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Piotr Wilam - Product Development Days - Raise the bar high

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Piotr Wilam's talk at PDD 2015 in Krakow. Piotr Talks about his experience with product design from Investor POV. Check out the presentation for better overview.

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Piotr Wilam - Product Development Days - Raise the bar high

  1. 1. Raise the bar high! Piotr Wilam @ Product Development Days
  2. 2. I am not a product guy But I was co-building several products.
  3. 3. My first product I love it but… If you are not ashamed of the first product, you shipped it to late!
  4. 4. Onet.pl 1999 In my opinion it is the top of usability, technology and design in 1999!
  5. 5. The biggest (in size) product is my home It is always the same with all products: function... but also beauty, technology, people, budget, deadline...
  6. 6. Thoughts Startups at different angles: product, client, sales, profit, leader, team, brand, growth… My thoughts about product building in startups.
  7. 7. THOUGHTS
  8. 8. My meeting with Gil Penchina in 2012 “I met a startup this morning. Everything was OK but I will not invest - they did not do things in Silicon Valley way.”
  9. 9. My meeting with a French investor in 2013 “One can easily recognise startups from Scandinavia and especially from Stockholm because of the design that is above average.” Two years later Stockholm has the highest density of unicorns in Europe.
  10. 10. My conversation with Marcin Szeląg in 2015 “The most neglected position in Polish startups and in Innovation Nest portfolio is VP of Product.”
  11. 11. Conclusion: Design Matters! … and there is a lot to do in Kraków and other local centers.
  13. 13. Idea Client’s needs Problem Observation Idea New solution Empathy Ability to observe Ingenuity Entrepreneurship Experience is not a must
  14. 14. On the way to Product-Market-Fit Client interviews Prototype Feedback Iterations Pivoting Vision Co-founder Designer / UX designer or Talented layman
  15. 15. Why startups do not get to Product-Market-Fit? First product Second sales and then other reasons
  16. 16. The path to Round A New realeases of the product Team Co-operation with sales and marketing Customer support Competition Professionalisation The process of product management
  17. 17. Why startups do not have 4x annual growth at this stage? Suprise, suprise... First product Second sales and then other reasons
  18. 18. Scaling Product roadmap Vision Team management Company building New product lines Professional product development in organisation
  19. 19. WHAT IS NEEDED HERE in Kraków? to have more great ideas to have more startups with product-market-fit to have startups with 4x annual growth to have unicrons
  20. 20. The culture of design Appreciation for great products
  21. 21. Designers A design community Designers in startups Designers who are co-founders Workshops and training Hundreds of designers
  22. 22. Product managers Why is there so few product managers here in Kraków? That is people who understand clients, product, competitors, sales, team and are able to connect everything together to manage great products.
  23. 23. VP of product Team Development Product Vision Execution Product Culture Experience
  24. 24. The culture of design Appreciation for great products Entrepreneurs, software engineers, marketing and sales people and all others working with product Good design is not luxury, it is necessity
  25. 25. WHAT IS NEEDED HERE in Kraków? the culture of design and and experienced people
  26. 26. Good design is not luxury it is necessity
  27. 27. Thank you Twitter: @piotrwilam My blog: medium.com/@piotrwilam