUS視產品線裝置可享受優於一般用戶的使用權限 ◼ (PC,手機,Smart Home, NAS, 網路攝影機) ◼ 支援網頁、個人電腦(Windows, Mac, Linux)、手持裝置(Android, iOS, Windows Phone)等7種版本 ◼ 儲存之外,更提供雲端檔案總管、筆記應用、雲端便利貼、Outlook大檔 寄送與7-11 ibon/全家 FamiPort雲端列印等應用服務 智慧應用│個人雲端智慧儲存服務
  5. 5. Cloud Native 是一種革命 • For Today: Design for Operation, Internet-scale applications • For Tomorrow: Design for Cooperation, AI applications
  6. 6. 產 業 轉 型 數 位 技 術 智慧教育 智慧照護 智慧交通 智慧監控 Fintech 工業4.0 Digital Health 零售業4.0 智慧終端 Cloud IoT BigData/AI 智慧安全 翻轉教育 09:23 智慧農業 智 慧 城 市 數位轉型大浪潮的最後一哩:AI 大眾化 Wintel Ecosystem->Vertical Ecosystem Domain Owner Service/System Integrator data data RSCRSC • Deep technology • Everything as a service • PPP or new business model 7
  7. 7. Medical Research and Analysis/Algorithm Personal Data Environmental Data AirBox Wearable devices • Prediction • Prevention • Participation Personal Weather Station PM2.5 Prediction
  8. 8. Universtiy of Texas. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2015, 49, 8057−8066 Harvard School of Public Health. Environ Health Perspect 2016 CVD & COPD Polluted Air Can Lead to Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases Increase 2.1ug/m3 of PM2.5, eGFR will decrease like the picture shown below accordingly. Recent AI Application: PM2.5 Prediction
  9. 9. Co-op with FarEastone for PM2.5 Prediction NO2 Reading Air Quality Station Data Predict 24hr air pollution reading Tempera- ture Wind Direction Barom- etric Pressure Wind Speed Weather Station Data Industrial Pollution Sources Gradient Boost XGBoost CATboost Data Processing & Model Tuning Parameter Tuning Learning Rate, Max Features, Max_Depth Subsamples GSMA Model Result Grid Search Filter outlier Linear interpolation Data ProcessingOriginal • 2 initial studies – Grid search to look for best Gradient boost parameters – Industrial impact in Taichung using CEMS data
  10. 10. 血壓量測應用 個人化、行動化、智慧化 1. Medical Device2. Gateway3. Identity4. Domain Service + + +
  11. 11. 13 AI 大眾化的四大挑戰 算力、工具、數據、商轉
  12. 12. Cloud Infra Data Platform (Tool) AI PaaS (Tool) Vertical Ecosystem (Domain DATA) AI Training Developer (Domain Expert) AI Inferencing Developer (Domain Expert) End User ASUS DIGI Stack Personal Cloud Asuswebstorage.com Computer Vision Smart City Asus-smartcity.com Digital Health OmniCare.asus.life Digital Workspace Biz.asuswebstorage.com ASUS ML Cloud OmniStor Content Collaboration Platform Asuscloud.com ASUS’s Public Cloud NCHC’s TWCC AI Benchmark Tool ASUS’s Server H/W Natural Language OmniThings IoT Data Platform Omnithings.asuscloud.com Development Board 14 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 3rd Partners 3rd Partners Open Source Tools IaaS
  13. 13. 15
  14. 14. Cloud Native 是一種革命,我們一起擁抱他! • Start building an application, in a cloud native way. • Digging more, if you feel not that clear… • Be a true “open”-source believer! 16
  15. 15. 激發潛能 忠於真我 SUCCESS 17