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Website 2023 #flushyourmeds

Website 2023 #flushyourmeds ... ;
By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... ;
Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Hol...
not engage with these people or waste your F time. The Fifth
Amendment is the only Thing You ever Have to Beat Cults. ;
Fact is a Fact #flushyourmeds ... ;
Addressing Societies Cognitive Dissonance ... ;
FACT: Publishing is a Pyramid Scheme (...
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Website 2023 #flushyourmeds

  1. 1. Website 2023 #flushyourmeds ... ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce ... ; Just recently a Zionist Chinese Balloon flew over Montana and all Joe Biden did was Jerk Off His Circumcised PP in The Bathroom ... ; #flushyourmeds Anti Psychiatry Movement #flushyourmeds Anti Psychiatry Movement New Index File Is Here As For Now .......... ; Now Transferring to Domain Dot Com, Because Google's New Policies & Some Script Kiddie Got in and other Nonsense I have A Hard Time With. ; https://ia601401.us.archive.org/22/items/index-2021/ index.html https://archive.vn/yA4eh We are comprised of Psych Victims and Targeted Individuals ... My Title : Scott A Barry / Scott A. Barry / Scott Alan Barry / Scott Barry / Archive*today*org*vn | Perma*cc Also ..... ; Us Whistleblowers know Rite Aid Does Not Recycle and 911 was a Mossad OP Inside Job ... Contact: Johndoepcppie@protonmail.com ..... ; DONATE LINK : https://tinyurl.com/2mv7m6c7 ..... ; IRC: Web.Libera.Chat > #flushyourmeds ..... ; Kiwiirc.com > DALNT > WEB.LIBERA.CHAT > #flushyourmeds ; https://meet.jit.si/static/close3.html | Jitsi and Mumble also ..... ; https://meet.jit.si/flushyourmeds .......... ; The Majority of Goyim Earthly Society is Brainwashed and has Cognitive Dissonance Mental Issues, The Brainwashing Goes away after Humans Die and Become Telepathic Ghosts. Zionist Jews Control & Censor The Internet and Earthly Society. Do
  2. 2. not engage with these people or waste your F time. The Fifth Amendment is the only Thing You ever Have to Beat Cults. ; https://www.goyimtv.com/channel/3038269526/flushyourmeds/ ... ; Psychiatry An Industry of Death Antipsychiatry*org is NON- Scientology ; CCHR is another one that has Thomas Szasz and Peter Breggin ... ; To My Arch Enemies : "That is Childish, Grow UP, rid the world of your useless machinations & existence, Kill Yourself." -ANONYMOUS ; Speech is Protected by 1st Amendment SO IS Holocaust Denial ; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pentacle_on_white.svg ... ; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Germany_ %281935%E2%80%931945%29.svg ... ; https://archive.org/search.php?query=%22psychiatry%20an %20industry%20of%20death%22 ; https://odysee.com/$/search?q=%22psychiatry%20an%20industry %20of%20death%22 ; https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=%22psychiatry%20an %20industry%20of%20death%22&kind=video ; Another Year Another Jew #flushyourmeds ... ; Multiculcuralism & Diversity are Communism & Do Not Work ... ; The Jews Are Taking Advantage of You ON Holidays ... ; Only 1% of Earth Does Brit Milah, The Banksters Control Everything on Earth, just to name it all, Some people having a Bris every new year, Others are Watching The C-SPAN Secret Meetings that happen every New Year, AS Kyle Odom Claims, Martians Control Planet Earth, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of The ZION ... ; www*cfr*org/podcasts/world-next-year-what-watch-2023 ... ;
  3. 3. Fact is a Fact #flushyourmeds ... ; Addressing Societies Cognitive Dissonance ... ; FACT: Publishing is a Pyramid Scheme (Scientology and The JEWS), Banned From Blurb and Lulu, Now Use iUniverse, Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes and Noble Press, Martians/Jews Destroyed This Planet Earth, Martians/Jews Control The Press and Internet on The Surface Web of it all ... ; FACT: The Holocaust Never Happened, Only 1% of Earth Does Brit Milah, Martians Started Organized Religion as a CULT, All Cops and Governments are Freemasons who Do All The Stalking and Drug/Steroid Trafficking, When Humans Die They Become Ghosts who are Telepathic and Psychic ... ; You're Fine with Linux and BSD, Then if you see a Grabify or Tinyurl Link in a Script Kiddie Email Just DO NOT Click on it and you will be SAFE. ; Linux and BSD have Sudo and Sudo is Better than RA-ADMIN. ; There was that Grabify and Tinyurl Hacking Thing? I Archived Several Things so far. I do not believe in God, I think Religion is a Cult. I do not even believe in the Holocaust. David Irving Debunks the Holocaust. I do not support Israel that did 911 a Mossad OP. I am not a Gang Stalker or a FED, got that wrong. I do not have any major assets, I simply work for a Small Business (Medical-Tech), What have you got? Also Linux/BSD has Sudo instead of RA-Admin ... ; Take a Good Look at Usury #flushyourmeds Usury and Quantitative Easing is what keeps Goyim Earthly Society in The Dark Ages, Suppresses all Medical Advancements, Cures, & Scientific Achievements, Kohen Jews Control Banking, The Press, Publishing, Patents, The Internet, & Everything. ; Diversity, Zionism, Religion, God, Multiculturalism, Communism, Israel, CIA All Do Not Work. ; So Nirvgorilla Actually Believes Global Warming is Man Made, and Covid-19 Vaccines and Masks Work that is where he is Brainwashed, Brainwashing goes away after humans die and become Telepathic Ghosts, Freedom of Speech is also Speech You Disagree with ... #flushyourmeds ; New Way to deal with Perp Gang Stalkers Be a Perp Like Them and be a Security Role Player, Plead The Fifth, also David
  4. 4. Irving already debunked the Holocaust You are full of shit : https://www.online-stopwatch.com/countdown-timer/ ... ; The Disclaimer for This Website will Finally Now Be This : If you can Visit This WS on a Live USB of Ventoy Unetbootin, you can also run openSUSE KDE Live in Virtualbox, or Kubuntu / Calc L XFCE as a Live OS on The RAM Disk or Visit The WS at The Public Library, the reason Why is Links, Links are a Problem, if you can, type the Links Manually and never trust anyone who sends you a tinyurl/bitlyws/shorturlat link as it could contain malicious exploits, even PDF Files have common Exploits, so use common sense and DO NOT be an idiot, I am not responsible for your random research, you did it to yourself, fuck the snowflakes and fuck political correctness, if you don't know the BIOS Keys to a Computer Use VirtualBOX and run a Live OS of openSUSE TW KDE Live as a Live OS in VirutalBox then Download The Brave AppImage File, that will work just fine, I am not responsible for your own actions, because you did it to yourself so quit being a Snowflake SJW wanker Cry Baby Liberal and get some Balls and Move on with Life, if you do not use a Live Operating System, you will get Fucked for sure and I really mean it, this is not a joke this will be the new WS disclaimer Period ... ; Sponsored Websites : Evilbible*com Godisimaginary*com Antipsychiatry*org Vimandvigor*com Witeboard*com Anotepad*com Web*Libera*Chat OnlineToneGenerator*com 1261287831 Know More News Adam Green Stopthepirates*blogspot Stopnoahidelaw*blogspot Davidduke*com CCHR*org GoyimTV*TV IrvingBooks*com DavidSkrbina*com SatanicMission*org Monaurl Beats 126128 Schumann Resonance Solfeggio Music & Frequencies O9A*org Anti Zionism ATWA Anti Psychiatry Anti Freemasonry Anti Religion Fringe and Off Center Ventoy*net Linux Kubuntu*org Startpage*com Qwant*com Ublock Origin Privacy Badger Decentraleyes Https Everywhere Canvas Blocker Return YT Dislikes FF on Strict The One-Time Pad AZ010SPRANDOM3 Alien CHARS Veracrypt and 7zip Encryption Archive*today*vn*ph*org Tinyurl*com Bitly*ws Shorturl*at 456013 8888 VirtualBox Tails openSUSE TW Kali Parrot OS INE ; The Globalist Zionist Kohen Six Passport Jews Keep Negative Hydrogen, Negative Resistors, and Mono-atomic Gold and Snake Juice Fasting Information away from The Stupid Goyim : Dr. Flanagan - Megahydrate and Antioxidants | Jews Control The Press and The World Economy ... ; The Holocaust Never Happened Hitler Saved Germany & Europe ... ;
  5. 5. David Irving Debunked The Holocaust in Ten Minutes Period ... ; Negative Hydrogen is The Strongest Anti-Oxidant Next To Ozone ... ; #flushyourmeds #archivetoday #webarchiveorg ... ; New Documentary and Book Released ... ; https://archive.org/details/gang-stalking-documentary/ ; https://odysee.com/@invalid999:5/one:8b/ ; https://odysee.com/@invalid999:5/two:8b/ ; https://www.bitchute.com/invalidnine/ ; https://ugetube.com/@invalid999/ ; https://archive.org/details/@invalid999/ ; https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/first-amendment-scott- barry/1142812254/ ; https://issuu.com/invalid0/docs/first-amendment- flushyourmeds-scott-a-barry-min-em ; https://www.academia.edu/92399277/ First_Amendment_flushyourmeds ; https://www.slideshare.net/invalid0/first-amendment- flushyourmeds ; #flushyourmeds #archivetoday #webarchiveorg ... ; Freedom of Speech or 1st Amendment is also Speech You Disagree With, we and everyone on Earth knows that Pedo is Fucking Illegal you Sick Fuck ; They are Remote Viewing You via Telepathy and Logging Your ASS in a Subrip SRT Text File and You Don't even know it to begin with ... ; Why Are These Narcissists, Telepathic, Psychic, and able to do Controlled Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing while also being in a Christian Cult and Being a Democrat, SJW, Zionist, Marxist RedBlue Communist? ;
  6. 6. Because They Are Under Freemason Zionist Martian Mind Control ... ; The MK-Ultra Program is Now The Monarch Program, Jew Based. ; These Telepathics are in Religious Cults. Under Mind Control. ; God is a Myth Started By Martians and Zionist Jews to Control. ; Questioning The Status Quo is what Society Does Not Want You Doing at all in any way shape or form in Censorship … ; Communism was originally Jewish and Zionist K Marx was a Jew … ; All of Psychiatry is involved in The CIA's MK-Ultra Black Projects to do Mind Control, Abuse of State Power, Medical Neglect, & Abductions, Psychiatry is Communist Quackery, They Have no Real Credentials in Medical ... ; I would stay away from Religion, because there is a Freemasonic Christian Cult in WA that Abducts and Rapes People and Children. God is Fake. ; Organized Religion has The Most Amount of Child Predators, Human Traffickers, Sexual Perverts, Gangs, Mafias, Than Any Other Business. ; Look up The Term "Cult" in The Webster's Dictionary and See. ; Help Prevent The Spread of Computer Exploits : (Tell them to Search "Sluggish Schizophrenia" or "The Term" instead.) .......... ; People who Do Not Believe in Masks or Vaccines or PCR Tests will later be diagnosed with This Mental Health Condition and Committed 5150 by Communist Soviet Style Psychiatrists Communism is Here NOW : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Sluggish_schizophrenia .......... ; Channels 1 : https://archive.today/gaWSc ... ;
  7. 7. Channels 2 : https://web.archive.org/https://pastebin.com/SQsx0ZM2/ ... ; Humans Expert Conditioning and Brainwashing goes away after they pass away and become a Psychic Telepathic Ghost, Martians Started Religion ; Alex Jones and David Icke Were Wrong The Ruling Cabal is Zionism : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohen | Kohen In Encyclopedia ... ; So Go To W W W DOT CFR DOT ORG ; nslookup cfr.org ; B'nai B'rith is a Kohen Jew Only Society The ADL The Martians ; So all you need is a Dictionary or Encyclopedia to Look It Up ... ; We all know the Masks and Vaccines and PCR Tests Do Not Work ; Anon Said : Psychiatry causes homelessness. All homeless people on the streets are victims of Psychiatrists. Psychiatry destroys lives. A bane of our mess, a Dangerous Medical field that relies on drugging and torturing Normal People. The New Way to Discredit People is to Call Them Conspiracy Theorists. ; There is no Science to Psychiatry, it is Pure Quackery, Psychiatry is Quackery, Psychiatry is a Fraud, Psychiatry is a Scam, all they do is Drug The Mentally Ill with Poison Drugs, all they do is Torture the Mentally Ill and people are supposed to have family to prevent these kinds of things ... ; Neurology is a Science, Psychiatry uses No Scientific Tests Period and is only the basis of mere opinions and no science whatsoever, psychiatry uses no science and is a Communist Tool to trick the Stupid Goyim into taking poisonous medications ... ; No Scientific Study Can Prove the Effectiveness of Psychiatric Drugs ... ; There is no Science to Psychiatric Drugging, No Science to prove any of Psychiatry's Bogus Claims so Psychiatry is in itself a Pseudoscience ... ; Again With The Script Kiddies, There is The Book
