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Social Media

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Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media Andy Halko, CEO www.insivia.com A Strategic Marketing Agency
  2. 2. A Strategic Marketing Agency Web. Web Development Online Video Conversion Optimization A/B Testing Search Optimization Flash Animation Software Marketing. SEO & Social Media Direct Mail & E-Mail Advertising Branding. Identity & Collateral Print & Advertising Environmental Design Integrated marketing solutions.
  3. 3. A Strategic Marketing Agency
  4. 4. Primary Benefits A Strategic Marketing Agency Reach Clients, potential customers, colleagues & friends. Viral potential. Learn Competition, industry, customers. Leverage Integrate, build new tools and provide value. Expand Social media is built for viral marketing and quick expansion.
  5. 5. A Strategic Marketing Agency
  6. 6. Reaching Audiences A Strategic Marketing Agency Content Distribution. A fast way to distribute content to a wide audience. Communications. Converse directly with customers or potential customers. Cris Control. Monitor and then quickly react to negative customer experiences. Brand Building. Create a message; repeat and strengthen over networks. Establish Expertise . Share your expertise and knowledge with a large audience.
  7. 7. Learn & Discover A Strategic Marketing Agency Customer Research. Segment customers and explore industry focused networks to learn what customers want. Industry Research. Learn new trends, tools and other information to help you expand your business. Competitor Research. Keep an eye on competitors to see what they are doing. Word-of-mouth Monitoring. Keep tabs on your brand and what people are saying.
  8. 8. Leverage & Integrate Marketing & Interactive Web Design Low cost. Involvement in most social networks is free to join and contribute. Speed. Services in the cloud are available anywhere and as soon as you contribute it is distributed. Viral. Social media is easily shared and distributed iteratively. Mashable. Mix information and social media to make new things or intermix with your own marketing.
  9. 9. Building My Network A Strategic Marketing Agency Get involved! One of the most successful tactics I have found is to get involved and respond to people. Write comments, reply and get in the game. Get your real estate. Try using usernamecheck.com to find out what you need to register. Let people know. Put links to your social networks the same places you put your contact information. Integrate Build social media into your website to make sharing easy and to pull information onto your pages.
  10. 10. Questions. A Strategic Marketing Agency Andy Halko, CEO AskInsivia.com Blog | Insivia.com