Infrastructure Committee Presentation: Crossroads Property-- South Corona

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Presentation from Infrastructure Committee Meeting held on June 10, 2015 regarding agenda item 2. Proposal by Van Daele Development for development of 92 single family detached condominiums south of Crossroads Christian Church at the northeast corner of Santana Way and Kellogg Avenue.

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Infrastructure Committee Presentation: Crossroads Property-- South Corona

  1. 1. RN DAELr. l-IOMIFS You'll feel good about your new home. CROSSROADS PR PERTY-SOUTH CORONA new single family residential community by Van Daele Homes northeast corner of Kellogg Ave and Santana Way CITY OF CORONA INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEE JUNE 2015
  3. 3. Site Summary: _ Total Homes : x 92 l l l Gross Site Area : i |2.65 Acres Gross Densíty 117.27 Homes/ Acre 'LWWVL r*- * vi* . r . _-v p: .- Anmzummn Y-r @S2 Lots : 50' x 80' = 4,000 sq. fr. ' _40 Lots : 47' x 67' = 3,|49 sq. fr. L- Parking Summarz u mm_ m 2 Car Garage¡ Home = !B4 '4 ' Parallel Parking Spaces = 72 Total Parking Provided = 256 Parking Ratio= 2.80 Spaces/ Home É. .. 3a-_ e 5,¡ I l , 'à ; l , l  II *i Irv/ ili v* Em_ " l a e ê I¡ 5"* ' É . .gi . - senai-air# * u' n: 1 na , I E. «A g 3 nl «es» _ u Section A-A l* 5 z . . me 4' à _ l _ v: 'w Section B-B : e j, 7 V. 744 Section C-C « _E ' , ' 1"** -_ - _s 7 "H T _ _ ' l '_ n 37 V Bass°n¡"“_¡g¡¡n¡ CONCEPTUAL SITE PLAN animam-mm- KELLOGG AVENUE , mvmtçgpm Corona. Gllbrnla AKBV _ *m* szmsooa xwz I'= uu'
  4. 4. Site Summam - Total Homes * + 92 Gross Sine Area , _ IZ.65 Acres _m_ mu_ Gross Density : i 7.27 Homes/ Acre x. _ A ü 52 Lois : 5o' x ao' = 4.000 sqJt. l :40 Lois : 47' x 67' = 3,|49 sqjr_ _y -_i Parking Summam hmüwt. , "' I 2 Car Garage/ Home = I84 Í l Parallel Parking Spaces - 72 ~ _ " Total Parking Provided = 256 i a Parking Ratio= 2.80 Spaces/ Home i cru-fun ' nnm-r-iwa' ã - D é r Section A-A K / ímsjr Section B-B l X- » y a Section C- _ _' *m* I _ L_ . ._ . - ; j Bassenhnuagun¡ CONCEPTUAL SITE PLAN nummn. muim-iniziinis ww-NIH--niwwm K E L L O G G A V E N U E cowmnimrm- : ra_. .,mmi, .._. ._ "M" " “ ”° '“' 51H 5°” . ..m : m: l' e m¡
  5. 5. PRIVATE RECREATION AREA Play structure with adjacent shaded seating area, benches, picnic area with bbqs
  6. 6. Spanish Theme Architecture Product A (3,200sqft lots) 4 bedrooms, 2.5-3 bath 3 floor plans from 2100-2600sqft Product B (4,000sqft lots) 4-5 bedrooms, 2.5-3 bath 3 floor plans from 2500-3000sqft
  7. 7. Kellogg Ave 72" (s a) 249” an 75') ~ m" (l m) CITYOF CQRONA LARGE FIRE TRUÇI: /7 lculriliu Wall Site SummaQ: Total Homes : i 92 Gross Site Area : i |2.65 Acres Gross Density : i 7.27 Homes/ Acre Parking Summag: 2 Car Garage¡ Home Parallel Parking SEaces - 72 Total Parking Provided = 256 Parking Ratio= 2.8 Spaces/ Home CITY OF CORONA CROSSROADS FIRE TRUCK TURNING EXHIBIT an: Slzl/ IS
  8. 8. J II 'LIIIII Ill I'll* Kellogg A›v-e'nu›e JF WALL SECT/ ÚNS PE( &qn/ r; l l | l l l l Lugmuti CITY OF CORONA CROSSROADS y;
  9. 9. ?AEW/ Vá Z D7 51:1" = /0 ' y ¡vv . JDJ A. a g 'i «same/ y WALL 5 'R n¡ T i0 EX/ .ST ? Aff/ NG . fia/ ST @FMA/ V *ht z a7* - -- 11.2%/ Agua ? aço/ gas ,51/57/«1/9 . zxeggvm/ ALL _ _ ' 5_ _ Câão ¡sus-z- @ao 5›$§; "7“'” EÃ/ ST/ NE . iC/ ÉEE/ V NA LL FKDPUSEFJC/ ?EE/ V " WN'- Z' 4,34 Eií/ ,STPAP Z.7'KEZ WALL , - 011.5 Praga-v ma* . , als l": 1a' V. ' / Cg/ o/ ; ANTA/ vn WAY r '15 ff' C üé/ J/f/ /F IL / A/S ZJ/ SMPE' , sff/ CW. ? _z ' #x/ rrgzg¡ V/ Il: fo! D- D &CSÉ/ ?EÉN WAN xe. w VÀFR/ Eã * 8'- V' UML f/ f/SHT