  8. 8. "Hack Like A God" & Brave AppImage has TOR ..... ; Let's be honest and admit we are not Totally Psychic : ########## https://haveibeenpwned.com/ .......... ; INT'L JEWS MOSSAD AND ISRAEL DID 9/11 ... ; Adolf Hitler Saved Western Europe From Stalin & Communism ... ; Adolf Hitler Got Germany out of Poverty & A Banking Debt ... ; Adolf Hitler Did Not Start WWII , The Holocaust is a Hoax ... ; Karl Marx was a Jew and Communism is Jewish Period ... ; All of the Derailment in The Fake Truther Communities when We all know Linux and BSD are More Secure than Mac OS & Windows , because they have Super User and Sudo ..... ; My Family is Brainwashed, with all of the Brainwashing in the World, Now you have more in common with Telepathic Ghosts or Dead People, than you do Normal Brainwashed Goat People ; Everyone Born After USB of 1996 is Doomed & Has No Future ; Technocracy, Idiocracy, Communism, Despotism, Dictatorship ; America = British Crown Colony Corporation of Said Slaves ; The Act of 1871 = America is a Corporation = You = Slave ; America Never Won The War of IND with The British Ever ; You Were Always a Salve to Cetui Que Vie 1666 AD and Uniform Commerical Code, Constitution No Longer Applies ; Speaking of Technocracy and why you should not rely on Technology 100 Percent is I ended up doing a Firmware BIOS
  9. 9. Update and Almost Bricking The BIOS, Had to Remove the Internal Battery and Finally Got The Computer Back ... ; For Comedians Bill Hicks Made More Sense Than Carlin ... ; The Jerkbeast Show is The True Gospel of John Also ... ; Beavis & Butthead was much edgier than South Park ... ; You Can Blame All OF The World's Problems on ORG Religion, Zionism, Liberalism, Communism, and New Age Bull Shit ... ; As a Targeted Individual You are a Wrong Thinker on a Known Suspected Terrorist Watch-list who has Unacceptable Thoughts ; Seems like a lot of these people have a Cognitive Dissonance Brainwashing Problem just as the Gang Stalkers Do ... ; The Talmud is The Book of Globalism & Zionism & Communism ; Globalism is a Derailment Term away from Zionism and The Real Issue is Jewish Supremacy , Jewish Supremacism , Communism ; YouTube should be Properly Called JewTube, because you get Three Community Guideline Strikes, then they Delete YOU ; All because of Muh Hate Speech and Muh Bigotry DERRR ; Adolf Hitler SAVED Western Europe From COMMUNISM ... ; A WS where Thinking is NOW A MENTAL ILLNESS ... ; 90+ Years of WWII Lies , Hitler Did NOT Start WWII ... ; Zionist Jews Go To Private Schools to Avoid The Brainwashing and Propaganda / Indoctrination Taught By The Victors ... ; Goyim are only holding on to Property Priveleges Period ... ;
  10. 10. Psychiatry is Pure Quackery, People are Abused in Mental Health Facilities, Group Homes, Psych Homes, Mental Hospitals, etc. Social Sciences Psychology Psychiatry are NOT Sciences ... ; Fasting Lowers C-Reactive Protiens and Doctor Sebi Cured Most of his Health Problems Through Multi Day Fasting ... ; Politics is Rigged by The Zionist Jews and Both Democrats & Republicans are Two Sides of The Same Zionist Jew Coin ... ; The Psychiatric System is also responsible for making Men Infertile. Psychiatry Kills. Posted on The Internet ... ; Psych Meds AKA Dopamine Antagonists Permanently Damage A Region of The Brain and Permanent Brain Damage Happens ; Three Forms of Mind Control are Censorship, Repetition, & Information Control EX : MKULTRA CIA & Psychiatry ... ; A Gangstalker Script Kiddie kept sending me Malicious Links that steal your Cookie Login Sessions & adding Lime Juice & Lemon Juice to Water along with Baking Soda and Activated Carbon Food Grade is The Way To Go for H2O Water ... ; https://web.archive.org/https://psychroaches.blogspot.com/ 2013/01/neurolepticsantipsychotis-causing.html | https://archive.ph/pbV6t ... ; https://web.archive.org/http://www.madinamerica.com/wp- content/uploads/2012/12/Neuroleptic-Drugs-and-Violence.doc | Archive*today*ph*vn ; Attract Money & Power > https://onlinetonegenerator.com/ > 528 Cycles ; Five Two Eight is The Frequency Against The Establishment ... ;
  11. 11. Seven Point Eight Three One is The Earth Pulse as well ..... ; My Crappy Band is Dominus Sathanas 666 , Here's Another : https://www.reverbnation.com/darknessavowed/songs ..... ; Rac Nazi SS 88 NSM 14 Words German Music is Better ...... ; https://archive.org/details/mudoven-truth-and-tragedy-life- in-the-occupied-zone/08+Violent+Solution.mp3 No Remorse Rac Evil Conduct Aryan Terrorism The Raunchous Brothers The Ones are on Bitchute and have Nazi Content ..... ; Bootleg Bill, Booze and Glory are Shit, Conventional SS Nazi RAC ... ; Chingford Attack, Blue Eyed Devils, Skrewdriver of course ..... ; Moon Man makes a Comedy of Music he's a TTS Comedian ..... ; Final War & Stone Heads , Actual Bodily Harm , SS Nazi RAC ... ; Everything 88NSM WP Records Solar General is Literally IT .... ; Archive*today*org > "RAC" "88" "NSM" "Nsbm" ... ; subject:"R.A.C. 28" is another good one to use as well ..... ; Or go out and Buy it or Get it Peer2Peer / Torrents .......... ; https://rac-forum.org/forum/index.php | http://88nsm.com/ ... ; Tails is for The Dark Web and the Exit Nodes are Less Safe ..... ; The Surface Web is The Safe Web & does not have PTHC ..... ; You can store confidential files on Veracrypt or 7zip Files ..... ;
  12. 12. One-Time Pads , Alien Characters AZ010SPRANDOM3D ..... ; The Brave Appimage w Tor can be combined w A VPN ..... ; I De-Google My Tracfone Cell-Phone NetGuard F-Droid and Alphanumeric Passwords and Leave it in a Faraday Bag OFF ..... ; Skrewdriver, brutal attack, no remorse, paul burnley, bound for glory, blood and honor compilations 1-5 Whitelaw, legion of st. George, redneck 28, Ian stuarts solo albums, and his klansmen , and white diamond projects .... ; For a New Age Bowel Movement Do Not Expect anything Good From a Zionist Communist Society or Zionist Public School System. To class of 2012 you fail and you suck and you loose and go home and stay home ... ; You can Take Your Devo Hats and Fuck Off And Die ... ; I am a Nonpartisan Holocaust Denier Atheist who is Anti Zionist I do not believe in God, Your God of The Bible Condones Slavery, Rape, Killing of Non-Believers, and other Irrational Things ..... ; Religion is a Cult of Nonsense for The Severely Brainwashed ..... ; God is Not Real, Be An Atheist, Martians Started Religion to Divide and Control Mankind, Christianity is Zionism as well ... ; I am Anti Psychiatry Anti Communism Anti Psychology ..... ; Both R's and D's are Zionist Controlled Zionist Rigged Two Sides of The Same Coin and The Seventh Million Clearly Points out the Myth of The Holocaust and The
  13. 13. Myth of White Supremacy and that There is a Jewish Supremacy not a White Supremacy aka Talmud ... ; The Seventh Million Points out The Jews had Several Luxury Items such as Refrigeration Decades before the Goys did ... ; Holocaust Victim Narrative is a Myth Started by Kohen Jews ... ; NO GERMAN WARTIME DOCS FOR THE HOLOCAUST ... ; The Holocaust is Clearly a Hoax and a Myth started by Jews ... ; Religion is a Zionist Cult for Morons who cannot Think for Themselves aka Started by Martians Religion is a Waste of Time and A CULT ... ; Religion is Not The Answer, There is NO GOD or Devil ... ; God is a Myth Started by Martian Kohen Jews to Divide US All ... ; These Jews Get to have Six Travel Passports and GO TO Jew- Only Country Clubs and Live in Big Huge Mansions Oy Vey!!! BTW NMAP shows all 1K Ports are Closed localhost127001 ... ; BTW Running Linux on RAM DISK VENTOY as well ... ; BTW Root and User PW are Both RANDOM and Long as well ... ; passwd ; echo $RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; .... ; Also Spoofed my Mac Address and DNS Address as well ... ; Let us all realize 90+ Years of WWII Lies, The Holocaust is a Hoax and Never Happened, 90+ Years of Zionist Jewish Victor Lies, Martians and Jews Started God & Organized Religion to "Keep US Divided" ..... ;
  14. 14. As Religions all lie we realize Humans Become a Telepathic Ghost After They Die , A Naturally Occuring Electromagnetic Field ... ; Ernst Zundel - Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996) GREAT ... ; Ernst Zundel - Adolf Hitler the Artist, Architect, Designer.!! ..... ; The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust .......... ; The Third Reich & the Palestine Question .......... ; Cow's Milk is not a Health Food, Stop Drinking it all together ..... ; Microwave Ovens kill all Culture and Life in the food, then YOU ..... ; Distilled and Primary Water are the only Waters You Need ..... ; Gluten from GMO Bread is also not Good For You as well .......... ; At the Preparedness Expo they were Ozonating Distilled Water ..... ; Technocracy : USB of 1996, Subnet Masking of 1984 and before all of that we had IMP's Connected to Huge Ass Mainframes .......... ; They are locking computers to be cloud based and UEFI-Secure Boot means Inability to run BSD or Linux From BIOS .......... ; Psychiatry happens to be one of the most Biased Pseudoscientific forms of Medical Quackery There is and is based on Communism/Marxism ... ;
  15. 15. There is no Science to Psychiatry or Psychology or Any of it ..... ; Big Pharma / Vaccines are only Masking Symptoms & Killing People ; Forced Drugging is a Violation of Basic Title 18 Human Rights ... ; There are plenty of Audio Recordings of The Elderly and Veterans being abused by Actual Psychiatrists when they say it is "do no harm" they are going on a Power Trip at them, exactly as our own government would do ITFP ... ; The Reviews of Psychs online will say "Worst bedside manner I have ever experienced." as a common example just search the Doctor Name and see the Abuse done by Quacks/Psychs ... ; It will say "Injured a Family Member" or something along that ... ; Psychiatry has no science it is clearly a Communist Tool, Developed and extended by Jewish Karl Marx and Others ... ; School Shooters were taking Anti-Psychotics, Akathisia is the worst side effect of these meds, it causes Permanent Brain and Organ Tissue Damage, Kidney Damage, Makes you a Eunuch, kills all of your sperm, causes miscarriages ... ; Eunuch = PSSD "You can look that up for yourself TMI" ... ; They are Poisoning The Mentally Ill and Causing Brain Damage by the medications they are giving to the so-called Mentally Ill ... ; Depakote causes Birth Defects and Haldol is Even Worse ... ; You Say : "I am a Strong Believer in The 5th Amendment.",
  16. 16. then you go ahead and move on with your shitty life ..... ; Psychiatric People Act Above The Law and are Exactly Like Cops, It is not a Science, it is Quackery and they also Go on Power Trips and Abuse The Elderly and Veterans, Have little to no bedside manner, do not actually care about their patients and YOU have to Have to Absolutely Plead The Fifth to All PYCHS as you would Police or Cops as well you must do this to avoid Forced Drugging by Court Order by Quacks ... ; This is the Only Solution Plead The 5th AM to ALL Pschiatrists, Doctors, Legal, and Police, Cops ... ; It is your duty to Plead The Fifth to Slave Drivers ... ; If your Family is Narcissistic Plead The 5th to Them and Never Engage with Them also as this works ... ; Get your own place, avoid the system, get passive income or tax exemption if falsely labeled, avoid the system, get multiple leads of Online Income Period ... ; Plead The 5th AM To Authority/Family USE "NO" ... ; Psychiatry can be avoided like the plage and Their Toxic Medications that cause Permanent Brain Damage ... ; Do not engage with Perps, Post an SF-24 Bid Bond ... ; I am invoking My RTRS and Refuse To Answer Any Qs ... ; Understand USA is a British Crown Colony CORP ... ; Do Not Engage with Narcissistic Perps/FAM/AUTH/Psychiatry ... ;
