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The 'subject savvy' librarian? Making IL skills relevent at Kingston University. Porteous, Sims & Widdicombe

Presented at LILAC 2007

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The 'subject savvy' librarian? Making IL skills relevent at Kingston University. Porteous, Sims & Widdicombe

  1. 1. The “subject savvy” librarian?: making IL skills relevant at Kingston University Lyn Porteous Gill Sims Kristy Widdicombe
  2. 2. Collaboration with Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Partner Colleges Pre-sessional School of Education School of Social Sciences School of Performance & Screen Studies School of Economics School of Humanities FASS
  3. 3. Setting the context Teaching Fellowship Building confidence early in course Presence in first year designated ‘academic skills’ module Parity across all fields Contribution to independent learning
  4. 4. Phased Information Skills 1 Initial Induction - Interactive workshop in induction week - Finding Information leaflets 2 Academic Skills Modules at Level One - Subject approach to IL skills - Workbooks 3 Embedding IL at all levels -From pre-sessional to post-graduate As easy as one, two, three…
  5. 5. Making it relevant Embedded into the subject area Becoming “subject savvy” Building bridges – the importance of collaboration
  6. 6. Case study 1: Film Studies Calling the Shots Library Workshop “Show and tell” Introducing subject keywords Beginners guide to searching Assessed self-guided workbook Feedback & evaluation
  7. 7. Speaking to them in their own language?
  8. 8. From the general…
  9. 9. To the specific…
  10. 10. Subject savvy? Be introduced alongside teaching staff Attend lectures and become more aware of the curriculum Collaborate with academic staff and attend meetings Be aware of current research interests Familiarise yourself with the key terms of the discipline
  11. 11. Library Skills Workbooks
  12. 12. Case study 2: Key features of Politics approach Self-guided workbooks Based on essay question Short answers Not just multiple choice Compulsory part of assessment portfolio Online submission Instant and tailored feedback
  13. 13. Embedding IL skills into the VLE Library Skills Button
  14. 14. Case study 3: Psychology Introductory worksheet Compulsory Marked by librarian  Lecture linked to topic Seminar tasks Set by librarian Discussed by tutors Independent research early in course Assessment Handed in as part of Portfolio:  Tasks  Worksheet
  15. 15. How are we developing this? Further collaboration between library and academic staff: Masterclasses Liquid liaisons Induction Podcasts Compulsory assessment Consult students Prior learning of students MENU