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Inclick Track - Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tool for Agencies

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Inclick Track is a Social Media Reporting and Analytics Tool which is built based on Digital Marketing Professionals' requirements and feedback. It is a tailor-made solution for all social media marketing agencies and agency professionals. Inclick Track helps you create automated reports for your clients.

Key Features:
- Social Media Analytics across 4 Major Social Networks
- Automated PPT & XLS Reporting
- Competitive Social Media Analysis
- and many more

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Inclick Track - Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tool for Agencies

  2. 2. LOVE DATA Inclick provides AI-Powered Social Media Analytics & Insights through its range of products and services. We are Social Media Data experts. ABOUTUS 2 Global Products Featured by Top Websites 2 National
 Awards Notable Customers
  3. 3. TRACK Analyse Compare Discover Get deeper understanding of any brand’s Social Media Strategy. Just add the URLs and Inclick Track generates 60+ data points across 4 Social Media platforms. See how your own brands stack up against your competitors. Easily compare your competitor’s with your own brands and industry leaders across all important data points. New campaign coming up? Let your creative team take advantage of our discover feature. Take a deep dive into our pool of branded content from hundreds of top brands across various industries. … … AUTOMATED REPORTING new Instantly create ready-to- share and customisable PPT reports using our report builder. Just select the time period required and click on “Download Report”. OWNED
 ANALYTICS new Track provides the most advanced KPIs for owned brands including Interaction Rate, Engagement Rate, Paid Reach and much more that can help you understand impact for your own brands.
  4. 4. With Track, you can DO SO MUCH. Add any brand and instantly get over 60 data points for Social Networks in a graphical format. Create aggregated campaign reports for your brand’s campaigns. Compare your brands with others in the industry and see where you can improve.
  5. 5. 3 MINUTES SETUP PROCESS Global businesses rely on Inclick to measure their online impact. We are surely making an impact; when are you coming aboard? BRANDS AGENCIES Inclick Track provides insights across all your channels and competitors on a single page in natural language, not just numbers. Brands Managers are using Inclick Track to get updated reports of their growth, while keeping an eye on their competitors campaigns. Agencies, both small and big, have automated upto 85% of their reporting needs with Inclick Track. Inclick Track provides the highest number of metrics that are relevant to agencies. Agencies can also request customised data-points according to their needs for both owned and public data.
 ALL SIZES ORGANISATION TYPE BRANDS LIMITATION PRICING Agency - Grow • Upto 20 Brands (One Brand: 4 Profiles) • Unlimited History • 2 Brand Swaps • 1 Dashboard • Unlimited Reporting (PPT & XLS) • 7 Days Free Trial INR 20,000 per month Agency - Pro • Upto 50 Brands • Unlimited History • 5 Brand Swaps • 3 Dashboards • Unlimited Reporting (PPT & XLS) • 7 Days Free Trial INR 35,000 per month READ ALL FEATURES *Extra Brands & Dashboard can be added as per requirement
 Complete Pricing: https://inclick.co/track/pricing.php
  7. 7. inclick.co +91-9024676443 contact@inclick.co SOCIAL MEDIA INTELLIGENCE BY INCLICK Inclick provides enterprise grade Social Media solutions to modern businesses of all sizes. Understand your market, competition, and customers. Find better ways to reach them. Request a free demo today!