  17. 17. The Fifth Amendment is The Only Thing YOU HAVE ... ; GG Allin- Fuck Authority | Cestui Que Vie = YOU = SLAVE 1666 ... ; Fictional Email for Pcloud/Sync/Degoo/Dropbox : flushyourmeds@flushyourmeds.com ..... ; The New Pin Number for People With Brain Damage is : 5150 ..... ; Reviewer: nicmart - November 13, 2022 ; Subject: Szasz and CCHR / Dr. Thomas Szasz ; To be clear, Dr. Szasz had no involvement with Scientology. He was an atheist who explicitly disavowed every religion, including Scientology. He collaborated with CCHR because it opposed involuntary psychiatric treatment. ; Also Antipsychiatry Dot Org is Not Affiliated With Scientology ... ; Just Now Archived : "the-zionist-protocols" , "odom- manifesto" , "satanic-art-collection" AND "flush-your-meds-book" to Archive*today*org Web*archive*org Perma*cc ... ; The Protocols of The Lerned Elders of The Zion is Now Available Also ... ; "worthless book" is also another Steemit / Perma*cc File you can check out also ... ; (" Remote viewing is the telepathic tool "they" use to see what your doing, saying and thinking. Controlled remote viewing (CRV) is used to do all the gang stalking. There is not much "tech" involved in this at a practical level. CRV is how they do the timed synchronous drive-byes at intersections, etc.... The "all seeing eye" symbol on top of pyramid is a celebration of the elite using telepathy to keep us under them in line. The "pinecones" as seen on pope walking staff and in Vatican is celebration of pineal gland, which is what enables telepathy in humans and animals.The propaganda they use to misguide all of us TIs in these fake TI videos is RNM, synthetic telepathy, smart dust and that kind of BS. And they want us to be followers of "Jesus" so we
  18. 18. will be a army of impoverished TIs completely brainwashed into following whatever BS they want us to do. ") --immanuel goldstein .......... ; Freemason Zionist Jews Run The World & Started The Patriot Act to Gang Stalk anyone who dares to Look Up : David Duke, David Irving, Brian Ruhe, Brother Nathanael, Mark Collett, Dr. Sebi, Andrew Norton Webber, Raymond Francis, Bob Beck, Dr. Mercola, Peter Breggin, Thomas Szasz, John Taylor Gatto, Ken Okeefe, Alfred Schaefer, Russel Blaylock, Ingo Swann, Tim Rifat, Yuri Bezmenov, Ovadia Yosef, William Cooper, Ryan Dawson, Other John Harwood, Other Targeted Individuals, Adam Green of Know More News, Peter Glidden, Jared Taylor or any of AMREN Website, The MKULTRA Program, CIA's Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory and Mr. Pickles Circus, Katy Groves, Douglas Valentine, George Orwell, Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, David Skrbina, alan watt, alan watts, Odin, Robert Monroe, Ted Patrick, BDS Movement is a Honey Pot, Anyone who is Not Partisan And Agrees to say Fuck PC Culture ; Rudolf Walter Richard Hess, Hitler of course, Anti Zionism, Gabriel Kron, Tesla, 1984, Frank Zappa, Vincent Crowley, Any RAC or Nazi Music, Varg Vikernes, MGTOW Types, Antipsychiatry, Evilbible Dot Com & Godisimaginary, Several Conservative Groups Are on this list as well, GG Allin, JR Bob Dobbs, Jerkbeast ... ; Let's just say if you're on the list, you're gonna get lined up & SHOT ... ; Solutions to CIA MKULTRA Mind Control Are : I was deep into "The Occult" at one point ; There is a Conspiracy to make Goyim Less Telepathic to make USA Less Telepathic ... ; They are Poisoning Our Common Foods and Tap Water which can be filtered or distilled ; Psychiatric Drugs are also a Poison ... ; Vaccines are a Useless Poison as well ... ; 9-11 really was a Mossad Operation ... ; Veganism is NOT actually healthy Period ; Gluten is often part of a GMO Product ; These things all make you less psychic ; Microwaves basically make your food DEAD ; Living food is better than DEAD food ; Fasting is a Cure for Most Diseases and Fasting Literally Lowers C-R Proteins ; There is a Meditation Practice called Scrying, Gaze into a Sigil or Pentacle or Cross for One Hour or More and this Settles BWR Mind ; Stop Watching Zionist TV and Radio and Start Reading Books, Any Book Will Do ... ; Audacity is Free and Easy to USE ... ; Adobe Auditions is the Second Option ... ; Monaural Beats 126128, Theta Isochronic Tones, AudioStrobe at 7.831 Schummann E Resonance, White Noise, Pink Noise, /dev/urandom, Five Two Eight Cycles Sine on the WS, Solfeggio Music 528, 432, 963, 741 ... ; Hemi-Sync Tapes, Mind-X by Dane Spotts ; Dane Spotts is a shill Cult Member, his wife divorced him and there is also, Robert
  19. 19. Monroe as Hemi-Sync Tapes ... ; OnlineToneGenerator*com as a Tone Gen ... ; Also look at the Farmers Almanac and the fact that there are almost no WarTime Docs or Evidence of a Six Million Jew Holocaust and realize is the Victor Jewish History Taught in these Public Schools really all just a Lie, Question The Status Quo, Question Everything, that is the last bits for this summation as part of the #flushyourmeds Archive Perma Movement of Craptivism ... ; Distilled Water is The Only True Water along with Primary ... ; We All Know Masks Do Not Work and Vaccines Do Not Work and Cause Blood Clots ... ; I have been placed under 24/7 Surveillance for Wrong Thinking … ; With being put on a 24/7 Surveillance Gov List ; With The Gang Stalking a Former CIA thinks I am the Bad Guy, when I am Open about my life and kind of just a junkie loser. The Planes flying over your house are not a problem, Active@KillDisk, Darik's Boot & Nuke, Haiku OS, Replacing OS with Linux or BSD, Now you wont have to worry about beeping and having to remove the Internal Battery, they will mess with The BIOS if you still have that back-door of Windows / Mac OS and Utilities ; The Hidden Partitions are No Big Deal ... ; They are gaslighting you to be Mentally Ill ; It is common as day, those planes fly over your house and The Computer BIOS thing, all can be stopped by wiping said partions and using Linux and BSD as Alternative Operating Systems ; Linux and BSD have Super User / Sudo and just work better than the other two so well ; There is no hacking only of YOUR BRAIN ; Focus on the Brain, not the Fake Shit ; Common Sense says never mention Gang Stalking at a Bank ... ; I just think there are ten other better ways to Make Money and Avoid Taxation You Mention MCA in one of your Videos ... ; MCA is a notorious scam that sells a "fake" roadside assistance program that rarely delivers on its promises. Plus this service is available free on new cars, with an AMEX card, and most auto insurance offers a quality plan for $10 per year. Just thought that was ridiculous. And calling me a Gang Stalker over an SH file that is only meant to be run on air-gapped Linux Systems ... ; I do not believe in God, you're a Ghost when you die ... ; Religion to me seems like a total cult and SCAM/CON ... ; If anything How could I be a Perp/Gangstalker when I do Not get paid and I do not shove Religious Crap on PPL ... ; --Scott A. Barry ; Script Kiddie Gang Stalkers Exposed AS OF NOW ... ; This is the Enemy To Big Pharma #flushyourmeds ... ;
  20. 20. Big Pharma Hates These Links and the Jewish Zionist Crime Network Hates Know More News Adam Green ... ; https://web.archive.org/https://snakediet.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/https://www.vimandvigor.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/http://antipsychiatry.org/ ; https://web.archive.org/https://www.brothersage.com/ services ; https://web.archive.org/https://psychroaches.blogspot.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/http://www.madinamerica.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/https://drsebiscellfood.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/https://www.bobbeck.com/ ; Never Be Sick Again: Health Is a Choice, Learn How to Choose It Never Be Fat Again: The 6-Week Cellular Solution to Permanently Break the Fat Cycle Big Pharma Hates These Links and the Jewish Zionist Crime Network Hates Know More News Adam Green ... ; # ~~~ This is The Frequency 7.831 Square ~~~ ### ; The Frequency is The Schumann Resonance or Seven Point Eight Three One Square, because The Tone Deaf Can Hear it and not Five Two Eight. OnlineToneGeneratorCOM ... ; Audacity AppImage, Adobe Auditions, This Frequency Attracts, Money, Success, and Everything ... ; Dan Rather Did Not want to say it, because he is a Shill for the Jew World Order and Crypto Jew ... ;
  21. 21. # ~~~ This is The Frequency 7.831 Square ~~~ ### ; # ~~~ Social Media is Legally Gay and HOMO ~~~ ### ; hXXps://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/instagram.com/ This Linux Tux Penguin File was Censored on Instagram in the Name of Marxism and Communism for Mah Bigotry and Mah Hate Speech all because it had Red “Xs” on The Eyes and Beaker and DOA in Red, I did that in Gimp and They Flagged the post … ; Here is the Re-Make of The Raster Image I made in Gimp … ; # ~~~ Social Media is Legally Gay and HOMO ~~~ ### ; Give Them Five #flushyourmeds ... ; It’s none of the Psychiatry and Governments Business … ; Give all Psychiatry and Authority The Fifth Amendment + NO … ; It is the only thing you can do, I already screwed my life up anyways and now I am world star on Psych Meds, my life sucks, it is a joke, if you do not YOU WILL LOOSE … ; # ~~~ Social Media is Legally Gay and HOMO ~~~ ### ; ## -- Lamest Art in The Universe of Things ... -- ## ; https://archive.today/SNGU4 ; https://archive.today/archive.org/details/scott-a-barry ; https://archive.today/archive.org/details/inverted- pentagram ; https://archive.today/archive.org/details/best-flag-ever ; https://archive.today/archive.org/details/spiral-pentagram ;
  22. 22. ## -- Lamest Art in The Universe of Things ... -- ## ; # ~~~ Social Media is Legally Gay #flushyourmeds ~~~ ### ; If you ever get caught, Post a Bond be it SF-24 Bid Bond … ; Only You can help yourself by taking whatever is thrown at you, pleading the fifth, saying no, and ignoring any and all Death Threats as these are common to anyone on a Terrorist WL who is a Wrong Thinker or Conservative or Non Partisan or Anti Zionist or Anti Communist … ; If you’re not for Diversity and Multiculturalism you can and will get death threats by random people in society … ; You will have to ignore all of it, quit being a PUSSY … ; Everyone will be hostile to you, get used to it, ignore it … ; Plead the Fifth, Say NO, Ignore Everyone like you should … ; As a Targeted Individual Never Call Yourself That and Give Authority and Psychs The Five , Say NO , and Take Whatever is Thrown at you, when on a Terrorists WL you will get Death Threats on a Day to Day Basis that is normal Ignore any and all Death Threats or whatever is thrown at you … ; Also The Word NO and Fifth Amendment is All You Need … ; Pscyhs and Authority Cannot Do Anything if You Do Not Talk … ; The reason why some people fucked their lives up is because they said shit to a Psychiatrist and are now Brain Fried by Psych Meds … ;
  23. 23. That is their own fucking fault, Anti-psychotics give you a Chemical Lobotomy and basically smash your fucking cerebrum Period …. ; # ~~~ Social Media is Legally Gay #flushyourmeds ~~~ ### ; All The Resources for An Old Computer ... ; Kali is for Offensive Security Pen Testing ONLY ; http://www.tinycorelinux.net/13.x/x86/archive/13.0/ https://www.sitejabber.com/ IPtables -I INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j DROP ; https://puppylinux-woof-ce.github.io/ https://www.slitaz.org/en/ (456013DNS8888) ; https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/ https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/18.04/release/ https://www.parrotsec.org/ (Offensive SEC Only) ; https://wiki.calculate-linux.org/desktop/ https://linuxmint.com/ (8888/44-ISGOOGLE) ; https://mxlinux.org/ https://get.opensuse.org/tumbleweed/ https://antixlinux.com/ https://manjaro.org/ https://arcolinux.com/ https://kernel.org/ | https://nosystemd.org/ https://ventoy.net/en/index.html https://www.balena.io/etcher/ https://unetbootin.github.io/
  24. 24. https://www.virtualbox.org/ https://www.freedos.org/ https://www.dosbox.com/ https://ghostbsd.org/ https://www.haiku-os.org/ https://www.killdisk.com/eraser.html "passwd" for Root and User ... ; echo $RANDOM$RANDOM | base64 | md5sum | base64 ; echo "KKK+++***" "Then Disable IPPCUPS" ; The One Port Open was "IPPCUPS" ; CMOS BatteryD : ntpdate -s time.nist.gov ; Spoof Your Mac Address f4f4f4f4f4f4 ... ; SEC Mac Addresses : F0/FA/BA/44/001122334400 ; All The Resources for An Old Computer ... ; Earth is Finished #flushyourmeds ... ; Even with Nuclear Fission and Fusion ... ; The Earth is Finished, Christianity and Judaism are The Two Zionist Jewish Cults of The Earth, a bane on society, a waste of your time, Read The Kyle Odom Manifesto PDF File ... ; Religion is a Cult and Waste of Time ... ; Godisimaginary Dot Com Evilbible Dot Com ... ; WWW*SatanicMission*Org Archive*today*org ... ; Know More News Adam Green Styxhexenhammer666 ;
