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Environmental Noise Control Best Practicable Means BPM and BAT

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The noise control diagnostic procedure that must be followed in order to claim Best Practicable Means (BPM) using Best Available Technology (BAT). Innovative and award winning environmental noise reduction techniques that reduce typical project costs by c80%. Presented at the CIEH SE regional spring forum, April 2013

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Environmental Noise Control Best Practicable Means BPM and BAT

  1. 1. www.invc.co.ukIndustrial Noise and Vibration Centre: www.invc.co.ukEnvironmental Noise ControlEnvironmental Noise ControlBest Practicable Means (BPM)Best Practicable Means (BPM)Peter Wilson MSc. MIOAPeter Wilson MSc. MIOANoise Control Best Practicenoise
  2. 2. www.invc.co.ukIndustrial Noise and Vibration Centre• Award winning noise control technology for fans £800k capital and £250k / p.a. running cost savings for Corus• Best Practicable Means (BPM)• Best Available Technology (BAT, BATNEEC) In many cases, (including centrifugal fans, chiller / HVAC plant, largestacks, burners / combustion) BPM / BAT often cannot be claimedwithout reference to our technology….• BPM / BAT Evaluation Often used as the arbiter of what constitutes BPM / BAT – includingcourt cases• Buy Quiet Policy De-facto UK standard noise purchasing policy• Presentations and Training Noise training providers for English, Scottish, Irish EnvironmentAgencies and local authorities
  3. 3. www.invc.co.ukNoise Control Programme Best Practice• Noise Control Audit – defining BPMAnalysis of noise features, diagnosis of nuisance elements plus anengineering evaluation and ranking of the noise control options (costs /benefits) based on current best practice• Develop detailed noise control recommendationsImplement as retro-fit on the first of each type of machine / plant• Develop longer noise management programme – as required• Buy Quiet – Environmental Policies• TrainingMore information and case studies - www.invc.co.uk
  4. 4. www.invc.co.ukNoise Management - Best PracticeEffective AssessmentEffective AssessmentDNA and Corporate AmnesiaDNA and Corporate AmnesianoiseIndustrial Noise and Vibration Centre: www.invc.co.uk
  5. 5. www.invc.co.ukDigital Noise Assessment (DNA)Presenting environmental noise data in an effective and accessible formatVideo: www.invc.co.uk/noise/noise-assessment/environmental-noise-assessment/#edna
  6. 6. www.invc.co.ukNoise Control - Best PracticeEnvironmental Noise ControlEnvironmental Noise ControlThe Approach…The Approach…noiseIndustrial Noise and Vibration Centre: www.invc.co.uk
  7. 7. www.invc.co.ukPlacebo Silencerspsychology…
  8. 8. www.invc.co.ukNoise Control Best Practice Elements• Attitude• BPM Noise Control Audit based on detailed diagnosis, objective evaluation linking noisefeatures to complaints and costing the options and benefits using thebest of current technology• Implement Noise Control Programme based on the results of the audit• Update Noise Assessment Environment Agencies, Local Authorities, residents…• Buy Quiet management and purchasing policyThis approach reduces typical costs by 50% - 80%...
  9. 9. www.invc.co.ukNoise Complaints from Industrial PremisesSource: National Physical Laboratory
  10. 10. www.invc.co.ukEnvironmental Noise Control is ....… not just about the overall level…• Effective noise control must be based on an accurate diagnosis thatrelates noise features to subjective impact, not just on assumptionsabout overall dB(A).• Although dB(A) may also be a planning / specification requirement, thisis often a completely separate issue.• Noise control is an engineering problem that should be solved byengineering means - at source - wherever practical.• All the options must be considered, not just the conventional high costconventional palliatives of barriers, enclosures and silencers. Thesetechniques should only be used where it can be proved that there is noengineering alternative.
  11. 11. www.invc.co.ukGauging BAT and BPM – the process• Identify contributory site noise sources and characteristics• Rank the sources – both in terms of dB(A) and character• at complainant, site boundary or other reference position• Identify all potential noise sources within the dominantmachine / process• Rank these sources – dB(A) and character• Establish the noise control options for the dominantsource; repeat for the next most dominant source….• Draw up a schedule of noise reduction v costYou cannot claim BPM unless this process has beenfollowed – period!non-engineersspecialist
  12. 12. www.invc.co.ukSource ID and Ranking Techniques• run each source separately - measure in far field at reference points use digital recorders – 2 places at once….• measure each source close in and predict noise levels (sound powerand propagation)• use narrow band frequency analysis - compare far field and close-insignaturesbedroomwindow open/shutgrinder 5mcooling towers 1 / 2 at 2m
  13. 13. www.invc.co.ukA Misty Morning at the Dairy…Abatement notice looming. Sourceranking:-1.Cooling towers (fans + fallingwater)2.Fridge compressors (pipework)3.Glazed roof breakout4.Roof-top condensersSolution•Cooling tower control system andfloating balls: 15dB(A) reduction•Local acoustic pipe lagging•Suspended ceiling•Condenser panel damping
