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Collaboration of library and students: increasing outreach of the student thesis

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Presented at LILAC 2019

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Collaboration of library and students: increasing outreach of the student thesis

  1. 1. Collaboration of Library & Students Increasing OUTREACH of the Student’s Thesis Sylvia Moes & Rogier van de Blaak Thom Hamer (De Focus) Sebastien Valkenberg
  2. 2. Article in database University Library VERSUS Article via de Focus on Master’s thesis
  3. 3. Master Dissertation/Thesis: Formative OR Summative ?
  4. 4. Are we ready to help students with development of 21st Century Skills? Communication Collaboration Creativity Social Awareness
  5. 5. ACRL Framework Understand that different methods of information dissemination with different purposes are available for their use. Contribute to scholarly conversation at an appropriate level (local, online, undergraduate research journal/conference, presentations) Decide how and where their information is published Understand how and why some individuals or groups may be underrepresented or marginalized by information systems Scholarship as Conversation Information has Value Information Creation as a Process
  6. 6. www.de-focus.nl Thom Hamer: Chair of platform De Focus • Publication platform for thesis writers • Help from editors
  7. 7. • Concept introduction • Peer-feedback • Criteria • Editorial teams • Analyze & disseminate insights Interactive workshops
  8. 8. www.de-focus.nl/libguides.vu.nl/outreach-de-focusOnline Libguides De Focus
  9. 9. Process Sketch out your situation Draft proposal • Money, time&benefits Design interactive workshops Ready for Succes? Scaling up? Train the Trainers Coordinate & Manage Evaluation process, stakeholders
  10. 10. Give aways 1. Start small & Keep it simple 2. Appoint a Coordinator 3. Which faculty at your University would be open to this? 4. Use existing tools and platforms 5. Make a plan to train the trainers 6. PR materials 7. Look for positive side effects 8. Think about important channels and platforms to gain more attention
  11. 11. Re-use online modules? Go to outreach module in Libguides http://libguides.vu.nl/outreach-de-focus- english/outreach-oppurtunities
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention … let’s stay in touch s.p.valkenberg@vu.nl s.moes@vu.nl Sebastien Valkenberg Sylvia Moes Rogier van de Blaak r.w.vande.blaak@vu.nl Thom Hamer thom@de-focus.nl