  25. 25. Go Ahead and Stalk Me YOU Freemasons in GOV and Sheriff's Departments For All I Care ... ; The Government Sheriff's Departments are the Ones Giving Steroids to People Stalking People ; --Scott A. Barry Atheist Holocaust Denier ... ; This is a Long One --- Dell Inspiron 11 Blue, Intel NUK, EEE PC 1005 HAB 900A, MSI Wind, Aspire One Acer, Solus, Arco LL, Artix L, Ventoy, Iris Mini, Belena Etcher, Unetbootin, Kubuntu, Calculate L XFCE, Lubuntu, Puppy L, Thinkpad T430/420/400/60/61/560/570 Thinkcenter M91P/93P SSD XKX Speakers Verbatim Mouse Brostrend WiFi Kubuntu Ventoy Samusung USB AOC Minotor Anker USB Hub Netgear WN111 USB Cable Sennheiser HD-1 Momentum Koss KTX-Pro-1 Sony ICD-PX-470 Verbatim SSD WD 1TB HDD 3 Books 2 Hard Covers Wisdompro Faraday Bag American Locks Streamlight Microstream Flashlight Kingston DataTraveler G3 Lexar USB Ammo Cans Doesn't Matter the Caliber De-Googled Tracone AN Passwords No Pin Netguard All Apps Blocked Ublock Origin Privacy Badger Decentraleyes Https Everywhere Canvas Blocker Strict Return YT Dislikes Brave AppImage Mac Addresses F0faba44001122334400 456013888844 One Time Pads az010sprandom3 alien characters 7zzip as AES-256-CBC w Veracrypt Virtualbox I have Opensuse TW and Puppy Linux and Kali and Parrot Sec OS and Pentoo and NST and GhostBSD on Ventoy and Three Books I Have #flushyourmeds Official First Amendment and Winter Roast Holtz Leather Wallet RFID Blockers Forced to use another account to route to bank, eboot Clear Protractor and Ruler, Days Inn Motel Hotel Pens, Vistaprint Custom Generic All Black Pens, Custom Ink Pentacle SVG Frisbees Pentafrisb, Genesis Fan I suffer the Summer heat, Other Place is AC Cooled, Old File Cabinet from the 70's, My fridge Magnet AD (Flushyourmeds*com Anti Psychiatry Zionism Archive*today*org Perma*cc), Samsonite Breifcase Silver, Low End Wood Barn Print was damaged in shipping has Pentagram and packing tape as insulation, Cannon Color Imageclass MF8280CW, 3.5mm to Quarter inch adapter both male and female, Quarter Inch Loophack Cable for the Crappy Crate Guitar Amp, Premium Toner Cartriges, Starwest Botanicals Lemongrass to be made with a Lefter USB Cable as Tea (paper towels), Slinkey Shortwave Antenna, Degen DE321, Degen Digital, Tecsun is the Crappier One, San Disk Clip Jam MP3 Player, Scotch Tape, Green Crayola Scissors, Very Small and Large Phillips Head Screw Driver, Multi Tool USB Flashlight, Panasonic Shaver, Nail Knippers, Hygien I have Tom's or Xyli White for Toothpaste and Carbon
  26. 26. Toothbrush, Comb of course, Plastic Bags Ziplock Brand, Hazard 4 Slingpack, Lenovo t420 and 560 Kubuntu Ventoy, Sterlite Containers, Uline makes even crappier stuff, 17 oz Coffee Ceramic Mug Plenty of fluid aka Clean Distilled Water, Bose 2.2 Speakers, Loopback Cable and Solder Tin with High end Weller Stuff never use eco solder, Vintage Long Wire Edison Light Bulbs, Vinyl Prints with Reynolds wrap behind it, Replacement Overhead Light rewired and everything, Business flash cards, micro usb cables, short-long, variety, CMOS Battery Died, Replaced the Battery, Synced it with Linux Command, Purple Energy Plates, Tripple Horn of Odin Jewelry Electrical Wire Purple, Dickies Shirts to look retarded, The Fifth Estate Travel Bag, Zinus Bed Natural Foam to Sleep on Queen Size, Mike Lindell's My Pillow because Machine Washable, The DVR Records V2K and Psychic Ghosts, No Way to Prove Shit anyways, My Manuscript Satanic Art Collection, 609 Pages of Horse Shit and Satana Central not Sarana SATAN get it right, Gold's Gym indoor Gym and Pull Up Bench for Lifting, Some Dumb Bells, Faggot Gwee Gym, Everyone has Bank Files, 1099 Statements, Aquisitions and UCC/UCC1, Forced to take psychiatric drugs, Snake Diet is the new Health Booster aka how to fast properly, Remove Mold BIOWEAPON with CLR, Bleach, Ammonia, and other Caustic Stuff, Got the Good Coffee that does not cause the shits, Pepermint mocha creamer just now, Newbalance shoes I am now 14 Wide, Still Using VGA not HDMI , but I have a Great XKX Speaker w Base, LG Journey Degoogled with Netguard and all apps blocked many apps purged off, Alphanumeric Password because The Law, RFID Blockers in Sock Drawer, Will loose all this if Homeless, Amazon Basics Batteries, If Hooked in series you have a Macro Battery with Many Many Amp Hours, DataTraveler G3 with the HH Files Kingston 32 and 128, Collect all of my Pennies Quarters Nickeles and dimes for Electrolysis or whatever, Pink Himmilayan salt, surplus parts, Velcrow, Calibration Mic Spec Sheet, Socks aka RAPE, Metal Bed Frame, some use sheets of Cardboard to look like a commie, Inappropriate Profane Vulgar A-Frame Signs, Checking Electrical and Wires are stripped some at incorrect lengths so a fire hazard, Gas Furnace was recently fixed, Need water heater replacement, air ducts were cleaned, Spiral Pentagram Design, Hard Drive Magnets attached to Gold's Gym Bench, Any Paperclip can do basic needs stuff, Cad Microphones with a Ground Connection that is clean aka Big Metal or FOIL, Remove all Dirty EMF Problem Solved, Get a Filter USB Hub, Fuck That works, Most censored Music is RAC or Nazi Music Moon Man is The Shit, Purple Fuck Israel Signs, One More Fuck Israel Sign We Never drink out of stainless Steel or Plastic only Porceline, Copper, Ceramic, that's it, also Minix as CLI and OpenSUSE as CLI are the Two Most Mission Critical next to Tinycore, Slitaz, Puppy as CLI, then
  27. 27. Minix is the Most Mission C as Less LoC, and SystemD is a Crash haven sometimes I am used to it though, passwd to set passwords echo R p md5sum p base64 and kkk+++ and set root and user w passwd close all ports scan open ports with nmap - Pn -O localhost1270010000 and see, Learn some basic Origami, Start with Boxes, then skip airplanes as those all suck, Pyramids are real easy to make also, the Phi 116180339 pyramid has special powers, the Golden Pentagram e is 1267117=151144 or 09536 this stuff is hidden from society just as ozone and negative hydrogen and monoatomic gold and liposomal vitamin c dr patrick flannagan dr bob beck phisciences dot com, What Else I got is be sure to take out the trash and recycle if you live in a slave HOA, You never needed religion and Christianity and Judaism are Zionist Cults Period invented by Martains and God is Imaginary is an actual WS so is evil bible, so what I have for now is I Fail At Life is an Actual Book By Me, Humans become Telepathic Ghosts after death, I got my stuff from a Jewish Audiologist, I am clinically 5150 Insane and fine with that, Also a Targeted Individual, Also a Psychiatric Rebel, Been doing the snake juice aka Apple Cider Vinegar, LemonLime J, Pink Himmalayan salt, Citrus Seed Extract Citricare, Celtic Sea Salt, More and More Fasting is what society needs to be healthy, other than that Quit Smoking if you can, If you want to die keep smoking, I want to live less because my life sucks, I got drunk on Miller Genuine Draft, Coors, Banquet, Bud, and others, Then I did Fasting and reversed the damaged to my organs, Dr Sebi exposed all the poisonous foods we eat, So did Bob Beck and Raymond Francis and Andrew Norton Webber, I cannot help it, Mental Health Industry made me crazy like this, Look at all the school shooters who were taking meds, it makes you crazy, proof is in the pudding, Rose Wood is great for Pyrography Cherry that is, Make Pentagrams on Grilling Planks, you can get an engraving laser or Sun and Magnifier or Soldering Iron Knife Thing, Weller makes the hottest High Wattage ones, the Private School Kids had the best art supplies, you go to public school the non jew school to learn lies about WWII and be brainwashed, New Universal Pin 66665150 and 66651501776, New TITLE NAN/A FLUSH YOUR MEDS, New Number 253-555-5555, New Hash 66651501776, #flushyourmeds is the Universal Hash Tag, New 09536 is 144151 or The Pentagram or 126+7+11+7 from Sun Frequency, Schumann R is 7831 Square onlinetonegenerator, 528 is the Healing Frequency, 87.5 with 963 GOD is The 11 Harmonic, Composite 9 is made from Nine Solfeggio Frequencies at 32k and Composites of 7831 Differences as Monaural Beats 18 Frequencies as it Broadcasts as a Nanophonic Tone just as potent as The Lilly wave that John C. Lilly Invented and Patric Flannagan knew Lilly who put an ultrasonic bi-phasic through the power grid
  28. 28. to alter the minds of americans along with UAC and Extremely Low Freq PEMF which works just like drugs, 7831 is a carrier along with 11 PEMF for WiFi as back Scatter so you do not have packet loss when using the Internet, Read a damn book on Basic IEEE Networking, Subnet Masking 255 is slash 24 you see, all 255 is the IP for the Default Route you see eight bits in a byte tilda is six ons in base eight and on time shares its two ons and two offs, The Commodore 64 did not have a BIOS, FreeDOS is better than MS-DOS and Temple OS is just Schizophrenia and Religion in an OS, Linux has Sudo and Su so BSD and does not get Network Attacks if you spoof the mac address and change things in the OS, Sudo is more secure than Run as Admin or the crap that is on Mac OS so BSD and Linux win with security so does Solaris AIX and BEOS, Now we use Microkernel BSD and Linux and that is it, Linux is what is working for me, Kubuntu has the Blue Light Filter Built Into It when I boot it Ventoy, Insanity you say, this is a long one, Cuts your nails, Brush Your Teeth, Clean Your Genitals and Hair, Get A Life, Get a Damn Job, You might be a loser bum, Do not be a bad example, that is what it ends up being, get a haircut you hippie, just insults life is that, it is what it is, I have a Steel Lock Box, American Padlocks on Ammo Cans, Had to get rid of master because brother and gangstalkers had comb picks to get into it, Stop Microwaving Your Food, Get rid of Gluten and Bread, Fast Regularly Snake Juice Snake Diet Nosalt and PH Salt And Celtic Sea Salt liter of Primary Water, Shungite and Ozone are great, So is Negative Hydrogen-Phisciences-Dr-Patrick-Flannagan-Monoatomic Gold, 5060 Hertz is linked to Cancer Growths Demand 528L963God or 126Sun Electical in All Homes, The Landfills and Petrochemical Plants and 3M Dupont and Pharma Dump Sites are all Giving People Cancer, Statins Damage your organs and only mask the symptoms, Fasting is the only solution next to growing/raising your own food, cheaper to bury me is what you should say as Hospitals are Expensive as hell, Psychiatric Drugs are not based on any science whatsoever only the shrinks opinions and The DSM Committee, Manila Folders for Statements I do Pile and File and Hotel Motel Days Inn Motel 6 and Econo Lodge other Motel Pens, and Vistaprint Generic Pens all Black, Any Bic Pen Will Do as well, Americans have the 8511 Printer Paper there is US Letter 1411 or 811 as pdf or 25503300 1411 common resolutions used in Gimp, and 2582px or 666 or even 528L 963God or even 500px for memes, and that is that, I remember 1024768 and 600 or 640480480360 for that and 320240, then we have Red Light Emmitting Diodes as they are not Blue Death or Green Confusion, Red is the Best Color and Yellow is the Enemy of Blue and Red is just the best one, Red is the Swastikka SVG or Pagan Sun Wheel also, Holocaust
  29. 29. Debunked in Ten Minutes David Irving, That is the end of this Long One ... ; Freemasons Give Steroids to Criminals #flushyourmeds ... ; Freemasons Molest Children and Make Child Porn PTHC ... ; Freemason Sheriff's are Drug Dealers and Criminals ... ; Sheriff's Department Does All The Organized Stalking ... ; https://web.archive.org/https://www.libraryweb.org/ ~digitized/Wheatland/Trial_of_James_Lackey.pdf ; Military Controlled Regions we have Freemasons are Uninterruptedly Corrupt Fools ... ; That is what I have for now, in as little Lines as Possible ... ; Sudo apt install thunar ; As Dolphin is Bloated ... ; People are Funny #flushyourmeds (Archive*today) ... ; Web*archive*org/Archive*org/details/the-zionist-protocols http://xroads.virginia.edu/~MA01/Kidd/thesis/pdf/ protocols.pdf https://images.nymag.com/images/2/daily/2016/03/odom- manifesto.pdf An Antisemitic Forgery You Say, How is that so? Just recently a family member of mine was saying we should censor "The Protocols of Zion" and have it scrubbed off of the Internet and kill anyone through firing squad for possessing such a document, /details/odom-manifesto Kyle Odom M ... ; That is what I have for this Society is a Joke ... ; One Aspect #flushyourmeds ... ;
