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P272 infographic

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Infographic on P272 modification

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P272 infographic

  1. 1. "on a‘ unprova @011’ A bit of background. .. Why is P272 being introduced’? . Part of the Smarter Markets Programme 0 Affecting 155,000 brrsinesses . Standardise way NHH meters on 05-08 profile class are settled Any new business energy contract or renewal for organisations in 05 -08 5”‘ NOV 2015 profile classes will be switched to Half Hourly (HH) settlements Inuoduced Actual consumption Estimated consumption What impact will P272 have’? Potential cost savings Choose a better energy contract Enhance your decision making Analyse your data. .. How you can benefit from Half-Hourly settlement? Understand the factors that drive energy use Identify and respond to consumption out of normal tolerances Use accurate monitoring and up—to-date data to guide future decisions Review your volume tolerances (based on new data) Move away from peak charging times If you use significant amounts of electricity, consider Demand Side Management. .. National Grid are expected to buy 30%-50% of supply through DSM by 2020 and planning to invest £400m. This offers real opportunities for businesses; as either an income stream, or to simply to become more efficient. How an energy broker can help? Gather data & find trends in your Assisting in consumption YOU’ metellng contract Indicate further opportunities Expertise in energy procurement Knowledge of Handle Triad Warnings complex invoices For more information: Download Now