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High Speed Shredding Line for Coconut Milk and Dessicated Coconut

High Speed Shredding Line for Coconut Milk and Dessicated Coconut Production

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High Speed Shredding Line for Coconut Milk and Dessicated Coconut

  1. 1. High Speed Copra Shredding Centralized Hi-Speed Processing Reduction Conveyor Shred Conveyor Press Sieve Stand Volume per hour 3,100—12,000kgHigh Speed Coconut ShreddingGeneral Process—The high speed shredding line, provides thecapability of expanded production while adding limited personnel.Additional conveyor lanes may be added to double the speed of theexpelling line.1. Reduction—Peeled copra balls are loaded into a chute. A high 5. Expeller Press—The shredded copra is pushed through the speed reduction machine, breaks the copra balls into uniform expeller press augers, and fresh coconut milk is sieved in the sizes compatible for the fine shredding of copra meat. Coconut stainless steel screen covering of the augers. water is pumped into tanks, to be combined with freshly 6. Shaking Sieve—A shaking sieve is utilized to remove any non- expressed coconut milk. standard size milk particles. The refined coconut milk is pumped2. Conveyor—Reduced copra falls onto a conveyor, and is for further downstream processing. conveyed to the coconut shredder. 7. Daily Wash and Sanitization—The conveyors, shedder, and3. Shred—The stand provides a stable foundation for high speed press are washed to meet HACCP requirements to repeat the shredding. process the next processing shift.4. Conveyor—The shredded copra travels to a higher elevation to be loaded into the chute funnel of the expeller press. Intermodal Farms http://intermodalfarms.com/ info@intermodalfarms.com J 2012 A