  30. 30. One Aspect of the Gang Stalking Program run by the Federal Government Freemasonic Sheriff's Dept is that they will spread false made up rumors about The Targeted Individual to keep them isolated so they can further continue stalking and harassing the Targeted Individual this is not new ... ; Really not liking the Dolphin and Windows File Manager KDE Sucks also, so using Thunar and Pcmanfm and ROX of Puppy Linux and Calculate Linux XFCE whilst LXQT is Lightest One ... ; I use Ventoy as my main boot device period ... ; That will be the last of this for now as said ... ; Another Aspect #flushyourmeds ... ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce ... ; Another thing is just that these TI Communities for Targeted Individuals will call other TI's Gang Stalkers to discredit the TI, which I think is a Bunch of BS, How could I be a Government Gang Stalker when I only have a certain amount of money am on SSI ... ; They stupe as low as to hack another targeted individuals account, website and or computer now I know even the Linux Computers not to click their Tinyurl Links ... ; That is it, it's run by the Government, not new ... ; Secret Sauce #flushyourmeds ... ;
  31. 31. Tech Stuff And The Jews ... ; One T Pad AZ010SPRANDOM3 Alien CHARS ARE BETTER ; Jews GO TO PRIV Schools to Not Get Brainwashed ; SSDS are More Dependable Than Flash Drives ... ; Verbatim makes a Very Cheap Working One ... ; For Jitsi, For IRC, For Mumble it will be ... ; Ublock Origin, Privacy B, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, Cavas B, Return YT Dislikes FFST ; Web*Libera*Chat Kiwiirc*com DALNET ... ; "a10plusseries10" > (A$$PlusSeries$$$$) ; "# ... ;" "passwd root" "sudo -i ;" ; echo $R$R$R p md5sum p base64 ; "KKK+++" ; Labeling for a Book Zero Google Results ... ; Protonmail/Tutanota/Mailfence/MailCOM ... ; f0faba44001122334400 Mac ADDR 4560138888-DNS ; 1GB-4GB-5GB Thunar/Pcmanfm/ROX and OSES ... ; Tinycore is another Server OS that WORKS ... ; Slitaz is Easier to Configure as a Server ... ; So is Puppy Linux just works as Server ... ; Puppy Linux, Slitaz, CALC L LXQT Lightest ... ; The Bulkier one is XFCE and lastly the OS ... ; Kubuntu is M bulkier, YET Boomer Ready ... ; Active@Killdisk is another Wiper Tool HAIKU ; Ventoy and VirtualBox are my two Drivers along
  32. 32. with Balena Etcher, Unetbootin, Disk Imager ... ; Win32 Disk Imager is another good one ... ; "a10plusseries10" is from an astral projection ... ; I searched online found Zero Results ... ; Bad Remote Viewing Data or Junk Data File 13 ... ; "102694" is the Color Blue with Fourty Two ... ; 144151 is 09536 or a Satanic Pentagram Made ... ; From 116180339-314159265 Phi/Pi/Golden Ratio ... ; 126 is Sun 126+7+11+7 = 151 or Pentagram Number ... ; 666+144+151+2 = 963 or God Solfeggio Number ... ; Humans become Telepathic Ghosts after Death ... ; First Amendment is also speech you disagree with ... ; This is all secret stuff they GOYS will not get ... ; Keep Pleading The Fifth #flushyourmeds ... ; The Worst That could happen is The State can KILL YOU ... ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; I have been used by narcissists who made fake stuff about me, because I'm an Atheist to have me thrown in the Psychiatric System and Group Homes, I know to plead the fifth now and never say shit I wrote Down This Bible Verse evilbible dot com bible gateway and it is : (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB) They take every part of the bible literally, yet they refuse to go by that verse and think their book is so holy, it says to
  33. 33. kill nonbelievers but do not say that to them ... ; The Comeback #flushyourmeds -JERKBEAST SHOW PA- ; People like this should just have their CEREBRUM DRILLED ... ; You Believe in The Bible, yet Your Bible says to Kill Non- Believers. And By The Way that is a Static IP (Just Like TOR) being used by over 300+ Computers, plus nmap -Pn -O localhost says all one thousand ports are closed, also Kali Linux is for Offensive Security Not Defensive Security. Defensive Sec would be Kubuntu, Calculate Linux LXQT, Puppy Linux, Solus Plasma, Arco LL, Artix, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, GhostBSD, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Fedora, MXLinux ; Show me your Damn Nmap -Pn -O localhost Scan or else … ; The Mac Address? Got IT? F0/FA/BA/44/001122334400/4560138888 … ; One Time Pads are Weaker Than Alien Characters AZRANDOM … ; Veracrypt is Better than 7zip and OPENSSL and LUKS … ; Pins are Useless, so use an Alphanumeric PW and NetGuard … ; Also Put it in a Faraday Bag it still has an IMEI Number … ; That is what I have for this one, Scott Alan Barry, Sign Out … ; Affordable Trade Secret #flushyourmeds ... ; Started w Hostgator, Archived to Three Places which were Archive*today*org Perma*cc now on Google Domains ... ; One Example Visit Google Drive and it asks for Cell Phone … ; Reason Why, Pass The Cookie Attack will then lead to Multi Factor Authentication, because they can only Access Email and that’s it, password resets would not be possible,
  34. 34. so therefore it will always demand a cell phone and code … ; Example Shown W Scientology’s Name Servers on Internicnet … ; Zionist Computers #flushyourmeds ... ; Everything is Back Doored at BIOS UEFI ... ; Anne Had Five or More Security Breaches LOL … ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; David Irving Debunked the Holocaust in TEN MINUTES … ; Sponsor : hxxps://haveibeenpwned.com/ | OnlineToneGenerator ; Sponsor 2 : hxxps://witeboard.com/ | hxxps://anotepad.com/ ; RANDOM MD5 | Antipsychiatryorg | Base64 Encoder Text to HTML ; data:text/html;base64, is a Basic Data URI Scheme … ; sudo -i ; nmap -Pn -O localhost ; shows all 1K Ports are Closed … ; IPPCUPS was Uninstalled and Closed as Needed … ; Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, HTTPS E, Canvas Blocker, Return YT Dislikes, FF to Strict, Brave AppImage SAMESAME … ; rooot and user passwords are changed with echo $RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; echo “KKK+++” ; and the “passwd” Command In Linux … ; Web*libera*chat > Kiwiirc*com > DALNET > Jitsi/Mumble Chat … ; A10plusseries10Z $RANDOM as 10 OneTimePad AZ010SPRAND3 ; Alien Characters Are Better than Anything 7zip as AES & Veracrypt ;
  35. 35. Solfeggio 528 Cycles Theta Isochronic Tones and ; isochronic tones mynoise, 7.831 Square as a Pulsed Tone … ; I3WM and Suckless are Too Complicated and Yes Microkernel Runs Better, because it has less Lines of Code or LoC, Linux is also less than BSD … ; That leaves us with Ventoy, Kubuntu with NO Themes, and the LXQT Desktop Environment as an Option for a Stable Kernel and of course not Forget Puppy Linux works like a Server OS … ; Brave AppImage Iris Mini Mac Address Spoof f0faba44001122334400 ; 45601388888844 DNS Server use Google it is What Works … ; Calculate Linux LXQT : hxxps://wiki.calculate-linux.org/desktop/ Lubuntu : hxxps://lubuntu.me/downloads/ Debian LXQT : hxxps://debian.osuosl.org/debian-cdimage/current-live/amd64/ iso-hybrid/ This One Has KDE RUN IN VIRTUALBOX AND VENTOY : hxxps://download.opensuse.org/tumbleweed/iso/ Startpage > Search > Puppy Linux for Minimal Stuff … ; This how we deal with Technocracy, We Use Linux and Gnu on TOP … ; This will the last for Dealing With Technocracy in a Zionist Controlled
  36. 36. Military Controlled Region Run By Freemasons and Nothing Works … ; Nothing Works Here, Nothing Works Here, Medications Don’t Work … ; JewTube #flushyourmeds ... ; The Easiest Way To Be Censored Anywhere is to Mention Holocaust Denial or Zionism with the Words Jewish or JEW ITFP ... ; Cannont Mention : Israel, The Mossad, Zionism, Jews, etc ... ; Zionism Exposed The Book got my Blurb and Lulu Terminated ... ; YouTube : I already got three strikes for talking about a certain race e.g. what David Duke did, for talking about a certain "ism" ideology that has to do with a certain country, you can see the big picture, Bitchute and Odysee will always be better ... ; Antifa and Cell Phones #flushyourmeds ... ; Antifa is addicted to Cell Phones ... ; One Time Pads Alien Characters AZ010SPRAND3D … ; WEBLIBERACHAT-KIWIIRC-DALNET-JITSI … ; by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce ... ; I never said I was partisan, I do not believe in Antifa ... ; I am Against Antifa and other retarded woke Liberal Shit ... ; Antifa does home invasions and goes on your computer ... ;
  37. 37. If you don't encrypt your drives they will use them ... ; If you use Luks or Geli and Not Veracrypt You'll get breached ... ; Antifa Locks their Phones with an Alphanumeric Password ... ; Antifa are also the Gang Stalkers, BLM, Liberals, LGBTQPIA ... ; Your own family will be in a Liberal WOKE Commie Mind Set ... ; Democrats and Republicans are BOTH ZIONISTS AND COMMUNISTS ... ; When a New Antifa Member gets Recruited Cell Phone in Lock BOX ... ; They all have Mommy Daddy issues, Liberals Are The Gang Stalkers ... ; The only way to secure it is BIOS PW, Veracrypt, LIVE LINUX OS ... ; Put a piece of paper in your door if you are a TI and See for yourself ... ; Antifa uses Cell Phones 95% of the time, they are addicted to cell phones and claim that a IMEI Android Phone with Pin or Alphanumeric PW is More Secure than a Regular Desktop or Laptop, Pins are useless, Alphanumerics are better, Antifa will break into your house, crack your drive Encryption if it is LUKS or GELI, Veracrypt works better than Luks or Geli, so use Veracrypt, Antifa are literally Cell Phone Addicts, The Gang Stalkers are Antifa, Antifa gets help from Freemasons in The Sheriff's Department who also give Steriods and Meth to AntiFa, we know now that an Alphanumeric PW as opposed to a Pin and Veracrypt are better than using LUKS or Geli for Drive Encryption, Zionist Jews Control the Press ... ; Not to mention Desktops can Run Linux on RAM DISK, the only problem is you have to set up an Additional Veracrypt and with phones you can have a BIOS Password to lock everything an Alphanumeric Password and AntiFa Knows this and uses Alphanumeric Phone Passwords to their advantage, they are all Communists we know that, that's why they do gang stalking and that is why for now ... ;
  38. 38. Air Gapped OS #flushyourmeds ... ; What Works For Me is Lubuntu Linux Live OS ... ; What works for Air Gapped Linux is "Lubuntu" of course as it is the lightest Debian One, then Calc L XFCE and Kubuntu ... ; Will be it for this one, Then (Ventoy/Virtualbox) to boot ... ; Gimp, Kdenlive, Iris M, Audacity, Baudline, Brave (AppImage) ; Air Gapped OS #flushyourmeds ... ; New Mastodon Profile For Now #flushyourmeds ... ; https://mstdn.plus/@flushyourmeds ... ; https://steemit.com/@invalid0 ... ; https://www.goyimtv.com/channel/3038269526/flushyourmeds/ ... ; https://archive.org/details/@invalid999 ... ; https://odysee.com/@invalid999 ... ; https://www.bitchute.com/invalidnine/ ... ; https://ugetube.com/@invalid999 ... ; Brainwave Entrainment #flushyourmeds So for my Brainwave Entrainment I have: Doing a Fast on Nosalt and SeaSalt is What Works ; Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime/Lemon J, Baking Soda ; Theta Isochronic Tones, Hemisync, Monaural beats as 126128, 7.831 as Light and Sound, "OnlineTGenerator", "Mynoise*net", All Nine Solfeggio Frequencies, Audacity, Five Two Eight as Peace, Nine Six Three as God, "urandom"
  39. 39. as White Noise, Mind-X $90 EA, The David Case CD, Headphones Koss KTX-Pro-1 Sennheiser Momentum HD-1 Headphones ... ; Have Ozonated Lemon Lime Water, First Distilled and put in a Copper Vessel as Copper Water, For Shielding I use Wood with Aluminum Foil, Metal Prints, Duct Tape, Water, Vinyl Prints, Conductive Pigments, Capacitive Rubber, not only does conductive rubber make a battery it is a source of Free Energy or Overunity for that matter, so as it goes this is what I have a Crappy Sony ICD-PX 470 and Verbatim Crap that is my AOC Monitor, Thinkcentre M91P, Anker ... ; Distilled Water #flushyourmeds Distilled Water is the way to go, less than 5PPM, I knew that if you made a colloidal improperly it can make you very sick, plus I am slightly allergic to copper. Microwaves, Gluten, Sugar, Wireless, peanut butter all cause cancer ... ; Keep Pleading 5th #flushyourmeds Gang Stalking is Run by Freemason Sheriff's Dept ... ; Assuming someone is a Gang Stalker is just plain wrong ... ; Reason why you should keep pleading the fifth is because Governments see you as using too many words and words completely out of context not knowing what exactly you are talking about. Organized Religion is a CULT and Democrats and Republicans
