Presentation for staff augmentation

Invictus Consulting (P) Limited
11 de Oct de 2011

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Presentation for staff augmentation

  1. Customised Solution for Staff Augmentation
  2. eLearning Management System
  3. Introducing Moodle
  4. What is Moodle ? Moodle is an open source web application used to create interactive online learning sites.
  5. “Who” is Moodle? Moodle that is the acronym for Modular Object- Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment It is an online Learning Management System (LMS).
  6. Why Moodle? It runs on almost all platform, supporting a lot of useful function and customization, thanks to his modular structure. It's free!
  7. Why Moodle? Also, it's available in 78 languages! It is used all over the world by teachers and educators and it's probably the best E-Learning tool in the net!
  8. What teachers can do with Moodle... create divide online courses students into classes open forums upload files and lessons create online tests chat sessions and examinations
  9. What students can do with Moodle... upload their follow the homework and lessons test chat sessions take part into forums
  10. Features Of Moodle
  11. Moodle - Virtual Swiss Army Knife • Assignment • Lesson • Blog • Quiz • Chat • Resource • Choice (Poll) • SCORM • Database • Survey • Forum • Wiki • Glossary • Workshop
  12. Features Forum: you can discuss with all other registered user about many issues.
  13. Features Chat: you can talk about what you want in real time with classmate and professor.
  14. Features Calendar: if you're a professor, you can program lessons, tests and more. Students can consult this section as a reminder for future commitments.
  15. Features Lesson: Moodle provides teacher many ways to set up their own lessons and courses and to keep them under control.
  16. Features Wiki and Glossary: collaboration is the key word of moodle, which has several functions to work in group.
  17. Features Quizzes and Tests: there are many ways to evaluate the preparation of the students.. or to have fun with questions of any arguments!
  18. Features ...and more! Moodle has got really many functions! And they are all easily manageable, thanks to their modular structure!
  19. Let's Try! And now, after all this chatting, it's time to work! Let's enter the world of Moodle, and try to answer to a simple quiz! We are going to learn how to do it step by step; ~ First of all we must be registered in Moodle. If we are, we should only login from the panel in the top of the page
  20. Let's Try: Quiz ~ Now we should select the quiz from the right page of our moodle website. ~Then, check that the quiz is the one we want; select it trought the button “Attempt quiz now”!
  21. Quiz: Flags and Nations ~ The first question! Can you tell me what's the right answer? Yeah, that's Germany's flag! So, we select it, and then we press the Submit button! Moodle confirms our answer.. we have collected 1 mark!
  22. Quiz: Flags and Nations ~ In the same way, we can complete the entire quiz! Alternatively, we can select all the answers, and then press the button “Submit all and finish” at the end of the page to confirm our choices all in one time. A dialog box will appear to make sure we have selected the desired answers; press ok, and go to the results!
  23. Flags and Nations: Results ~ Finally, we are arrived at the results page! Here we can take a look at our performance, with some statistical information; Time Information Score Information Feedback Comments ~ We can repeat the quiz (if this option is enabled), simply by pressing “Start again” button.
  24. Thanks for Watching So... this is Moodle! If I had to explain all the functions, features and customizations that moodle supports, i would have to keep this presentation going for hours but i think you're a bit tired now, so i'll stop right here, but i'm inviting you to use it as soon as you have the chance.. If you wish to read more about this open source product you can log to and get more information. You can download the product for free as well
  25. Where Invictus Play a Role At Invictus Consulting we understand all the functions, features and customizations that moodle supports, We will help you in customising & Maintaining this product for you. We do not charge for the development of the product ( It is Free as its an Open Source !! ), we charge only for the implementation , Integration & Customisations Commercials can be discussed once you let us know the customisations required by you.
  26. Value Proposed • Integrated, automated process of staffing. • Enables you to switch from the traditional, manual excel based methods of recruitment. • A simple, user friendly, effective business solution, which takes care of your entire recruitment process, enabling you to manage your clients, business developers, recruiters, and candidates simultaneously. • This application gives you an edge over other players in the recruitment industry, helping you to overcome critical inefficiencies in the business process, and attain a better talent management system.
  27. Proposed Equation • A web based application developed in using .Net Technologies. • Completely custom built.
  28. Proposed Modules Candidate Recruiter Business Developer Administrator
  29. Functionalities • Resume Management / Bench Management- Your potential candidate can visit your website and can submit their resumes, which will be stored in the software. Your consultants can log in and post their resumes. Consultants who are on projects can submit time sheets, Availability dates etc. • Client Management:- Your business development team can enter the client details and also the client position requirements. Sorting of suitable resumes for the positions posted. • Position (requirement) Management:- You can assign the position requirements to your recruiters with dead lines. Allocation of requirements to the recruiters, so that duplicity of submissions are avoided
  30. Recruiter Module Your recruiters can MAP the requirements with the candidate database You can also upload all your existing candidate resumes Calculate candidate availability information and his time sheets Get proper MIS reports Task Management Tool
  31. Recruiter Module Log in (with individual username and password) Change Password Task Management To- do List- Candidate joining CV forwarded Open position Add candidate- Individual CSV Upload (bulk upload through an excel sheet) Manage Requirement- View Search Profile Advanced search Map Requirements Update Candidate Status (Call, Sent for interview, Telephonic Round Taken, Closed etc) MIS- Automatically created but recruiter needs to submit it)
  32. Candidate Module Add profile Provide basic information Primary qualification details Technical Qualification skills Skill Details Company experience details Skill experience details Submit open resume Submit resume against a job (posted by admin) View status ( Updated by Recruiter) Access to Moodle – for skills up gradation lessons
  33. Administrator Module Log in (User Name and Password) Change Password Add Candidate- Individual CSV Upload (Bulk) Manage Clients- Add/ Edit/ Delete Manage Requirements- Add /Edit/ Delete Manage Recruiters- Add/Edit/Delete Assign Position- Add/ Edit/ Delete Manage Fields- Add/ Edit/ delete Manage Users- Add/Edit/Delete View Billing Info View MIS Info
  34. Technical Specification • Platform for the database- SQL Server/ My SQL / MS SQL • Front end- Microsoft .net • Deployment model (how it is deployed)- 1) Web based 2) Local implementation (on LAN) • Scope of customization- Yes • Source code- Optional to buy • Hosting of the application:- – The application will be hosted on the client company’s server.
  35. Optional Modules • SMS Alerts • Tracker • Job Portal Building • Payroll Accounting Integration • Project Management Solution • Business Development Software • Incentive Calculation (For recruiters and sales)
  36. Few Screen Shots of Proposed Application
  37. Invictus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Suit .501, Chaitanya Classicks, Sus Road, Pashan , Pune 400021, India +91 9603356777 +91 9000970678