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Top 10 Customer Service Tips For 2015

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Have your customer service representatives started talking politely? Has the call time taken to successfully deal with a customer reduced? Have your started taking the customer complaints seriously?

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Top 10 Customer Service Tips For 2015

  1. 1. Top 10 Customer Service Tips For 2015
  2. 2. Have your customer service representatives started talking politely? Has the call time taken to successfully deal with a customer reduced? Have your started taking the customer complaints seriously?
  3. 3. If yes, you are on the right track to implement one of the most critical factors for business growth. As the New Year has already begun, it’s the right time to take your customer services to the next level.
  4. 4. Bring in Consistency Delve into Details Motivate Your Representatives Set Bottom Line for ‘Happy Customer’s Surprise or Secret Evaluation Empower Your Employees Strengthen Your Social Interactions Further Discover the Talent Follow-up Every Now and Then Ask for Feedback’s Here are some tips you must adopt at the earliest and become a favorite among your customers.
  5. 5. Bring In Consistency
  6. 6.  Maintain the Consistency in your service and support and don’t let it degrade from great to average to poor.  The Consistency helps to earn ‘Loyal’ customers.  The Loyal Customers would never think of buying from your competitor.  Don’t be good to your customers just once, but every single time they approach you.
  7. 7. Delve Into Details
  8. 8.  Keeping a watch on the behaviour of each and every customer will help you customize the customer service experience.  Find out details on what precisely makes a customer happy.  Learn why the most satisfied customers enjoy your services and what brings in discontent for others.
  9. 9. Motivate Your Representatives
  10. 10.  Make your customer service representatives fall in love with your products and services.  Encourage them to feel good from heart by servicing each and every buyer.  Appreciate their efforts verbally as well as through rewards.  Motivated staff can take great care of your audiences.
  11. 11. Set Bottom Line for ‘Happy Customers’
  12. 12.  Don’t be concerned about the bottom lines in terms of profits only.  In today’s scenario, you must be more concerned about being ‘Relationship-Oriented’.  Ask your customer representatives to record how many ‘Happy Customers’ they had in a day and a week and a month.  Encourage them to break their own records every single day.
  13. 13. Surprise or Secret Evaluation
  14. 14.  Be interested to know how well your staff is performing while dealing with the buyers.  Apart from monitoring the customer calls, why not call one of your representatives as a customer.  You may also hire someone else for this kind of assessment.  It will certainly allow you to find and handle the loopholes.
  15. 15. Empower Your Employees
  16. 16.  Don’t hesitate to invest in the latest technological tools to help your staff manage customer relationships for effectively.  In addition, share with your employees on regular basis the tips for better customer services through training, seminars and workshops.
  17. 17. Strengthen Your Social Interactions Further
  18. 18.  By now, you must have accounts at popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  Keep these channels of customer interactions interesting by inviting new people.  Creating groups, participating in discussions, updating the content regularly and every other possible strategy.
  19. 19. Discover The Talent
  20. 20.  Among your employees, there must be one or more people who have excellent track record in servicing customers.  Make their work a standard for others to follow.  Reward their good work, as it will encourage others to follow the suit.
  21. 21. Follow-up Every Now And Then
  22. 22.  Make it a policy to follow up with your customers even after the sale is complete or an issue is resolved.  Send personalized messages on different occasions.  Inform them about your new ventures.  Focus on building long-term relations.
  23. 23. Ask for Feedback’s
  24. 24.  Reach out to your customers for their feedback’s about everything, from your products and services.  Collect feedback from customer about anything new they expect from your company.  Use this feedback straight from the horse’s mouth to improve.
  25. 25. Make it another great year of improved customer services with each of these tips. Remember that these small changes can reap big benefits.
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