  10. 10. DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS VAN DAELE HOMES - CROSSROADS PROPERTY 'Tvíilmunilotárea Exclusive use Area Lot width Lot nepth Max Lot coverage nesidential Densily suilding Height aulldlng separation Pmierr Perimeter vords / setbocks a Kellogg . santana . church . Adl. ltesidential zone . interior street I Garase mhack o Patins (Calil. Rm) _ÍHEEÂW _. ._, ., , 720o sr Minimum Lot site (Enlire project can oe one condo lot or separated into smaller lots with 72005¡ Min) 245o SF Minimum Lot size No minimum lo( width No minimum lot depth 40% 5-15 uU/ Ac Target 7.88 Per south Carona CFP and Medium Density s? sims zs' Max 11)' Minimum zu' 2o' 1o' Building separation 1o' Building separation 15' Minimum varied a' 17-20' 13.5 Average aFTirom Pranenv Line Must maintain 3 sides open to d ua Iify street section and Private DrIve/ Alley u Dríveway width . Drive Alsles . dedicated Fire Lane (EVA) . interior Private street . Kellogg Ave (per south corona cm 16' 24' 23' wide se' with parking both side 4M( curb to curb 12". LMD area 83th side em total RDW PRDPDSED 710o SF Mi mí. " Lol size Product A 3149 s; Min Product B 4000 sr Min PmductAHFi Product BSDFT l›roductA $7FT Product s snFT lieouest suar, (calculation tiased on Exclusive use Areal 7.27 Requesl 23' Max Assuming 9 over s interior ceiling plate heights mt 2o' 2o' 1o' 1o' Pmpose 10' Minimumto living area varied s' 17-20' 13.5 Average SFT minimum. outdoor nreplace wall counted as an open wall provided we have openlngs on each side of fireplace 1o' 24' ZE' wide 36' with parking bathsides Dedicate M( of RDW Mit curh to cum 12h LMD area east side May 2o, 2015 DEVELOPMENT STAN DARDS VAN DAELE HOMES- CROSSROADS PROPERTY . santana way (per south oorona crP) aated Entry Minimum open and Re: space park keoulrement Required parking nwelllng unit Area (uvaole SOFT) single Smry Homes Mft curti to curti aan LMD area north side 12h LMD area opposite side 55k total ROW Recommended Cily Standard na 2,450 sr/ uu Active use reouired ior condo use proiects 2.5:¡ 1,200 sl= Minimum None required mt euro to : urh (existing) sort LMD area north side Pruposed modified standard with reduced stacking area See delziled calculatian beiow Pmpnsed pocket park 2.a: : Proposed 2,5005; average None proposed Trash Pickup Areas indlvldual uni( trash bins shail be provided with the residential trash can pad constructed in aocurdance wllh the Citi/ s standards. Pad on side of home must be a minimum 6x10 [need a variante fmm standard for 5x10 due to sideyard size) Enclnsted slorgge Areas storage in the garage is permitted, however, under no ci rcumstances snail the garage be utitlted ror storage purposes resulting irl the displaoement ot the units required parking space. Allowed ta oe addressed in ccet Rs lnterlor street Knuckles Requesting a variance from standard Knutkle Detail 125. Knuckles are not proposed. The project is proposed as a gated community with private streets at a design speed otzomph. Parking spaces will be removed and painted witn red curo at corner areas to allow sumcient access Ínr Fire and Trash Trucks (see actached exhibitl. This exnioit and parking restriction wiII lie included iri the cestas far the community. Power lines on Kellogg Avenue city Municipal code requires that