  40. 40. are Two Sides of the same Zionist Coin. Big ego Religious NUTS still believe in an Imaginary Bible. ; That is what I am going to say for this one ET ALL ... ; Andrew Tate Exposed #flushyourmeds … ; How is a WH Webcam Business True Business??? ; Check out Know More News Adam Green Bitchute/Odysee ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; Andrew Tate Shils For Zionist Alex Jones And OTH Fake Truthers ... ; Shills For Organized Religion ... ; Andrew Tate Shills For Israel and Jews ... ; Andrew Tate Shills For The Mossad ... ; R's and D's Two Sides of SAME COIN ... ; Religion is a Cult Mental Illness ... ; The Mossad Jews DID 911 an INSIDE JOB ... ; Shills for Torah/Talmud ... ; Tate Follows Zionist Christianity ... ; Is a Crooked Businessman ... ; A Webcam Business is Not A Starter BUS ... ; Camgirls is Not A Godly Business ... ; Cory Resilient Shills for Andrew Tate ... ; Repent Andrew Tate or ELSE Webcam WH are Not Capitalism ... ; —Scott A. Barry, Olympia WA, United States of America … ; Andrew Tate is #flushyourmeds ... ; Andrew Tate was/is Simply a Pimp with a Webcam WH Business ... ; A Pimp is not an Alpha Male or a Good Role Model ... ; Webcam WH Businesses are Not a Good Role Model ... ;
  41. 41. #flushyourmeds is Exposing Fake Truth Movement + Zionism ... ; We are 1984 and The Movie Idiocracy Now (SomeOrdinaryGamers) ; https://ugetube.com/@invalid666 ; https://archive.org/details/andrew-tate-exposed/ ; https://archive.org/details/youtube-HKmfre3CSGw/ ; https://odysee.com/@SomeOrdinaryGamers:a/andrew-tate...:9 ; Weird #flushyourmeds … ; Reoccuring Number, What is it : 0.9536 ; Zero Point Nine Five Three Six … ; 144/151 = 0.9536 741/777 = 0.9536 ; 126+7+11+7 = 151 … ; 666+144+151+2 = 963 … ; 666-528 = 138 = 7.831 Earth … ; 432+234 = 666 / 596+625 = 1221 ; An Anna gram at the end of it WTF?? ; It’s the first amendment to be Psychotic … ; That is what I have for this one … ; EDC #flushyourmeds ... ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier ... ; This will now be part of my Every-Day-Carry-On ... ; https://duckduckgo.com/? q=flushyourmeds+official&t=h_&ia=web ... ;
  42. 42. https://duckduckgo.com/? q=kyle+dom+manifesto+scott+barry&t=h_&ia=web ... ; EDC #flushyourmeds ... ; Google is Malphas #flushyourmeds ... ; I stopped Uploading to YT ... ; Bitchute, Odysee, Gettr, Gab, Minds, Mastodon, Steemit ; Tutanota / Protonmail ... ; So anyways I was dumb enough to get JewTube Account not realizing If I HAD 3 Community Guideline Strikes I would get my Gmail Account Locked, so know I never upload any Videos, I have a Second Account that is locked for Community GL Strikes. Google Locking Peoples Accounts all in the name of "Safety" just because they mentioned "Zionist Jews" ... ; Google is Malphas #flushyourmeds ... ; Kyle Odom Excerpts #flushyourmeds ... ; BY Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; "The bible was inspired by Martians, not God. There is no god. They created religion to keep mankind divided. God was a concept created by the Martians to control the minds of primitive man. (Three Knocks means Obituary ... ) ; Read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins if you need convincing. Also check: www.godisimaginary.com | www.evilbible.com ... ; Jesus was a megalomaniacal fraud, a liar, and a jerk. He was no savior, and he certainly wasn't unique. During Jesus' time, many other people emerged claiming to be the savior of all mankind. The Martians saw this as a problem for their Jewish traditions, so they decided to use Jesus to their advantage. If they sacrificed Jesus as 'the messiah', then people would stop proclaiming themselves to be a savior. Voila, problem solved. (People Become Telepathic Ghosts After Death ... ) ; The only good thing religion ever brought us was traditions. Traditions bring us together as families, as friends, and as a species. One more thing: God existing as a ?trinity’ � comes from the Martians. Write me if you want to know more." --Kyle Odom Manifesto PDF Rabbis Literally Suck Blood out of Babies Dicks , Okay ... ; Rabbis have also been caught Molesting Other Children ... ; A lot of Zionists and Jews
  43. 43. have been exposed as Pedophiles ... ; Hanukkah 2022 an Anti European Anti Odin Holiday ... ; My Symbol is The Triple Horn of Odin and always will be ... ; Listen to David Duke's Podcast For Hanukkah 2022 ... ; (Jews Simply Want to Kill Odin & European Pagan Heritage) ; Fluoride Conspiracy #flushyourmeds .......... ; 💧 By : Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce ... ; We all Know Fluoride is a Sperm Killing Poison ... ; They are Pushing the Holocaust Lie Hoax on US Goyim … ; There is a Jewish Zionist Supremacy to Make Goys Infertile … ; They are poisoning the Goyim with Sugar & Alcohol ... ; They are poisoning the Goyim with Gluten & GMO Vaccines ... ; They are poisoning the Goyim with Microwaves & Psychiatry ... ; They are poisoning the Goyim with ORG Religion Cults ... ; They are poisoning the Goyim with TV Mind Control MKULTRA CIA ; They are poisoning the Goyim with The arkonic "GOD MYTH" ; They are poisoning the Goyim with "Genital Mutilation" ; They are poisoning the Goyim with "Psych Meds" "Vaccines" ; They are poisoning the Goyim with "Chemtrails" "Wireless" ; Alternative Doctors have shown me that there is a Conspiracy to Make Goyim, Cattle, or Non-Jews Less Telepathic by Fluoridating The Drinking Water, Introducing Microwaves and Gluten and GMOS,
  44. 44. Poisoning The Food Supply, Implementing Vaccines / Psychiatry. Even as far as to supressing Distilled Ozone Water as it goes. There are Primary Water Sources Despite "GOV Propaganda". This is what I have to Say for Now, Just Another Lame Rant. New Shit Compendium is Here for all To Read it Entails Exactly This : It's been 90+ Years of WWII Lies in USA Public Schools & College ; College and Public Schools are Just Indoctrination Centers Period ; All it is is Mind Control, Brainwashing, Propaganda, Hive Mind ; The Zionist Jews Funded Communism and Both WWI And WWII Exactly ... ; Hitler Did Not Start WWII, Hitler Saved Eastern Europe From Communism ; Hitler Got Germany out Poverty, Starvation, and a Banking Debt ... ; Zionist Jews go to Special Private Schools to Avoid Indoctrination and Goyim are only holding on to Property and Public School is a Fraud, also Psychiatry is a Scam, College is a Scam, Credit is a Scam so use Debit, get as much passive income and find a work around against the Capital Gains Tax, Utilize Uniform Commerical Code 5150 is Your Pin Period ... ; Goyim are Taugh Jewish Victor Lies about World War Two Especially ... ;
  45. 45. Public Schools are only there to Indoctrinate The Stupid Goyim ... ; The Goat People are The Non Jews are The Goyim to be Enslaved ... ; Goyim are literally cattle to be Slaughtered By The Jews as well ... ; sudo apt-get remove --purge exim4 cups-daemon brltty .......... ; sudo -i ; apt install nmap etherape ; nmap -Pn -O localhost/127001 ..... ; sudo -i ; apt remove cups ; see , that is all you have to fucking do ..... ; update-rc.d -f cupsys remove ; /etc/init.d/cupsys stop ; passwd root/user ; service cups stop ; date / echo $RANDOM$RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; BTW ports are filtered and closed by default in KDENEON/Kubuntu ..... ; Null Byte Hardening Linux & 5 Steps to Secure Linux (protect from hackers) ... ; Archived This WS to Archive*today*org and Perma*cc as I will do ..... ; Lock Down & Protect Ubuntu Linux Against Physical Threats [Tutorial] ... ; Mac Address Spoofing, Linode VPN, DNS Spoofing, TOR/I2P, DNS&SSH Tunneling, Changing the Root/User PW, Disabling Root, all on a Search ... ; Disabling PW Logins, All that stuff is in basic tutorials which is Online ... ; The Script Kiddie was proven to be Full of Shit (KKK+++) su root ; ..... ;
  46. 46. Only A Script Kiddie would Threaten to Hack over an SH BASH File ...... ; Your Point is what? ... ; BTW, your ports should look like this ... ; root@kubuntu:~# nmap -Pn -O localhost Nmap scan report for localhost ( Host is up (0.000067s latency). All 1000 scanned ports on localhost ( are in ignored states. Not shown: 1000 closed tcp ports (reset) SEE 1K PORTS CLOSED!!! ... ; This is The Book Hall of Shame : "Satana Central Book" "609 Pages of Horse Shit" ... ; This is the beginning of The Book Hall of Shame, I was Irresponsible ... ; https://archive*4plebs*org/x/thread/25268835/ ..... ; https://www.google.com/books/edition/_/ncZqDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/_/Pd2YDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/I_Fail_At_Life/ NL6qDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/ Random_Censored_Book_Two/F8uaDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/ Random_Censored_Book_Third_Edition/PcuaDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/The_Mossad_Exposed/ 7K3RDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/A_Series_of_Documents/ 3A7PDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/Nothing_Works_Here/ kIy3DwAAQBAJ
  47. 47. https://www.google.com/books/edition/ 1666_Act_You_Have_No_Rights/-72qDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/ America_s_Secret_Government/lYzHDwAAQBAJ https://www.google.com/books/edition/Evil_Bible_Dot_Com/ yr3zzAEACAAJ This is the end of The Book Hall of Shame, I was Irresponsible ... ; Stay away from Psychiatry Keep Pleading The Fifth ; This is just my Situation, Others Will Differ ... ; I still have to work for things like others ... ; I am invoking my Right to Remain Silent or the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any further Questions ; You have to face reality and realize your parents do not care about you and are Gang Stalkers and that the worst thing you can do to screw your life up is not only to incarcerate yourself, but to see a psychiatrist, check into a mental hospital and be drugged with brain damaging Psychiatric Drugs, then that could lead to Homelessness, Group Homes, Sheltered Workshops and various other forms of institutions including Jail ... ; Permanent Brain Damage From Psych Meds also ... ; Legal Fees when you are not told the Fifth AM and to Post an SF-24 Bid Bond, Request a Bid Bond ... ; At least plead the fifth and tell everyone ZERO ; That is what you absolutely have to do, you say, I am invoking my right to remain silent 5th AM ;
  48. 48. This is single-handedly the worst thing you can do to yourself, The homeless staff keep the homeless homeless, Psychiatric Staff provoke the mentally ill into violence, plus the meds alter your brain in a way that makes you a more dangerous person, all of the school shooters were on Anti-Psychotics and also you get placed with Geriatric Retarded People ; You can still be raped in psych hospitals, they often to do rape the elderly with blunt objects and such ; They do not have any bedside manner, unlike a regular doctor and psychiatrists are quack doctors it is not a science, it never was a science, only a Communist tool to go after people the government doesn't want ; These Geriatric People have their genitals removed and tubes or catheters in them and they identify as another gender that is not male or female, if you wanted to imagine hell, that would be hell .... ; Welcome to the lake of fire folks, it's here ... ; I use Ventoy , Unetbootin , ISO9660 , and Run a Live OS Linux ; No One Can Hack Your Linux Desktop if you have Ethernet Removed and WiFi Hot Spots Deleted in Settings or WiFi Adapter Removed, Kubuntu and KDE Neon Work Perfectly Fine Brave Appimage then
  49. 49. there is FF, Ublock, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, Canvas Blocker : echo $RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; passwd R/U ; (KKK+++) This is all you have to do instead of Being Paranoid ... ; All they do is Gaslight Other Targeted Individuals and Such ... ; Other Guy was Triggered Like A Snowflake by Bash Commands ; A Shell Script should Not Trigger Someone, unless a Snowflake ... ; These Fake Communities Do The Exact Opposite of Helping ... ; They Gang Stalk Other Targeted Individuals over a (.sh) File ... ; Everyone has heard of Your Own Linode VPN, SSH/DNS Tunneling, DNS and Mac Address Spoofing, TOR/I2P, etc ... ; Israel is Not The Chosen Holy Land it is Cursed Fuck Israel ... ; Fuck Political Correctness, Fuck Society, F World Affairs ... ; Another Snowflake was Triggered by a Stupid Shell Script ... ; I am Leaving Society , will have no friends or family period ... ; I mutilated my Draft Card & HS Diploma & College is a SCAM ; As Larken Rose said Fuck The Troops and College is a Scam ... ; The Real Zionist Globalists Freemasons Read The Talmud & Torah ... ; There is so much Vile Sodomy, Rape, Obscenity in the Torah/Talmud ... ;