  14. 14. www.invc.co.ukNoise Control OptionsTechniques by priority and cost effectiveness….•Control at sourceengineering modifications; efficiency improvementsvibration isolation and vibration dampingOnly if the above are not practical should you consider…•Silencing•Enclosures•Lagging•Barriers•Building modificationsConventionally, thesehigh cost techniqueshave been the onlymeasures that areconsidered….
  15. 15. www.invc.co.ukCost v Noise Reduction – Defining BPM
  16. 16. www.invc.co.ukInnovative Noise Control TechnologyThese are some of the latest innovations we use as part of current bestpractice in environmental noise control.• Award winning fan noise control technology 10% - 20% of the cost, no effect on fan efficiency• Chiller / HVAC noise control <20% of the cost, free cooling unaffected, higher efficiency• Fan / combustion stacks retro-fit, low cost, fast• Burner / combustion noise source control technology – typically <5% of the cost• Acoustic Camouflage psychological electronic silencing
  17. 17. www.invc.co.ukOG Centrifugal Fans: Corus…for the most significant development in noise control technology>£1 million cost savingStealth and efficiency case studies: www.invc.co.uk
  18. 18. www.invc.co.ukScrap Can Extract and Chopper Fansmodified fanProblemOccupational + environmental tonalnoiseConventional• silencers, lagging and enclosures• capital cost > c£35000 +maintenance costsBPM Engineering• internal fan modification reducedtones by 23dB and overall noiseby 22dB(A)• cost c £3000 - no maintenancecosts (lasts the lifetime of the fansdespite passage of cans)
  19. 19. www.invc.co.ukPress Shop Noise Complaints• £12k wasted on factory end wall treatment,£65k additional roof improvements planned(no guarantee) and £40k+ legal fees spent…• LA employs us to rule on BPM. Power pressmodifications costing c£12k solved problem.
  20. 20. www.invc.co.ukCement Works Stack Noise Control• Plant update to improve efficiencyhad a disastrous effect on stacknoise, causing complaints over awide area.• Conventional silencing wouldhave been very costly and wouldhave caused unacceptable down-time.• We designed tuned stack insertsinstalled over a weekend.• Noise reduced by 19dB with noeffect on system efficiency and ata small fraction of the cost.
  21. 21. www.invc.co.ukYoghurt-Based Noise Control - Boiler Burner16dB tonal noise reduction
  22. 22. www.invc.co.ukEdgware Road Station – Acoustic Camouflage• Numerous complaints re trackmaintenance noise at night.• Council insisted people andequipment should be deliveredfrom Baker Street, adding £250kto cost.• Combining intelligent noisemonitoring, noise control andacoustic camouflage, weconvinced the council to allowstation access.• Less than zero complaints! Twoemails of commendation fromprevious complainants….
  23. 23. www.invc.co.ukAbatement Notice – Corrugation Plant• Abatement notice - £150k quotedfor building mods. - with noguarantee of success. EHOsuggested our 2ndopinion…• Diagnosed corrugator roller tonesand defined BPM.• Reduced tonal content at sourceby 12dB – and eliminated PPErequirement – for cost of £25k…
  24. 24. www.invc.co.ukNoise Management - Best PracticeBuy QuietBuy QuietPurchasing PolicyPurchasing PolicynoiseIndustrial Noise and Vibration Centre: www.invc.co.uk
  25. 25. www.invc.co.ukBuy Quiet Noise ControlProbably the single most cost effective long term noise control measurethat a company can take.BUT....Do not allow your suppliers to spend your money onnoise control without close scrutiny and evidence thatthey have followed diagnostic best practice• most suppliers do not have technical expertise in noise control andusually buy-in proprietary materials, enclosures, silencers etc andadd these to the cost - regardless of Best Practicable Means usingthe best of current technology
  26. 26. www.invc.co.ukBuy Quiet – insist on BAT• Thermal oxidiser plant Supplier recommended earth berm noise barrier, large silencers, fanenclosures: c £150k+ - estimated 5dB(A) reduction BAT: fan modifications, move dampers, convert duct-work intosilencers: c £30k - 15dB(A) reduction• Waste recycling plant• Supplier recommended £1million spent on double-skinning plasticglazing to give 3dB(A) added attenuation.• BAT: modify plant inside to reduce noise levels by 5dB(A)+ predictedc90% less cost and reduced occupational noise levels (no PPE).• Brown-field housing• Planners prevented developer building due to industrial noise.Consultants claimed it would cost too much to sort (barriers etc)• 11 fans modified at c£45k cost to developer; 200 properties built…
  27. 27. www.invc.co.ukRemote Control of Noise – second opinion….videosoundphotosemail-internetspecialised analysisBPMBATCostsdatabaseexperience@@
  28. 28. www.invc.co.ukRemote Control of NoiseRomanian power station Laundry fan Ship unloadingRoof-top fans Garage A/C plant Punch press
  29. 29. www.invc.co.ukRemote Control of NoiseUSA Refinery: $1.25m quote for conventional silencers: $0.25m viaour engineering approach – no impact on efficiency, no site visit.Video at: www.invc.co.uk/noise/noise-control/fan-noise-reduction/#remotefan
  30. 30. www.invc.co.ukEnvironmental Noise ControlEnvironmental Noise ControlBest Practicable Means (BPM)Best Practicable Means (BPM)Peter Wilson MSc. MIOAPeter Wilson MSc. MIOANoise Control Best PracticenoiseIndustrial Noise and Vibration Centre: www.invc.co.uk