any power lines 33kv or less he placed underground. Requesting a variance to allow the mtv lines to remain above ground since the poles along Kellogg Avenue contain holh 12kv and 661W lines, This is consistem with the pDWEf pales [D the soutn alongthe existing residential communities. lietalnlng walls Retaining walls are proposed between units to address the sloping grade oithe site. The site grade drops in elevatlon from south (Sanlana Way) to the north [existing church parking lot) by apumximately son. To avoid large retaining walls on each end ol the property, combo walls are proposed between units rangingfmm attto 9h maximum (ah max recaining plus Sft privacy wall). May ze, 2015
  11. 11. DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS VAN DAELE HOMES - CROSSROADS PROPERTY vehicle and Pedestrian Access vehicle access to the proiect 'is proposed from Kellogg Avenue through the gatep entry. secondary access far emergency vehicies (EVA) wili be provided lrum Santana Way as shown. aoth vehicle access points will also inciude a pedestrian access gate in addition to a pedestrian access point tu the church/ school property. Water gualig and site netentlon The existing hydroiogy and rlrainage study for the property shows drairlage nov-ring from the proposed proiect to the grass retention basin locateo in the middle orthe church parking lot with the development of the cummunlty, the ammml nf surface fiow would increase due ta more impervious streets and rooitops as compared to the current undeveloped condition. ourdesign chaiienge is to find the best location to create additimlal retention url the site to reduce the amount offlows to a levei ot or oelow what it currently flawing to the grass retention area. Due to the natural grade or the pruject, we have identineo a location on the rop right corner of the site that wili meet the needs fo( the Volume nl water tu be retalned while aiso serving as a point of treatment before the water outiets tu the existing church retention facilities. we also researchingather options which includes utilizing an underground retention system in the parking lot isuch as a stormtech system). The stormtech option has the potential to convert the area currently set aside for retentiari hack to buildahie lots. The church wiil provide the project the permission for acceptingurainage and retention areas through a drainage easement Open Space Private' Private open spaceshali he estahlisheotorthe personal and exclusive use otthe dweiilng occupant i! is designed to serve in a minimum amount or 245a square reet pel' unit in the form ai' oalconies, porciies, patios, private yards and decks. where a minimum or 245o square teet or exterior private open space per unit cannot be provided, the common open space shali be increased to aggregete such area into the minimum required ror common, active open space, and shall oe located reasonabiy proximate tothe units it serves sulriect to precise pian approval. common os: 31,469 s¡ Private os: 180,411 sf ' Retention OS: 16,857 sf Tolal 05: 228,757 sf CIS per hnme: 2,487 s! (based ari 92 units) ' Assumes inclusion oi 10o sr of patia [internal to the current footprint] on the large homes and su sr of front patches and front entry walkwav to all 92 homes. Note: Common os does not include areas outside ol community wall along Kellogg and santana. May 25, 2015
  12. 12. 't 7%- fzg* -. --ñ ~ n¡ ~ 2, Similar Street Sceñe - Enclave Product