  50. 50. Other Satanists such as o9a*org just Troll the Zionist System ... ; Anti Zionist Anti Kohen Jew | Anti Psychiatry Anti Communism ; Anti Israel Anti Mossad Anti PC Anti SJW Anti Cult Religions ... ; Anti LGBTQP Anti BLM Anti all of those Decrepit Awful Things ... ; Mindfulness is a bunch of New Age Bulll Crap, they have it also in Quackery Psychiatry Hospitals, Patients on Psych Meds never get better, a lot of these people on meds later decide to go on a mass shooting spree or bomb a building, shows you how well Mindfulness works Mindfulness MY ASS ... ; Startpage/Qwant/Seekr/Yandex/search*brave*com ... ; Altcensored*com Know More News Adam Green David Duke ... ; David Irving Ken O'keefe Brother Nathanael Alfred Schaefer ... ; Anti-Holocaust Meme - Understanding And Using Memes ... ; https://worldtruthvideos.website/ | BITCHUTE/ODYSEE ... ; Kyle+Odom+Manifesto+PDF | Jewish Supremacism ... ; "Martians created religion to keep mankind divided." ; ---The Kyle Odom Manifesto Zionist Takeover INTL JEWS ; Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion PDF ; "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" ; filetype:pdf filetype:txt filetype:srt ; Act of 1871 Cestui Que Vie 1666 AD ... ; Japanese Internment Camps There You Go ; America is a Corporation There You Go ; Psychiatric Drugs Re-Wire The Brain/Amygdala
  51. 51. Making you more prone to Violence, What's More Dangerous Zoloft or Beer, Amen ... ; In comparison Circumcision is Harmless ... ; You have permanent steroid rage and you know that all of the Mass Shooters were taking some kind of Anti-Psychotic ... ; You get stuck in a dreamlike state ... ; It's in the Hallucinogen Class of Drugs ... ; There is no Science to Psychiatry Period ... ; A Zionist Jewish Commie Marxist Tool ... ; The Akathisia makes you want to kill people ... ; ## !! /// Archivers Are The Enemy ----- !! ## ; Archivers are The Only Solution to Zionist Based MSM Censorship ; https://flushyourmeds.substack.com/p/kyle-odom-manifesto- flushyourmeds ; https://web.archive.org/https://scottabarry.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/scottabarry.weebly.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/https://satanicart.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/satanicart.weebly.com/ ; https://perma.cc/8PEC-E4SC | https://perma.cc/7D9F-FJ2S ; https://web.archive.org/https://efd96b.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/efd96b.weebly.com/ ; https://perma.cc/NC4X-X4KF | https://perma.cc/DM83-GMD4 ; https://web.archive.org/https://ebbeae.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/ebbeae.weebly.com/ ;
  52. 52. https://perma.cc/GR8M-CKYL | https://perma.cc/DX6Q-3UWN ; https://web.archive.org/https://antizionism.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/antizionism.weebly.com/ ; https://perma.cc/9DJA-98TY | https://perma.cc/326P-VQ8G ; https://web.archive.org/https://invalidzero.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/invalidzero.weebly.com/ ; https://perma.cc/7TAF-VSBT | https://perma.cc/UH4C-PVQJ ; https://web.archive.org/https://randomirc.weebly.com/ ; https://archive.today/randomirc.weebly.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/https://flushyourmeds.weebly.com/ ; htps://archive.today/flushyourmeds.weebly.com/ ; https://perma.cc/2RZ4-9UHV | https://perma.cc/YRS7-LD4X ; Archivers are The Only Solution to Zionist Based MSM Censorship ; Archivers are The Enemy To The Establishment and Zionist Jewish Victors of Israel The Cancer Land ... ; Archivers are The Enemy To The Status Quo System ; https://archive.today/antisocietysociety.weebly.com/ ; https://web.archive.org/antisocietysociety.weebly.com/ ; https://perma.cc/CW83-9G3J | https://perma.cc/P73G-MKXG ; HAVE I BEEN PWNED DOT COM LOOK IT UP ; Making your own Priv-VPN is another Option ; Spoof Your Mac And DNS Address use DNS-SSH Tunneling and a Private Linode VPN or for Weaker Sec Proton/Surfshark VPN 456013 ,
  53. 53. 8888 , 8844 , 1111 , Open DNS , Tor is Only Meant to be used on Latest Tails OS F0/F4/FA/BA/44/001122334400/66/ff ... ; With DNS Crypt A Tunnel or VPN install Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, Decentraleyes, Canvas Blocker ; Surfshark can be used on Linux Also ... ; Set The Browser to Strict, Ditch Windows and Mac OS for a Linux or BSD Distro, Pen Testing Distros are for Offensive Security and not Defensive Security and are only for hacking other Computers ... ; You want to be Normal and use Kubuntu ; Or KDE Neon or Calculate Linux ... ; I run my OS on The RAM Disk w Ventoy ; I run a Live OS or RAM Disk OS Ventoy ; Unetbootin, ISO9660, Anything Works ; Change your root user passwords w "passwd" ; echo $RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; KKK+++ ; Your OS should come with Ports Closed Default ; Why attack another Target over a Stupid BASH Shell Script shows you how fake these PEOPLE ; Only a Schizo Goes After a Stupid ".sh" Script ; If you're dumb enough to click a tracker
  54. 54. link that is all on YOU and only YOU ; If you're dumb enough to put emails in breached services ALL ON YOU Period ; Qubes OS is also another option, BytzVPN ; https://bytzvpn.com/ ROB BRAXMAN ... ; HAVE I BEEN PWNED DOT COM LOOK IT UP ; ## !! /// Archivers Are The Enemy ----- !! ## ; ##### --- /// !!! LIVE USB LINUX !!! --- ##### ; Live USB #flushyourmeds ... ; https://haveibeenpwned.com/ BY Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; If a TI Hacks Another TI, they are a Perp and Need to Get a Life, Nmap is only a Port Scanner We know that ... ; So for Live USB’s of Linux we have Ventoy / Unetbootin … ; Kubuntu/KDENEON/SolusOSPlasma/PuppyL/ArcoLL/CalcLXFCE ; Kali and Parrot OS are for Pen Testing not Daily Usage ... ; Now for the Main Part : su root ; sudo -i ; sudo passwd root ; passwd root ; passwd kubuntu ; passwd user ; This Works ; Mac Address : f0/fa/ba/44/001122334400/f4 456013 Imperva ; Close Your Damn Ports e.g. Nmap -Pn -O localhost ; The Password Needs to BE : echo $RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; Followed By KKK+++ … ;
  55. 55. This is The ALT to Crappy Sudo Remover Two … ; ##### --- /// !!! LIVE USB LINUX !!! --- ##### ; ### /// --- Case And Point --- ### ; NOT GONNA MENTION NAMES OF GANG STALKERS ; Case And Point #flushyourmeds ... ; BY Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Alan Barry is An Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; Only a Savage Would Act Like That Firstly ; Hackers do NOT Call Themselves Hackers or BRAG ; That is what Script Kiddies Do ITFP ... ; NO ONE LIKES CHILDREN, THEY GET BLOCKED ... ; Just because you use The Penetration Testing Distro Kali Linux, Pentoo, Parrot Sec OS does not actually make you a Hacker, you never call yourself a hacker, you don't threaten to hack other real Targeted Individuals and Victims of Psychiatry, also Pen Testing Distros are only for Offensive Security not Defensive Security Such as these Common Linux Distros that everyone else uses in the first place : Linux Mint, Pop OS, Ventoy, Unetbootin, Manjaro, Fedora, OpenSuse, Kubuntu, Solus OS, Arco Linux L, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, Arch, KDE NEON, Puppy Linux, those
  56. 56. OSes are What you should start with instead of bragging about how much of a hacker you are and attacking other Real Targeted Individuals and Psychiatry Victims who were brain damaged by Meds and Given ECT or other malpractice ... ; You go after Real TI's and Silence Them ... ; Quit Bragging about how Leet you are and Threatening to Hack other Real TIs, that is what Script Kiddies DO, CASE AND POINT ... ; ### /// --- Case And Point --- ### ; ## // !! -- Lastly I wanted to say ... -- !! ## ; Apparently These People are Anti First Amendment Commies who want to censor the Internet over A God Damn Shell Script or Holocaust Denial ... ; You continuously Harassing and Annoying People will be blocked ... ; Lastly I wanted to say, Kali L is for Penetration Testing and Other Linuxes are For Daily Use they have Gentoo, Slackware, Arch, Debian, Suse, Fedora, RedHat, etc and Those Linux Distros are Much Much More Open Source and More Stable / Secure Than Windows or Mac OS Period ... ; Point makes no sense, Quit Attacking Other TIs ; Voting is just a suggestion box like the one at your work. It lets you feel like you have a voice but ultimately you will be ignored. To paraphrase George Carlin: "If voting was really that important they would not let you do it."
  57. 57. Foods To Avoid #flushyourmeds ... ; Helpful Advice AKA Kundalini Consciousness ... ; BY Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce … ; Admit you’re a Hypocrite and Not a Faster, Move ON … ; Distilled Water is The Best Water Along W OZONE … ; The Foods To Avoid Are : Gluten/GMO , Fried Food , Vegetable Oil , Processed Meat , Processed Food Refined Carbs and GMO , Overcooked Meat , Table Sugar and Artificial Sweetener , Microwaved Foods , Water that is Not Primary Water or Distilled Water , That is all … ; ## // !! -- Lastly I wanted to say ... -- !! ## ; ## // !! - Nothing Works Here At All - !! ## ; Nothing Works Here #flushyourmeds ... ; BY Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry ; Scott Alan Barry The Atheist Holocaust Denier ; Michael Ellner put it exactly as said : Everything is Backwards and Upside Down, Zionist Jews Did 911, The Holocaust Never Happened, Distilled Water Fasting and Avoiding The Microwave Eliminates Cancer, Big Pharma only Masks The Symptoms, Vaccines are Nothing Based in Science, Masks Do Not Work, Zionists control The Press AKA International Jews, Gabriel Krons Negative Resistor was marked "None-OR", Hydrogen Fuel was shut Down, You are not allowed to Dig Wells or Collect
  58. 58. Rain Water on your Restricted Property, There is no Science to Quackery Psychiatry it is only a Communist Tool of the Israeli Jewish Zionists, Hitler Did Not Start WWII, Hitler Got Germany out of a Bank Debt, Hitler Fixed The German Economy, Both Political Parties are Controlled By Zionists and Democrats are The Gang Stalkers, Everyone turned on me and is Now My Arch Enemy, People in Idiocracy are saying Kali Linux is the Only Linux You Need Period, when One is Defensive SEC the other is Offensive SEC, They brag like Script Kiddies and Threaten to hack People over a Petty Superficial Shell Script like a Mentally Ill Voyeuristic Schizophrenic ... ; 9-11 Was a Mossad Operation Inside Job ... ; Fuck World Affairs and Political Correctness ... ; There is no Energy Crisis it's all Political and we just started it intentionally over politics ... ; We intentionally Shut Down Oil Pipelines intentionally ; These Zionist Globalists All Read The Talmud ... ; We know them as Kohen Jews or INT'L Jews Period ... ; I'm Separating Myself From Society Now Period ... ; The Victors Write The History, We Believe the BS ; America Always was a British Crown Colony CORP .. ; The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion ... ;
  59. 59. America Never Won The War of Independence WT British ; The History They Teach You is All Jewish Lies ... ; The Medications Only Damage The Brain and people on them are More Prone To Doing Violent Things ... ; I will kill all of you for one single thing ... ; Martians Started The God Myth and ORG Religion ... ; When Humans Die They Become Ghosts Period ... ; All Religions Are Cults and Made UP Myths ... ; What's Wrong with These Two Commands Anyways : echo $RANDOM | md5sum | base64 ; passwd ; You people really suck, I never asked to be born in this Jewish Zionist Uniform Com Code Society of Religious Cult People REPS and Democrats who are Both Full of Shit and Do Not know History ; We Already Had The First Charter of VIRG 1606 With King James and Cetui Que Vie 1666 AD ; So You have always been in Slavery you Dunce ; Also I don't give a shit about REPs or Democrats as They are Both Full of Shit and Gang Stalkers ... ; You spam religion on people, yet you go against the Ten Commandments and Threaten to Steal from People over a Fucking Useless Shell Script ... ; I'm done with this summation and closing out ... ; ## // !! - Nothing Works Here At All - !! ## ; BOOK IDEA : LOLCOW Autism Tard ... ;
  60. 60. Other Book Idea : Ramblings of a Mad Man ... ; Other Book Idea : Give Me Your Money ... ; Godless Dan Barker pdf The Jesus Hoax ... ; Know More News Adam Green ..... ; Evil Bible Dot Com Archive*today*org ... ; Kyle Odom Manifesto PDF ..... ; Epub to PDF Online Converter ..... ; DuckDuckGo/Startpage/Qwant/Seekr ... ; Sponsor : https://welfareinternet.weebly.com/ ... ; The Mac Addresses To Spoof in Linux/Ventoy ... ; /f4f4f4f4f4f4/001122334400/f0f0f0f0f0f0/666666666666/ ... ; /aabbccddeeff/5a5a5a5a5a5a/444444444444/BA/FA/ ... ; Another Page : https://antizionism.weebly.com/ ... ; Another Page : https://odysee.com/@fsp:7 ... ; Another Page : https://odysee.com/@invalid:2 ... ; Easter Egg Pages : https://scottabarry.weebly.com/ ... ; Useless Art : https://satanicart.weebly.com/ ... ; Invalid Zero : https://invalidzero.weebly.com/ ... ; Random IRC : https://randomirc.weebly.com/ ... ; Merch : https://www.etsy.com/shop/FlushYourMeds/ ... ; Stable : https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-scott- barry/ ... ; For Censored News We Have ... ; truthhertzradio-Odysee ... ; Christendumb-YouTube ... ;
  61. 61. Know More News Adam Green ... ; Bitchute/Odysee/Altcensored/Gab ... ; David Skrbina The Jesus Hoax as A Book ... ; Evil Bible Dot Com as A WS and A Book ... ; Archive*today*org , Nothing More , Nothing Less ... ; TV and Radio are Mind Control MKULTRA CIA ... ; Colostrum/Raw-Whey have more Probiotics/Prebiotics Then The Crap They Sell At The Store, Citrus Seed Extract Citricare, Sodium Bicarbonate, Oregano, Apple Pectin, FG Activated Charcoal WORK ... ; So does Fasting For Seven Days on H20/Electrolytes ; Ozonate And Distill Your Water Avoid Fluoride ... ; MASKS & VACCINES DO NOT WORK PERIOD ; PEOPLE FELL FOR THE BIG PHARMA PSYOP ; Lemongrass, Lemons, Lime, GSE, Oregano, Thyme ; Microwaves Kill Food Then YOU, Distilled Water is The Only Water, Psychiatric Drugs Destroy Brains ... ; Primary Water is The Only Water, Zionists Run The Earth along with The Martians, When humans die They become Telepathic Ghosts as Electromagnetism ... ; Raw Milk is The Only Milk, Vegan is Processed Crap, Gluten is also Crap, Jewish Supremacism is Here, The want Communism, Marxism, Multiculturalism, Diversity and Whites Want None of That Period ... ;
  62. 62. October is a Satanic Month where Zionists want to Replace Europeans and White People in General ... ; Same Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking by Freemasons/Governments/Sheriff's Departments .... ; This is Captain Obvious , Military/College Everything used to be STEM and Now it is NOT IN ANY WAY ... ; College is becoming More of a SCAM Politicized ... ; So this is Captain Obvious For You As Of NOW ... ; https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Men+are+disposable&t ... ; Here are all my Publishing Accounts ... ; Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, Https Everywhere, Canvas Blocker, Brave ... ; F0/FA/BA/44/001122334400/456013 ... ; Ventoy/Kubuntu/KDENEON/CalcLXFCE ... ; https://www.slideshare.net/invalid0/ https://www.scribd.com/user/535189696/invalid0/ https://issuu.com/invalid0/ https://flushyourmeds.substack.com/ https://independent.academia.edu/ScottBarry2/ https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/flushyourmeds-official- scott-barry/1142508084/ ... ; Archive*today*phvn*org | Perma*cc ... ; Business Strategies Set Up Right Here ... ; Organized Stalking is Run By Liberal Communist SJW's in The Local/Federal Government :
  63. 63. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/nextdoor.com ... ; Marxists have taken Over Every WING ... ; Privacy Printing Base64/Base32/Encode/Decode : {ZGF0YTp0ZXh0L2h0bWw7LDxjZW50ZXI+PGgxPjxiaWc+PGI+PHA+PC9wPgo= } ... ; Data URI Scheme Code : data:text/ html;base64,PGgxPjxiPjxjZW50ZXI+PHA+QU5USSBJU1JBRUwgU09DSUVUW SB8IEFOVEkgWklPTiBTT0NJRVRZIDs8cD5BTlRJIFJFTElHSU9OIFNPQ0lFVF kgfCBUSEUgU09DSUVUWSBBZ2FpbnN0IFNvY2lldHkgOzxwPmh0dHBzOi8vYXJ jaGl2ZS50b2RheS9hbnRpc29jaWV0eXNvY2lldHkud2VlYmx5LmNvbS8gOzxw Pmh0dHBzOi8vd2ViLmFyY2hpdmUub3JnL2FudGlzb2NpZXR5c29jaWV0eS53Z WVibHkuY29tLyA7PHA+aHR0cHM6Ly9wZXJtYS5jYy9DVzgzLTlHM0ogfCBodH RwczovL3Blcm1hLmNjL1A3M0ctTUtYRyA7PHA+VEhJUyBJUyBBTEwgQVQgUFJ PVE9OTUFJTCBET1QgQ09NIC4uLi4uLi4uLi4gOzxwPkFyY2hpdmVycyBhcmUg VGhlIE9ubHkgU29sdXRpb24gdG8gWmlvbmlzdCBCYXNlZCBNU00gQ2Vuc29yc 2hpcCA7PHA+aHR0cHM6Ly93ZWIuYXJjaGl2ZS5vcmcvaHR0cHM6Ly9zY290dG FiYXJyeS53ZWVibHkuY29tLyA7PHA+aHR0cHM6Ly9hcmNoaXZlLnRvZGF5L3N jb3R0YWJhcnJ5LndlZWJseS5jb20vIDs8cD5odHRwczovL3dlYi5hcmNoaXZl Lm9yZy9odHRwczovL3NhdGFuaWNhcnQud2VlYmx5LmNvbS8gOzxwPmh0dHBzO i8vYXJjaGl2ZS50b2RheS9zYXRhbmljYXJ0LndlZWJseS5jb20vIDs8cD5Bcm NoaXZlcnMgYXJlIFRoZSBPbmx5IFNvbHV0aW9uIHRvIFppb25pc3QgQmFzZWQ gTVNNIENlbnNvcnNoaXAgOzwvcD48L2NlbnRlcj48L2I+PC9oMT4= END OF DATA URI SCHEME CODE OF BASE64 ... ; I am on @flushyourmeds on Minds*com / Gettr*com ; Gab*com / Instagram*com / Truthsocial*com ... ; Full Stop Punctuation Tilde / NOP ... ; I am @fsp @invalid @invalid0 @flushyourmeds on Ugetube*com Bitchute*com Odysee*com ... ; Archived Flushyourmeds*weebly*com ... ; Antisocietysociety*weebly*com / Satanicmission*org ... ; Stopthepirates/Stopnoahidelaw*blogspot*com ... ; Archive*today*vn*ph*org and perma*cc ... ;
  64. 64. Lazy, Selfish, Insolent, Lustful, Vain, B.Y.O.G. ... ; All Organized Religion is is Giving it all to a Cult, Just as Communism is Giving it all to State ... ; Noahide Laws, Israel, Zionism, AIPAC, Chabad, Freemasonry, Federal Government, Sheriff's Departments, The Mossad, SPLC, NAACP, ADL, CIA, all affect Your Organized Stalking Gang Stalking Paid For By Tax Dollars ... ; B'nai B'rith is a Jew-Only Society of ADL ; As a Targeted Individual , Plead the Fifth To Perps and Fake COINTELPRO TI COM ... ; Freemasons in Government are Noahides / Chabad ... ; Freemasons are Zionism and Judaism Based ... ; The Sheriff's Department Traffics Steroids/Meth ... ; The Freemasons are the Government , Get it ... ; Anti Noahide : Chabad & Noahide Laws are Irrational ; Illogical, Nonsense, Authoritarian, and Unethical ... ; Anti Zionism Anti Psychiatry Anti Psychology ... ; Stopthepirates-Blogspot-com-StopNoahideLaw-Blogspot-com ; In order to Control a Society you only need 3% in charge ; The Despotism is Real and America is a Corporation ... ; They are Kohen Zionist and Pure Blood ADL Jews ... ; AIPAC , ADL , Mossad, Chabad-Lubavitch, SPLC ... ; Search "Satanic Art Collection" & "Some Tard" ... ; Archive*today , Archive*org & Perma*cc for Archives ... ;
  65. 65. CIA List : Anti Zionism, Atheist, Holocaust Denier, Dunce, Non Partisan, Not Partisan, Anti Vaxxer, Anti Pharma, Anti Mask, Linux User, Anti Psychiatry, Anti Mossad, Anti College, Anti Communism, Anti TV/Radio, Anti Israel, Anti ADL, Anti SPLC, Anti NAACP ... ; https://flushyourmeds.substack.com/p/odysee-still-censors- flushyourmeds Source : https://www.jewworldorder.org/odysee-is-censoring- me-now/ ## // !! ------ Some Nonsense ------ !! ## ; So, I'm keeping my BIOS Versions the same as I do not like the way computers are heading and sticking to Lenovo IBM T400/T420/T500/T560/T570/T580/61/60 ; Ventoy as a Linux Boot System, BIOS PW Lock, also It's just too risky to even update BIOSes Now, just get a Newer Model that has a Newer BIOS and be Done ... ; There are instances where a correct BIOS Firmware Bricked a BIOS and that's just how it is in Technocracy ... ; Technocracy Meaning /24 *255 Subnet Masking after the Creation of IMP's and Mainframes which then led to Quantum Computing and Global Technocracy ... ; ## // !! ------ Some Nonsense ------ !! ## ; ## // !! ------ Original Paganism #flushyourmeds ------ !! ## ; No single European has a clue what Original Paganism actually was after Christianity a Jewish Sect Replaced it
  66. 66. Most Likely All Europeans Were Atheists that did not believe in God/963/Source that seems to be the case … ; Freemasonry is Fluff Bunny Script Kiddie MKULTRA HO Stuff For The Government Pecking Order, if you’re Real Serious The OTO and Order of Nine Angles are For You and Only You as a Free Thinking Individual … ; It used be Believe in Christianity or Die, Now it’s Go To Hell … ; ## // !! ------ Original Paganism #flushyourmeds ------ !! ## ; ## // !! ------ Put an End To Stalking ------ !! ## ; Settlement*srt - Save This To Your Drives & Clouds ... ; V2K Blocker Isochronic Tones Mynoise*net > DDDLowTheta ; I'm Going Full Cognitive BIAS RETARD TO T Cult ... ; War is a Racket, Screw T Troops, Why do people think that Hired Mercenaries are Heroes for Serving Zionist POL ... ; All these people do is Write Prescriptions, Bill Insurance, Act Woke and Liberal, Get a Useless Degree, Pay Taxes Maybe, Vote Democrat or Republican, They are Fucking Nobodies ... ; College is a Student Loan Debt Scam, Many Unaccredited ... ; Even a Loser Gets This That College is a GDF - SCAM ... ; The Kundalini Awakening gets you Persecuted just like JESUS ... ; The Loser Realizes Jews Zionists Corrupted Our Society with Hollywood ; Porn, Sports, Rap, Hip Hop, Degeneracy, Homosexuality, PEDO ... ;
  67. 67. The Loser Realizes Carbon Dating & Earth being 4.54 BIL YRS ... ; The Loser Believes in Science and Evolution Not ORG-RELGION ; The Loser Rejects Ideas Such as The Holocaust/Zionism/Israel ... ; The Loser Does Not Watch TV or Radio and Uses T Internet ... ; The Loser has DuckDuckGo/Startpage/Yandex/Archive*org*today ; The Loser has Linux Spoofed Mac Address to f4f4f4f4f4f4/456013 ; The Loser Runs His OS ON RAM DISK W Ventoy/Unetbootin ... ; They Said That Cafe Vita was a Communist Business When ; They Make Good Income and Sell Coffee like others ... ; I would say Starbucks is Woke, but NOT A Small Business ... ; Small Business are Great for The Economy Period ... ; I am Not Partisan and I know Democrats are Just Crazy ... ; I am Not A Zionist or Pro Israel, I am a Holocaust Denier ... ; I am Anti Zionist Anti Israel Anti Migration/Immigration ... ; I am for the White European Race and Paganism of Whites ... ; LOL The ZION Cult Controlling Me Says Proctor and Gamble ; And Ampersand are Satanic Evil Symbols Which is BOGUS ... ; The Pro Israel Pro Zion Mentally Retarded Inbred Cult ... ; Military Controlled Regions Consisting of Bisexual Inbred ... ; ajp.psychiatry > Psychiatric Reprisal > Coercive Persuasion ; Psychiatry is Opinions and THE DSM, Not Any Science ... ;
  68. 68. The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual is a Quack Junk Science ; Psychiatry is a Quackery Pseudoscience you can be committed ; For Having Cerebral Palsy or Being Legally Blind or Deaf ... ; There is No Science To Communist Psychiatry Period ... ; PSYCHIATRIC FRAUD AND MED COINTELPRO ; SEC IND SPEC / RISS*NET / CIT ON PATROL ; Organized Stalking Post COINTELPRO AKA PEP ; Activity aka Directed Energy Weapons at SCAFFS ; Neighborhood Watch Stalks People Illegally ... ; COM OR P is sometimes involved in Stalking ... ; Rights are Imaginary and Fictitious we made em' up ... ; If you're so Brainwashed that you think USA is Free After The Act of 187 and Cestui Que Vie of 1666 AD which just Made America a Corporation and that our Prisons are Humane than I have to tell you they make our prisoners Crawl on the floor naked, get mauled by dogs naked, just to find a useless cigarette, and Gitmo still cuts off your Genitals and Makes you listen to loud music 24/7 whilst Other Prisons Leave you in restrains on Tranquilizers For Many days and leave you to die in your own ammonia ; So there how about them apples, you die in a rubber room ; whilst you are neglected in a pile of your own ammonia ... ; This is why Whistle-blowing is against the law and that,
  69. 69. Anti-Zionism and Holocaust Denial are Banned legally ... ; Rite AID And Walgreens Do Not Recycle Their Pills ... ; Freemason Stalkers only want a Reaction, Do Not Engage, Do Not React, Plead The Fifth, Take Whatever is Thrown at you be it words/BS : I am a strong believer in T 5TH AM ; The Fake TI Community is COINTELPRO Infiltrated ... ; Install Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, ; HTTPS Everywhere, and Spoof Your Mac Address (f4) ; For Instance I run Calculate Linux XFCE on Ventoy ; Ventoy Runs The OS TO RAM DISK as a Live USB/SSD ; Virtualbox also has BOOT ISO Option as well ... ; Mac Address Spoofing to F4 is Also Something ... ; So is No-Systemd and 456013 DNS and Archivers ... ; OnlineToneGenerator/A Notepad > 7.831 Square ... ; Monaural Beats aka 126w128 Sine Wave for V2K ... ; Pastebin/Pastehub*net/JSFiddle*net/Witeboard/o9a*org ... ; Internic*net/fsf/gnu*org/getfedora*org/LOLCOW Anarchy ; Terminal > bc -l ; > a(1)*4 = 3.14159265358979323844 ... ; Faronic Swiss Golden 43.5 Ratio : 1:1.6180339 or PHI ... ; The Pentagram Can Be Represented W 144/151=0.9536 ; If you don't know The Arc Tangent of One Times Four is Pi ; or That WA DC is The Capital of USA you're a Shit-head ... ; At least we know and That's ALL I HAVE TO SAY ... ; Yes, This Retarded Shit Here NOT Jewish Zionist TV ... ; Solfeggio Music and Frequencies are a NONO ... ;